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Home automation: 9 simple solutions that make life easier
Home automation: 9 simple solutions that make life easier

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Thanks to simple solutions for home automation, everyone can enjoy a little more comfort: getting out of bed better, knowing what's going on at home and finding a clean and illuminated apartment. Here we present nine simple solutions for home automation that calm the mind and raise the mood.

1. Belkin WeMo Switch WLAN adapter

Iron on? Refrigerator turned off? The Belkin "WeMo Switch" WLAN adapter turns every "stupid" power supply device into a home automation gadget that can be switched via an app. In addition, the Smart Plug measures the power consumption of the connected household appliance, so that you can quickly check, for example, in a deck chair in Ibiza whether someone has thought about turning off the refrigerator. Another advantage: lamps and fairy lights can also be time-controlled via the app or voice-controlled via a smart home speaker such as the Amazon Echo. So after work you are immediately greeted by an inviting living room.

Why Belkin WeMo for home automation?

Almost every smart home system contains a smart plug, including the well-known "Magenta SmartHome" or "innogy SmartHome". However, since the extensive systems do not communicate via WLAN, but via special Smart Home radio frequencies, an extra control center is required for home automation. Anyone looking for a simpler solution for switching and programming household appliances quickly stumbles across the Belkin "WeMo Switch". The Smart Plug uses the existing WLAN radio network and can simply be entrusted with its task directly via Plug'n 'Play. In addition to smart home automation, the Belkin "WeMo Switch" adapter also supports voice control via Amazon Alexa. However, a separate control center is then required for communication with the Apple HomeKit: the "WeMo Bridge".

Belkin WeMo Switch WLAN-Zwischenstecker
Belkin WeMo Switch WLAN-Zwischenstecker

Belkin WeMo Switch is available from Amazon for around 35 euros.

Photo: Belkin WeMo

2. Canary All-In-One security system

The "Canary All-In-One" security system is an inconspicuous smart home gadget that is ideal for a quick start in home automation. In addition to an HD camera, the 15 cm high tube also houses climate sensors that sound the alarm when air quality, temperature or humidity fall out of the frame. The highlight: the surveillance system with integrated motion detector automatically focuses when you leave the house and goes into sleep mode when you come back home. Thanks to the two-way audio, the "Canary All-In-One" also allows an exchange with the family (or the burglar).

The Canary All-In-One system for home automation has so far been unique in its form. Other smart home or security systems such as "iSmartAlarm" or "Egardia" have a modular structure and require the installation of a large number of products for home automation. Canary is committed to bringing a powerful security system into a compact format. If you choose "Canary All-In-One", you should plan an annual subscription of 99 euros a year, as it significantly extends the range of functions of the smart home control system. The functional restrictions that were only introduced retrospectively without subscription use are an understandable reason for the measly 2-star rating on Amazon. However, a subscription model for cloud-based video surveillance in home automation is quite common and the device is now almost 50 percent cheaper than at the market launch.

Canary All-In-One Sicherheitssystem
Canary All-In-One Sicherheitssystem

The Canary All-In-One security system is available from Amazon for around 120 euros.

Photo: Canary

3. Neato Robotics "Botvac suction robot" of the D series

No further explanation is required that vacuum cleaner robots are a blessing for families with children or dogs. Neato Robotics has also made its new vacuum robot "smart" and thus fit for home automation. With the Alexa voice control for the new Botvac D-series, the vacuum cleaner can be started at any time with a voice command (also with the Alexa app on the go). In addition, with the help of the "IFTTT" automation app, numerous scenes can be defined for smart home control. Examples: If the smartphone rings, the vacuum cleaner pauses, we leave the house and cleaning starts automatically.

Neato Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of vacuum cleaner robots and takes the trend towards home automation seriously. You can rely on the fact that the smart vacuum robots are always equipped with the latest features via app updates. In addition, Neato Robotics is known for its powerful vacuum cleaners, so that constant reworking is not necessary here.

Neato Robotics Botvac Saugroboter
Neato Robotics Botvac Saugroboter

Neato Botvac D5 Connected is available from Amazon for around 480 euros.

Photo: Neato Robotics

4. Sonos One speaker with Alexa

The "Multiroom System" from Sonos is currently the most popular sound system for wireless music distribution throughout the house. If you don't want to invest in a high-priced WLAN system right away, you can take a closer look at the "Sonos One" speaker. The x speaker is perfect for connecting to home automation - not least because smart home devices can be voice-controlled with the "Sonos One" via Amazon Alexa. "Sonos One" is the better sounding alternative to the Amazon "Echo".

Sonos offers a first-class WLAN sound system that can be integrated into home automation using all Qivicon-based smart home systems such as "Magenta SmartHome" or "EinfachSmart". In the morning, good mood music is served for breakfast with the right lighting. But even without a Qivicon Smart Home system, you can get your money's worth with the "Sonos One". The Sonos system is compatible with the Philips "Hue", the IKEA "TRADFRI" light control and many other applications via the iHaus app or "IFTTT", including the Netatmo weather station, Amazon "Alexa" and Apple "HomeKit".

Sonos One Lautsprecher
Sonos One Lautsprecher

Sonos One is available at Amazon for 210 euros.

Photo: Sonos

5. Smart lighting control Nanoleaf "Aurora"

The striking triangles from Nanoleaf are wall decoration, light source and burglar protection in one. The creatively combinable "Aurora" LEDs can be set in the appropriate light color at any time via app or voice control. In conjunction with the Apple Home app ("HomeKit") or "IFTTT", the colorful tiles are interconnected in individual scenes. Then, for example, you are woken up in the morning by a sunrise in orange-red tones or reminded by a color signal of the empty smartphone battery and the application of sunscreen. Burglars are not only brushed off by the smart alarm siren, but also by red deterrent lighting.

Nanoleaf has a comprehensive range of smart LED lighting on offer that is perfect for home automation (for example with "Alexa", Google Assistant, "Siri") and also does a good job. In addition to the triangular light panels, there are square elements that can also shine in all colors of the rainbow. For ceiling or floor lamps, there are LED light bulbs that look so good that the lampshade can be safely stowed in the basement. The Nanoleaf light control can also be combined with the popular Philips "Hue" light system and provide special lighting accents in home automation.

Smarte Lichtsteuerung Nanoleaf
Smarte Lichtsteuerung Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf Aurora in a set of 9 costs around 200 euros at Amazon.

Photo: Nanoleaf

6. Smart alarm clock Witti Design "Beddi Glow"

The modern clock radio should play current Spotify or Apple Music songs for waking - that's what the inventors of Witti Design thought when they developed the "Beddi" alarm clock for smart home control. In addition to four different wake-up times with individual streaming playlists, there is also the traffic situation and the weather report to wake up when needed. The "Glow" variant also wakes you up with a pleasant sunrise effect thanks to the large LED element.

"Beddi" from Witti Design is not only compatible with streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music, but also with some other smart home devices and apps. These include "WeMo" from Belkin and the products from "Nest", which have since been taken over by Alphabet, the Google group. For example, the Belkin "WeMo" adapter plug, already presented, can be addressed via a quick dial button on the alarm clock. Floor lamps or coffee machines can then be operated from the bed. Another advantage for home automation: "Beddi" charges up to two smartphones or tablets via USB cable so that they can also recharge their batteries overnight.

Smarter Wecker Witti Design Beddi Glow
Smarter Wecker Witti Design Beddi Glow

Witti Design Beddi Glow is available for around 100 euros from Amazon.

Photo: Witti Design

7. Weatherproof solar lamp from.Stool

.Stool has developed a weatherproof solar lamp that is 100 percent recyclable. Thus, the garden-compatible gadget is not only smart, but also sustainable. The lamp can be timed and controlled via an app. The brightness is adjusted via Bluetooth connection and the current charge level is checked.

The.Stool solar lamp is self-sufficient, sustainable and controllable via app. So far,.Stool is not yet compatible with other smart home devices or voice assistants, so that the lamp cannot be integrated into home automation in conjunction with other smart home devices. Nevertheless,.Stool is undoubtedly a smart element for automated home control.

Solarlampe von.Stool
Solarlampe von.Stool

.Stool solar lamp is available at Amazon for 290 euros.


8. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery with solar drive

Ring Spotlight Battery is an outdoor HD surveillance camera that transmits the surveillance image to the smartphone or the Amazon "Echo Show / Spot". Thanks to the two-way audio, it is also suitable for use as a video intercom. Thanks to the integrated siren, the Ring Spotlight Battery is also equipped for intrusion protection.

Ring offers numerous automation options via the "IFTTT" and "Stringify" services. The intercom is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon "Alexa" and Samsung "SmartThings". In addition to the option of feeding the surveillance camera via solar cells, Ring offers its affordable cloud service for storing videos for as little as three euros per month. For the solar drive, a solar panel has to be bought for about 60 euros.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Ring Spotlight Battery is available from Amazon for 230 euros.

Photo: Ring

9. Logitech "Pop Button" switches scenarios for home automation at the push of a button

If you use different smart home systems and devices, some apps quickly accumulate on the OS surface of a tablet or smartphone. To turn on the smart lighting or the music, you don't need to fiddle with the smart device. The Logitech "Pop Button" is simply glued to the wall and triggers up to three different smart home scenarios. The button is pressed once, twice or for a long time.

The "Pop Button" is available in different colors and is just as chic as it is subtle. Simply attached to the wall, it controls a variety of smart home systems, including Apple "HomeKit", Philips "Hue", Samsung "SmartThings", Sonos and Belkin "WeMo".

Logitech Pop Button
Logitech Pop Button

Logitech Pop Button is available from Amazon for around 25 euros.

Photo: Logitech Alina Günder

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