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Insulating roller shutter boxes: instructions, advantages, costs
Insulating roller shutter boxes: instructions, advantages, costs

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Insulating roller shutter boxes is an issue, especially in the winter months. We explain how it works and why it is also important for health.

Insulating roller shutter boxes is basically quick and has several positive effects: firstly, you save a lot of heating costs and thus a lot of money, and secondly you do something good for your health. We provide instructions on how to insulate roller shutter boxes. We also explain which insulation materials are suitable and, finally, also state the costs that can be expected.

Sun and cold shutters

Roller shutters have an essential function in both summer and winter: They close the windows against excessive heat (e.g. due to direct sunlight), but also against extreme cold in winter. This is important because the window surfaces are often the part of a house through which a lot of heat is absorbed or lost. If you have roller shutters, you should use them as often as possible.

But that alone is not enough. Because if you really want to save energy, you have to insulate the roller shutter boxes.

Which roller shutter boxes need to be insulated?

Uninsulated roller shutter boxes are often available, particularly in older houses. From an energetic point of view, this is a real problem. After all, an uninsulated roller shutter box is noticeable when the apartment does not get warm in winter, even though all heaters do their job well. The heat escapes through the uninsulated area and causes unnecessarily high heating costs.

Thermografie Rolladenkasten
Thermografie Rolladenkasten

Before and after: The thermographic image on the left shows that valuable heat escapes from the roller shutter box in particular - the problem can be quickly remedied with reliable roller shutter box insulation. Right: This is what the thermal image looks like after the roller shutter box has been renovated. The heat does not go outside, but stays there inside the house.

Photo: epr / Ultrament

Even if there is a constant pull in the apartment, this can be an indication of uninsulated roller shutter boxes. Safety is provided by a simple test: hold a lighter or a candle in front of the roller shutter box and, above all, by the belt duct. If the flame continues to burn, the drafts will not come from here. However, if the flame begins to flicker, you should act.

Does it make sense to insulate roller shutter boxes?

An enormous amount of thermal energy escapes through uninsulated regions around the house, which can be saved in no time by insulating the roller shutter boxes. It is therefore worth taking a closer look and checking whether the roller shutter boxes are insulated or not.

Ask the landlord before you start

Since the insulation of roller shutter boxes is considered to be an intervention in the building fabric, you should inform your landlord before you take action yourself, or better let you agree in writing. This way you are on the safe side in the event of problems later.

Insulate step by step

In the following we explain step by step how you can insulate your roller shutter boxes. With these instructions, you will also be able to shield the problematic area from the outside.

Take a look inside the roller shutter box

Look at the roller shutter box and find the inspection opening. Open it so that you can have a clear view of the roller shutter box. Then be sure to roll up the roller shutter completely so that you can see how much space remains in the roller shutter box for the insulation. In this way you can prevent the insulation from becoming too thick and the roller shutter from opening completely.

Don't let mold in the roller shutter box

Before you take care of the insulation, you should check whether there are cracks or cracks in the roller shutter box. You should fill them up with silicone so that no air or moisture can penetrate into the roller shutter box. This is important because there is a risk of mold formation, especially with an insulated roller shutter box, if moisture collects in it. Since there is always an opening inside the house via the belt of the roller shutter, these mold spores could get into your home and cause health problems.

Take measurements

Now measure all areas that need to be insulated. Be sure to also consider the side walls of the roller shutter box. In order to be able to adapt the insulation material precisely, it is advisable to line the surfaces to be insulated with cardboard and cut them to size. This makes it easier to cut the insulation boards afterwards.

Insulate particularly carefully

Once the panels of the insulation material have been cut to the required size, glue them into the roller shutter box using special adhesive or construction foam. Work particularly carefully, because even a small gap between the plates means unnecessary loss of energy and increases the risk of moisture penetrating. If you have not cut exactly, seal the joints with silicone or construction foam.

When insulating, also consider the passage for the belt. There are special belt guides for this purpose that close the necessary opening with a brush and thus keep heat inside and cold outside.

Rollladenkasten Dämmung
Rollladenkasten Dämmung

Systems for roller shutter box insulation like this can also be installed quickly and easily by laymen and bring non-insulated or poorly insulated roller shutter boxes up to the current energy level. A special side effect is that the renovation in the house will make it quieter.

Photo: epr / Ultrament

Which products are recommended?

There is a fairly large selection of insulation material to insulate the roller shutter boxes. For example, you can choose between Styrodur or Styrofoam or rely on finished roller shutter box insulation sets. Flexible insulation mats are also available on the market. These have the advantage that the cutting is much easier since only the width and length have to be adjusted. Cut to size, the insulation mats are then simply pushed into the roller shutter box and joints sealed on the sides with foam.

Basically, the thicker you insulate the roller shutter box, the less energy it will lose in the future.

What costs can arise?

If you want to insulate your roller shutter boxes, you don't need a lot of tools and even a little construction material. In addition to the insulation boards or the roller shutter box insulation set, you also need silicone, PU foam and a cutter knife. In total, this costs around 50 euros to insulate a roller shutter box. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) may cover part of the costs if you insulate the roller shutter boxes. Ask there whether you are eligible for funding.

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