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House discussion: Baukultur concerns us all
House discussion: Baukultur concerns us all

Video: House discussion: Baukultur concerns us all

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When the scaffolding falls, old houses are often unrecognizable. Renovation is carried out with passion and a lot of money - and a lot of home and building tradition is often lost. DAS HAUS spoke to the architect Professor Michael Braum.

What is good building?

“I like to compare building culture with a mobile. And that only develops its beauty when the individual parts are balanced. This includes the

Ecology, because what has been built and renovated must be sustainable. Then comes the economy, because it has to pay off. Usability also counts, because it has to be habitable. And there should be social acceptance. It's not just about beauty. If something is pretty but nailed together and will collapse in ten years' time, that's just not enough.”

What does the individual have from building culture?

“It gives everyone a piece of regional identity and gives each location a certain uniqueness. A Wilhelminian style building is subject to Prussian discipline, in Munich it reflects Bavarian joy. Ideally, you could see whether you are in Berlin-Kreuzberg, for example, or in the Haidhausen district of Munich.”

We would like to build what we dream of. Is it okay?

“Individual preferences are good, but they have to be aligned with the common consensus. Architects and builders also have a great cultural responsibility."

So are you advocating less individuality and a greater sense of community?

“A house has to fit into its surroundings. It is crazy to think that you need the largest house or the most dazzling facade. Everyone can do what they want inside. But outside, a house is also a community thing.”

Aren't we interested in the most unusual houses?

“If something catches your eye with something positive, that's perfectly fine. It's not about all houses looking the same - that would be the death of building culture.”

How does a good architect deal with his responsibility?

“A good architect is also a good designer who can handle proportions, materiality and composition. We have to stop seeing him as a generalist. Does anyone need a large kitchen or a small one? The answer must be left to the client. The architect can only show variants."

What should you pay attention to if you want to create structural quality? Is it a question of the wallet?

“There is space in the most modest hut, and that too can become a building jewel. Building appropriately is not a question of money. A house should be on an appropriate plot of land in an appropriate material. Ask yourself: What can I afford and how can I do it well? Houses are very bad and show that I should actually look like a villa, but unfortunately my owners ran out of money.”

What do you wish for our houses, for our built environment?

“Every house should be a piece of jewelry - not only for those in a hurry, but above all for the slow who take the time to look very carefully. A row of houses should be like a pearl necklace - each pearl fits, but is cut a little differently. It looks classy!"

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