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House discussion: Does necessity make you inventive?
House discussion: Does necessity make you inventive?

Video: House discussion: Does necessity make you inventive?

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Yes, if you tackle the bottleneck creatively and courageously when renovating and converting. The HAUS panel of experts discussed how to do this.

The house wanted to know it again and clarify basic questions about the apartment and house. This time it was about renovating and beautifying, doing it yourself and the motivation. Editor-in-chief Gaby Miketta discussed with experts in architecture, urban planning, housing and philosophy.

The practical test

Eva Brenner, Dipl.-Ing. for interior design, knows the need. The front woman of the RTL 2 documentary soap "At home in happiness" gave an insight into her work (the new episodes from autumn, Tuesdays, 8.15 p.m.). She cares for families who have a problem with their home. Brenner plans and organizes the renovation together with colleagues, RTL 2 and companies from the construction industry finance it. She knows exactly what it means when families are tempted to buy by the cheap price of used real estate and want to replace everything else with muscle mortgage. She advises: “Good calculations, skills and a structured approach are important when renovating. Instead of trying to do everything at once, you should concentrate on one project.”

That inspires us to renovate

I like to try something new from time to time. 61%
I get design ideas from books and magazines. 61%
I research on the Internet which materials are suitable. 54%
I like to walk through other apartments and get inspired. 53%
I watch residential and construction programs on TV. 44%
I make myself online, what is trend and how to implement it. 43%
I trust most of what friends and acquaintances recommend. 42%
I rely on which materials are recommended in the hardware store. 40%
I leave it to the craftsman which materials and brands he uses. 31%
When I renovate, it won't be any different than before - just fresh again. 30%
source representative Ipsos survey commissioned by Das Haus

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  • Does need make you inventive?
  • How creative can renovation be?
  • Building culture concerns us all

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