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Have an energy certificate drawn up: you have to take this into account
Have an energy certificate drawn up: you have to take this into account

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The energy certificate assesses the energy efficiency of a building based on various parameters and may only be issued by authorized persons. You can find out from whom it is best to have the energy certificate drawn up and what you need to consider here.

The energy certificate is used to assess the energetic condition of buildings and is prescribed by the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) in certain cases. The ID cards for the building standard were introduced with the EnEV 2007. So far, the regulation has been renewed twice (2009 and 2014) and the ID card form has also been changed. However, the energy certificates are always based on the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) valid at the time they are issued.

What does the energy certificate contain?

As a rule, the energy certificate comprises five pages and contains general information about the building, the heating materials used (e.g. gas, oil or electricity) and the energy parameters of the building. Recommendations for cost-effective house renovation are also laid down. Since May 2014, the ID cards have also included a registration number, which makes it easier for authorities to check them.

The basic data such as address and year of construction of the building are recorded on the first page. In addition, the procedure for calculating the energetic quality of the residential building is specified. A distinction is made here between demand-oriented or consumption-oriented energy performance certificates.

If a demand certificate is created, the characteristic values ​​of the energy requirement can be found on the second page, the third page then remains blank. If, on the other hand, the consumption certificate is issued and the measured energy consumption is determined, the characteristic values ​​for energy consumption on page 3, page 2 remain empty.

The characteristic values ​​indicate the annual consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter (m2) of usable area - in short: kWh / (m2a). As a rule of thumb, the higher the characteristic value, the worse the energetic condition of the building.

Who needs an energy certificate?

Nowadays every new building needs an energy certificate. So, as the building owner, make sure that you have the energy certificate drawn up by a person who is authorized to do so.

Even if an existing building is comprehensively renovated and an overall energy balance is carried out in accordance with the EnEV, an energy certificate is mandatory.

Anyone wishing to rent or sell an apartment must be able to show the document. However, tenants in existing tenancies have no right to see the energy certificate and even if you live in the apartment yourself, you do not need an energy certificate. You can find out what else you need to know about the energy certificate in our comprehensive article on the subject of energy certificates.

From where do you have the energy certificate drawn up?

An energy certificate may only be issued by people who can demonstrate certain qualifications. For example, special training or advanced training and professional practice as an engineer, architect, physicist or craftsman are usually required. However, there is no official certificate of approval. It is therefore important to have a written confirmation from the exhibitor stating that the person is allowed to issue energy certificates. You should also make sure that the exhibitor has professional liability insurance in order to be able to cover any claims that may arise from an incorrectly issued ID.

Anyone who illegally or negligently issues energy performance certificates or recommendations for modernization without being entitled to do so commits an administrative offense that is subject to a fine of up to 15, 000 euros. So take a close look when you get an energy certificate.

Find an ID card

The list of energy efficiency experts for federal funding programs contains all data on energy consultants whose qualifications are regularly checked. In addition, there are databases such as "dena" that hold authorized issuers for the energy pass. In order to be included in the dena database, the exhibitors must demonstrate the qualification requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) vis-à-vis dena.

Tip: Always record the agreed services in a contract and let the exhibitor show that he is authorized to issue energy certificates. You should also keep a written record of all the data and information that you have provided to the person. Let us assure you that the data will be treated confidentially and protected and do not forget to ask for the number of the professional liability insurance of the exhibitor.

Is an on-site visit necessary to have an energy certificate created?

An on-site appointment is not absolutely necessary. It is usually sufficient if you, as the owner, provide the data. However, please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the information is correct. The exhibitor also checks whether the data is plausible for him. If in doubt, he may not use them.

However, since a layperson can hardly collect the necessary data alone, it is advisable to make an appointment with the exhibitor so that the exhibitor can take a close look at the building.

Energy certification costs

There are also differences between consumption and demand cards in terms of costs. So you get consumption for less than 100 euros. The reason for this is the low effort for data collection, in contrast to the ID card.

How high the costs really are in the individual case depends above all on the complexity and size of the building as well as on the registration of the components, the heating system and the existing construction documents. Note that energy advice is not included in the cost.

Tip: Do not pay anything for the time being. Wait for the correct ID to be delivered before transferring money. This is how you can request a free repair if the processing is inadequate.

Inexpensive offers on the Internet

There are often particularly inexpensive offers on the Internet. Above all, consumer ID cards are offered for little money. The data collection is carried out by online or post delivery. ID cards are also issued without an on-site visit. This is officially permitted, but without an expert's review of the building, there is a quick risk that the ID card will contain errors and will ultimately have to be reissued.

Quality controls

Since the 2014 amendment, energy performance certificates have been given a registration number that the exhibitor must apply to the German Institute for Building Technology. Since the quality of the documents has been increasingly criticized in recent years, random samples are now to be used to check a certain proportion of all newly issued ID cards.

For exhibitors, this means that they are obliged to keep copies of their issued energy certificates for two years.

Recommendations for modernization

As a rule, exhibitors also record recommendations for modernizing the building in the energy performance certificate. These recommendations only indicate a possible improvement, but are not mandatory and, in addition, do not replace energy advice.

If you have a consumption certificate that was only created on the basis of the consumption figures and without inspecting the building, energy advice is essential for a planned modernization. A demand card, on the other hand, provides more specific information, but is also not sufficient, but can serve as the basis for further advice.

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