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Glass doors make the house and apartment brighter
Glass doors make the house and apartment brighter

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Glass doors structure the living space and separate room functions, but leave the view unobstructed and create smooth transitions from room to room. Dim doors such as hallways, corridors and porches are made brighter by glass doors.

Glass doors: transparent and stable

All-glass doors must be made from single-pane safety glass ESG. The panes withstand normal loads and withstand shocks and impacts, bending and temperature changes.

In the event of violent attacks, door leaves made of toughened safety glass can also break, but they disintegrate into dull, coherent glass crumbs instead of knife-sharp individual fragments and pose little risk of injury. In the factory, the glass surface is softened with great heat and quenched in cold air, so that a tension equilibrium builds up in the pane: compressive stress lies on the surface, tensile stress inside the pane. Damage to the surface or edge releases the tension, the glass disintegrates. For this reason, glass doors cannot be subsequently edited, for example shortened - the door leaf would be destroyed. Single-pane safety glass requires little maintenance, withstands scratches, is dimensionally stable and insensitive to conventional household cleaners.

Glass doors: simple or decorative

So-called basic glass doors consist of a wooden frame and a smooth, transparent door leaf, they are discreet in terms of appearance and adapt to any interior. Panes with ornament, color or structure and sophisticated combinations with the natural product wood are more offensive and should be coordinated with the style of furniture. Different glass structures and the color of the fittings also open up individual design options.

Glass doors: print and cut

Those who find simple glass too unadorned choose doors with a refined surface.

Screen printing looks with color: colored glass dust is sprayed onto the pane via a sieve and firmly attached to the glass surface at a temperature of over 600 degrees Celsius. Screen-printed decors retain their brilliance even under the UV rays of sunlight and do not fade, and the glass, like the basic doors, can be cleaned with a normal, acid-free household cleaner.

Grooved cut makes glass shine: Six to ten millimeter wide V-shaped grooves are milled into the glass surface - they are available in matt or polished. Depending on the type of glass, design and pattern, the panes remain transparent but no longer allow unimpeded viewing.

New models for tenants and renovators

Replacing doors - that sounds like building rubble and noise. It can also be done cleanly and quietly: woodworkers quickly install specially developed frames and door leaves. Hinged doors are usually installed: their door leaves are attached to hinges on the side, i.e. they are fastened. They hold the door leaf that revolves around the "hinge". Such doors are also called revolving doors. The lock and the door handle are mounted on the opposite side, this side is referred to as the lock side. Hinges, locks and doorknobs are grouped together under the name "fittings". If the hinge side is to the left of the inside of the door (the room side), it is a DIN left door, a DIN right door has its hinge side to the right of the inside of the door. Experts distinguish the direction of the hinge from the direction of the hinge: It indicates the side of the wall to which the door opens - usually into the room towards the inside. For public buildings and schools, for example, doors are required that open outwards. In apartments and houses, such doors are often practical in small rooms such as the guest toilet.


Sunlight falls through a glass door early in the morning.

Photo: living4media / Roland Krieg

Increase the feeling of living with glass doors

There are glass doors with special properties for tenants and renovators:

Take-away doors: gloomy hallways reject visitors, residents feel uncomfortable, and even undemanding plants do not thrive there. Where maybe not even a window lets in natural light, glass doors solve the problem. The first rays of sunshine fall through the pane of the living room into the hallway in the morning; it can be upgraded from the unpopular passageway to the chic entrance hall and a spatial connection that people like to use.

Glass doors are easy to install and remove, the existing door frame does not have to be removed and replaced. Wood darkens, new wooden doors hardly match old door frames indiscriminately. Glass, on the other hand, fits optically into every frame. One trick saves tedious readjustment and maintenance work: a door leaf version with a hinge holder ensures long-term, secure suspension and perfect door guidance. The system can be used in many ways, there are frame parts for wooden or steel frames. Glass doors are also a good investment for tenants who are flirting with their own home: the old wooden door is stored, the glass door installed. When pulling out, the glass door can be removed in a few simple steps and taken with you. The old wooden door is reassembled without a construction site.

Renovation doors: living expresses our attitude towards life, it changes from time to time. Many house and apartment owners choose new furniture, only the doors often remain the same - replacing them seems too time-consuming and expensive. Usually the doors no longer match the ambience after the change of furnishing. However, doors can be replaced in no time at all: the woodworker removes the old doors without much dirt, disposes of them and inserts new doors. It also supplies ready-made element frames with guaranteed mitred miter as well as frames with expandable clothing width.

Sliding doors: smart idea for small spaces

Sliding doors are recommended where builders or renovators are stingy with the surface or where wide wall openings are to be elegantly closed. Some models run on casters at the top and sit in a rail at the bottom - if this does not run flush in the floor covering, it often turns out to be a trip hazard. For sophisticated sliding door models, a fastening in the upper area is sufficient - the floor rail does not disturb the even appearance of a continuous covering. The upper roller track can be mounted on the wall, under the ceiling or in the lintel, the elements move visibly in front of the wall or disappear in a wall pocket. In new buildings, sliding doors that run in the cavity of the wall are preferred - a wall thickness of at least 145 millimeters is required. Retrofitting is easier in front of the wall. There are sliding glass doors with one or two movable leaves, optionally with fixed parts. Sliding doors do not always close the room tightly, there is an air gap between the wall or frame and the pane. However, it is so narrow that kitchen fumes or dust, for example, are effectively stopped.

Schiebetür aus Glas
Schiebetür aus Glas

Sliding doors are a smart idea for small spaces.

Photo: iStock / piovsempre

Swing doors: Useful construction for a chic ambience

Swing doors are called self-closing doors that open on both sides, the door leaf swings around a special swing door hinge. The doors do not take up more space than conventional hinged doors, but are sometimes more comfortable - especially in frequently used passageways. With full shopping bags in your hands, for example, or a laundry basket, it is difficult to open a conventional hinged door, and dirty hands leave fingerprints on the door leaf or handle on the way to the bathroom. Swing doors save energy and cleaning work, they open in the desired direction with a slight push. On the intelligent glass doors, an adjustable pendulum fitting controls the pressure to which the door leaf swivels. This is particularly useful in households with small children or the elderly who have little strength in their hands. A 90-degree hold-open function keeps the door open on request. Those who enjoy chic design opt for concealed screw-on technology and elegant door hinges, they fit all glass materials.

Treat glass doors carefully

If walls are to be painted or new furniture is brought into the house, the doors are removed - for their protection.

  • Before assembly or disassembly, clear a sufficiently large operating radius and remove hard objects on the way to the storage area.
  • Have children and pets supervised while handling a glass door.
  • Always assemble, disassemble and move glass doors with a helper.
  • Wear gloves and goggles. The door leaf weighs heavily, palms are always a little greasy, and despite all caution, glass easily slips out of your hand. The glass edge can hit the floor - risk of breakage.
  • Lean glass doors upright with a slight slope against a free wall.
  • Protect the glass edges on a hard surface with a soft, non-slip surface.
  • Do not cut, drill or grind glass doors afterwards.

Carefully clean glass doors

Proper cleaning preserves the beauty of finished surfaces. It is usually sufficient to wash the pane with warm water and a mild detergent. Stubborn dirt gives way with a special cleaner for decorative glass doors - never use abrasive, caustic, acidic or alkaline agents. Dilute the special cleaner with hot water, wipe the door leaf with a sponge or soft cloth and rub with the squeezed sponge or cloth. With a microfiber cloth you polish the glass surface dry - cotton cloths are less suitable, they fluff.

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