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Dust mites: combat allergy triggers
Dust mites: combat allergy triggers

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Dust mites cause itching, sneezing and breathing difficulties in around eight million allergy sufferers in Germany. Only hay fever is more popular. Patients with a house dust allergy react to the feces of the house dust mites. The droppings fall into many small particles and are whirled up with the house dust. In this way, the allergens are distributed throughout the apartment and the residents breathe them in automatically.

If an allergy is not treated consistently, there is a risk that secondary diseases such as asthma or chronic lung damage will develop. These can only be alleviated with medication, but can no longer be cured. Scientists today assume that childhood asthma is largely caused by a house dust allergy.

House dust mites feed on mold and dander. You can find them in mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture. A million mites can feed on a single gram of dandruff for a whole week. The problem: every person loses about 1.5 grams of it at night. You cannot exterminate the house dust mites - but with a few tips it is possible to keep the population small.

Matratze mit Hausstaubmilben
Matratze mit Hausstaubmilben

Dust mites are found in mattresses. Change them about every eight years.

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11 tips against dust mites

1. Lock out the house dust mites

Cover your mattresses with mite-tight covers, so-called encasings. Their high weave density retains the allergens inside the mattress, while dust mites and dander's skin scales do not penetrate the other way around. Although the seams of the encasings can become porous, you should wash them at least twice a year at at least 60 degrees Celsius. To avoid dust mites, their faeces and other allergens, it is advisable to replace mattresses every eight years.

2. Cook your laundry

It is best to only buy laundry that can be washed at over 60 degrees Celsius. If you wash pillows, duvets and the like at higher temperatures, the dust mites die and are washed out of the laundry together with the mite droppings.

3. Dry out the dust mites

Dry, cool air cannot stand dust mites. Therefore, ventilate your apartment regularly. It is best to ensure that the humidity never climbs over 60 percent. You can check this with a humidity meter. If you buy a ventilation system, you can do without regular ventilation, since such devices automatically remove the dust mites to the outside.

4. Avoid dust and dust catchers

In order to get rid of the dust mites, it is important that you deprive them of their habitat. You should therefore often use a vacuum cleaner, especially in the bedroom. It is best to avoid dust catchers such as heavy curtains, plants, open bookshelves as well as pillows and thick carpets. Wipeable, seamless floors such as cork, linoleum and parquet or short-pile carpets that bind the fine dust and keep it out of the air we breathe are better.

Pflanze entstauben
Pflanze entstauben

Dust is deposited on the leaves of plants. Dust them regularly.

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5. Kill the house dust mites

There are chemical and biological preparations that effectively kill dust mites. Don't be afraid of them and use them to clean carpets, carpets and upholstered furniture every six months. Simply tapping doesn't help against dust mites. Dust is only whirled up unnecessarily and the animals hold onto the tissue with their barbs and suction cups. After using such products, do not forget to vacuum and air them.

6. Freeze the dust mites

You don't have to do without cuddly toys - just put them in the freezer. The cold kills the dust mites. You also have the opportunity to buy cuddly toys made of allergen-tight material. In all cases, make sure that the stuffed animals can be washed at 60 degrees.

7. Bet on class

Use vacuum cleaners that work with consistently high suction power and special fine dust filters (hepa or S-class filters). These certified devices prevent fine dust with mite allergens from being blown out when vacuuming.

8. Keep the walls smooth

When building or renovating a house, plaster or paint the walls and ceilings smooth. They bind less dust than textured plaster and wallpaper made from rough or natural fiber. Also choose paintings and wallpapers that absorb and release moisture and opt for surface heating in the wall or floor. You should avoid vapor-tight materials - they increase the room humidity and molds settle on damp walls.

9. Leave the dust mites on vacation

If you want to protect yourself from dust mites on vacation, it is best to take a mite-tight mattress protector or look for an allergy-friendly hotel. If you don't have to go to the sea to relax, then spend your vacation in the mountains: At an altitude of 1, 500 meters, there are no house dust mites.

10. Get vaccinated against dust mites

Allergy sufferers who suffer from strong allergic reactions despite preventive measures can be hyposensitized on the advice of the doctor: the patient is injected with the allergenic substance in increasing doses under the skin - the immune system gets used to the stimulus over time, it does not respond more or less on the specific allergen. However, the treatment time can be up to three years.

11. Test the dust mite concentration

With Acarex sticks or Bio-Check you can measure the concentration of dust mites in your home. You can get these from the pharmacy for around 30 euros. If these simple tests do not appeal to you or are too unsafe, you can hire a specialist. He examines living rooms for allergy-causing substances. The "dust screen test" determines the mite concentration in a dust sample. The first rehearsal costs 70 euros, each additional one between 55 and 45 euros.


The oil of the Niembaum contains bitter substances that spoil the taste of house dust mites.

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Dust mite products

  • Acarosan from Merck contains the chemical active ingredient benzyl benzoate and kills house dust mites on mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpets. The mite poison can itself trigger allergic reactions in humans. The anti-mite remedy is available as a powder or as a mite spray. After treatment, Acarosan works for up to nine months.
  • The hexal mite spray works biologically with the power of the tropical never tree: its oil contains bitter substances that are harmless to humans, but spoil the taste of the house dust mites: the animals starve and die after three weeks. Simply spray the spray on the mattress, carpet or soft toy and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Already 100 milliliters are sufficient for the treatment of a mattress or a sofa and costs around 15 euros. You can buy the mite spray, for example, in the pharmacy. It works for up to twelve months.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Rembold from Munich is an expert in the field of natural control of house dust mites. He reveals what good Niembaumöl is:

“Its main components can also be found in other vegetable oils, for example olive, rapeseed or sunflower oil. In contrast to edible oils, no-oil still contains a large number of bitter substances that act as a deterrent to insects.

The quality of the oil has a decisive influence on its effectiveness: Not all oil is good for repelling insects. After many years of studies, I was able to develop an anti-mite preparation for the household that manages with a very low dose of no-oil: the spray leaves no stains on mattresses or carpets and can be stored for up to two years. My family and I have been using Niembaumöl with good success for years - even as body oil.”

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