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Remove the wasp nest
Remove the wasp nest

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You can't just remove a wasp nest in the garden yourself. Here we explain how to best act in this case and what to do if the impairment becomes too great.

A wasp nest in their own garden makes many people uncomfortable. Most of all, you would like to remove or relocate it immediately. But it's usually not that easy. Wasps are protected so that unauthorized control or relocation of wasp nests is prohibited by law.

The nest does not necessarily have to be removed, because wasps are actually very peaceful animals - provided you stay away from them and do not irritate them. The wasps are divided into different sub-categories such as laced wasps, parasitic wasps, gall wasps and stinging wasps - all have a poisonous sting. The wasps known to us, which appear especially when you drink lemonade or eat fruit cake in summer, are stinging wasps. These include, for example, the common vespe (Vespula vulgaris) and the German vespe (Vespula germanica).


Wasps often aim for delicious fruit cakes and sweet lemonades.

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The wasp nest: home for a year

The wasp nest only serves as a shelter for the animals for one year. The entire population dies in autumn or winter and the nest is abandoned. Only the young queen survives and looks for a new nesting site for the wasp population in the following spring. The nest is preferably placed in dry, darkened and wind-protected cavities. In the open air, wasp nests are often found in abandoned earthen buildings of mice or moles. But old tree trunks, tool sheds, attics or less used roller shutters also offer space for retreat. The wasp queen then builds the new nest out of scraped wood fibers, which she glues into pentagonal cells using her saliva. The queen lays her eggs in the first combs. Little by little, a new generation of wasps hatches, which can adopt a population of up to 7, 000 animals until midsummer.


If the wasp nest is free, it is easier to remove and therefore less expensive.

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Tolerate the wasp nest instead of removing it

Even if you prefer not to have the nest in your garden, it is usually easier to tolerate the wasps. So it is advisable to leave the nest alone if there is a safety distance of at least six meters from the house.

It is best to never approach the nest more than necessary, because wasps defend their homes and stab when there is imminent danger. The pheromones released in the process signal danger to their peers and let them come to the rescue. Good to know: Even dead wasps still send out the material. So keep curious children and free-roaming pets away from the nest. And even if you play on the lawn, make sure that there are wasps somewhere. They like to sit in damp grass and on flowers.

Wespen auf einer Blüte
Wespen auf einer Blüte

Wasps pollinate flowers to cover their own need for nectar. Make sure that your children keep their eyes open while playing so they don't get stung.

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Anyone who nevertheless comes closer than intended to the surroundings of the nest should behave calmly in any case. Avoid rapid movements and do not shake the nest, as this provokes the insects and lets them attack. Individual wasps can also be easily chased away.

If individual wasps keep getting lost in their house, it can be an advantage to attach mosquito screens to windows and doors. And avoid drinking from open bottles. Wasps often crawl into the glass or bottle and then fall into the drink. Anyone who is stung in the mouth or throat area must be treated by a doctor immediately.

Remove the wasp nest

If the wasp nest is too close to the house and, for example, the insects damage the wood in the attic, you usually have no choice but to remove or relocate the wasp nest. A constantly growing population can also be a reason to call the exterminator. In all cases, however, the following applies: Seek help from a specialist. In addition to the exterminator, suitable contacts are, for example, a local beekeeper, and the fire service can also help in special emergencies. In general, protective clothing should always be worn when removing a wasp nest. If you as a tenant are affected by a wasp nest, you have to inform your landlord about it, because the landlord has to pay for the costs of the removal.

Some insurance companies pay

As a rule, you have to bear the costs of removing the wasp nest yourself. In the meantime, however, some household insurance companies have special home and apartment protection letters on offer. In addition to other services, these also include the removal or relocation of wasp and hornet nests and beehives. Up to 300 euros are covered for each claim. Find out more directly from the insurers.

Different methods of removing a wasp nest

Wasp spray

Wasp sprays are only suitable for outdoors due to their toxic, environmentally harmful substance and should never be used for no reason. The sprays contain a biocide that is sprayed onto the nest at high pressure and some distance. A large cloud of poison forms. Therefore, always wear protective clothing and a breathing mask, because the active ingredient is also harmful to human health.

Wasp foam

Wasp foam is also used against wasp nests. The foam should block the nest entrance. But this method usually only brings calm for a short time. Because the wasps eat their way through the hardened foam within a very short time and even use it for the further expansion of the nest.


The safest and most successful method is to have the wasp's nest removed by a professional. This not only has special protective equipment, but also has the appropriate know-how. Free-hanging nests are usually completely removed. Insecticidal powders are used in nests in cavities, which ensure that the animals and larvae die.

This control is more expensive than a wasp spray, for example, but it is effective and you don't have to put yourself in danger. If the nest is easily accessible, you have to expect around 150 to 170 euros, for nests that are difficult to access, the costs are around 250 euros.

Kammerjäger entfernt Wespennest
Kammerjäger entfernt Wespennest

A exterminator has the necessary know-how and can remove wasp nests safely and easily.

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Between April and August it is a good idea to relocate the wasp nest instead of killing it. The best way to do this is to contact the local nature conservation organization, which can usually provide competent contacts. The earlier the relocation takes place during the construction phase of the nest, the better, because then the nest is still small and handy. In all cases, leave the relocation to a specialist and do not under any circumstances become active yourself.

The expert puts the nest in a paper sack during the relocation and transports it away in a bee box. In the case of larger populations, the flying workers are first sucked in with a special device. A quiet place is suitable as a place for the resettlement, which is about four kilometers away from the old nest building. This prevents the wasps from finding their way back to the old nest.

Relocation is also not free. However, the costs are usually lower than with chemical control. Depending on the location and accessibility of the wasp nest, you have to pay between 50 and 100 euros.

You should definitely avoid these methods

Smoke out wasp nests

Smoking out wasp nests is not a suitable method of control. Rather, you put yourself in danger because the insects react very aggressively to the smoke used. In addition, wasp nests burn very easily and igniting can quickly become an uncontrollable fire.

Good to know: It depends on the type of wasp whether smoking is allowed. For example, hornets should not be fumigated, because the Federal Species Protection Ordinance places them under special nature protection. Those who act differently can expect fines of up to 50, 000 euros.

Remove wasp nests with water / high pressure jet

Trying to use water against the animals is totally unsuitable. Because the animals react extremely aggressively to the water. In addition, depending on the location of the nest, the use of water is not appropriate anyway.

Smash wasp nests

Smashing the wasp nest is a very bad idea. Because the animals are likely to feel disturbed and start a counterattack, which can be extremely painful for you if you do not wear appropriate protective clothing.

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