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Parquet layers: His skills pay off
Parquet layers: His skills pay off

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Anyone who chooses the profession of parquet and floor layer can do arithmetic and drawing well - and he enjoys creating floors from the natural building material, which often last for fifty years or longer.

Comprehensive training

In his three-year apprenticeship, the flooring technician familiarizes himself with the basic knowledge and helps the master to equip rooms with different floor coverings. The apprentices essentially learn how to:

• uses communication techniques and evaluates information, • work processes prepared, • works in a team, • prepares and uses technical documents, • evaluates measurements, • preparing, setting up, securing and clearing workplaces, • Tools, devices, machines and technical equipment are used and maintained, • Machined and processed materials and auxiliary materials, • Checks laying conditions and produces substrates, • Creatively designed parquet and other wooden floors and floor coverings, • Parquet, other wooden floors and layered materials laid, • laid floor coverings, • treated surfaces, • produces and attaches profiles, • repairs and maintains parquet, other wooden floors and floor coverings, • Parquet and other wooden floors restored, • Quality ensures and advises customers.

Current know-how

Good woodworkers stay on the ball and find out about innovations in materials and technology. The professional is familiar with:

• Properties and use of parquet types, slab and sheet coverings, materials and auxiliary materials, insulation materials, adhesives and glues and materials for surface treatment, • laying patterns, styles and colors, • draft sketches, work drawings and spatial representations, • measuring and dividing areas, • Selection, division, preparation and laying of materials and auxiliary materials, • processing and processing of wood and plastics, • angular and curved machining of workpieces, • storage, use and processing of materials, • wood drying and wood protection, • building physics, heat and sound insulation, • sub-floors, sub-constructions and swinging floor constructions, • DIN standards and specifications for construction work (VOB), • Checking the surface for moisture, evenness and abrasion resistance, • preparing the subfloor for laying, • planing, honing and sanding parquet surfaces - by hand and with machines, • restoring parquet and inserting parts without disturbing the laying pattern, • surface treatment of floors, sealing and waxing, • tools, devices and machines, • Accident prevention, occupational health and safety.

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