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Open the roller shutter box
Open the roller shutter box

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Opening a roller shutter box - you don't do that every day. But it must be when the belt suddenly jams or the roller shutter box needs to be cleaned. There are different ways of doing this. We explain how to do it.

Opening a roller shutter box is only necessary occasionally. However, if the belt suddenly starts to snag or even tear, you should know what to do. Most roller shutter boxes usually consist of roller shutter armor, roller shutter shaft, side guide rails, manual or electric drive, a roller shutter box and the belt strap. You have to differentiate between a front or front-mounted roller shutter and a built-in built-in or top-mounted roller shutter. Front-mounted roller shutters are usually retrofitted, built-in roller shutters are installed directly when building a house, the locking mechanism can be accessed through the interior.

If you want to open a roller shutter box, first check which system and which type of box it is. Then select the appropriate tools to open the box.

You need that

Wooden boxes

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • box cutter
  • spatula
  • ladder
  • magnet

Plastic boxes need additional

  • narrow screwdriver
  • Chisel

for external boxes

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • brush
außenliegender Rollladenkasten
außenliegender Rollladenkasten

External roller shutter boxes were mostly installed afterwards. If you want to open them, you should make sure they are secure.

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Roller shutter boxes made of wood

For wooden roller shutter boxes, a distinction is made between fastening with screws and a hanging system with hooks. Before you can open the box, you must expose the box. It is not uncommon for the box to be covered with paint or wallpaper. Then it is important to free the joint between the cover and the frame. It is best to use a cutter knife that you pull around the box so that the roller shutter box cover is no longer connected to the frame.


If the roller shutter box was fastened with screws, you must find them. This can sometimes be a bit difficult, because it is not uncommon for the screws to be covered with wallpaper or paint and therefore difficult to see.

Tip: Pick up a magnet - this makes the search easier - and mark the location of the screw.

After you have marked all screws, they must be removed from the existing paint and wallpaper layer with a spatula. As soon as the screwdriver can be inserted into the screw, you can slowly loosen the screws. If the screws are too stubborn, it is helpful to heat the screws and the wood with a hot air device. This causes the screw and the wood to expand. When it cools down, however, the wood expands, the screw becomes smaller again, and it is easier to unscrew.

Once you have loosened all the screws, you can take the cover out of the frame. To do this, lift the roller shutter box cover up and pull it away from the wall. If there are runners, the cover must be pushed up a little and the lower part pulled away from the wall.

Retaining hook

It is easier if the roller shutter box is hooked into the frame. These can either be turned to the left or right and the lid then only sits loosely in the frame. This can now be lifted and removed from the frame.

Roller shutter boxes made of plastic

Roller shutter boxes made of plastic are usually completely embedded in the wall. You also need a little patience here, because at the beginning you have to look for the joint that separates the frame and cover. Pierce it and pull the cutter knife around the cover once until the frame and cover are separated.


Roller shutter boxes are also occasionally fastened with screws. To find this, you can proceed in the same way as for a wooden roller shutter box. Mark the positions of the screws here with a pencil and remove any paint or wallpaper residues until the screw head is exposed. At best, the screws can now be loosened with a screwdriver. If the screws are easily accessible, you can also work with a cordless screwdriver.

Good to know: If the lid cannot be opened immediately, you should check whether it is in a kind of rail system on the right and left of the frame. Then slide the cover down until the lid can be opened.

Click model

If your roller shutter boxes are attached with a click system, look directly for the hooks with which the roller shutter box cover is pressed into the frame and press it lightly against the cover. Where the hooks are, you will feel resistance when pressed. Place the chisel under the cover at the relevant points and then push it out of the frame. Repeat the process on the other side and then open the lid.

External roller shutter boxes

External roller shutter boxes are usually sealed with silicone between the box and the wall. To be able to open the lid, the silicone must be removed all around with a cutter knife. The advantage of external roller shutter boxes is better accessibility, because in contrast to internal models, they are not embedded in the wall and are not covered with paint or wallpaper. Find the screws and clean them as best you can. Existing rust can be removed with a rust remover. Make sure that the roller shutter box has a firm hold even after opening the screws. It is best to first remove all screws on one side and then move to the other side. If the screws can be loosened well, you can use the cordless screwdriver. Then open the lid of the box.

Close the roller shutter box again

It is not uncommon for the roller shutter box to not look as it did before it opened. There are various ways you can beautify the roller shutter box again.

Wallpaper the box again, for example, but only up to the lid joint and leave the screws free. These can be visually adapted with matching cover plates.

You can also give a wooden box a new coat of paint. High-gloss or semi-gloss lacquer looks best. Before doing this, however, you have to grind off the lid surface.

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