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Install window
Install window

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With the right instructions, skilled hobbyists can install and replace windows. We show step by step how it's done.

Table of contents Table of contents Install window: You must pay attention to this

  • Can you install windows all by yourself?
  • What do you need for window installation?
  • Instructions: Install windows in 5 steps
  • How long does it take to install the window?
  • What are the costs of installing windows?
  • Install floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Can you still install roller shutters?

Table of contents Table of contents Install window: You must pay attention to this

  • Can you install windows all by yourself?
  • What do you need for window installation?
  • Instructions: Install windows in 5 steps
  • How long does it take to install the window?
  • What are the costs of installing windows?
  • Install floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Can you still install roller shutters?

Would you like to install windows or replace old ones with new ones? With a bit of manual dexterity, you can do it yourself. We explain in a few steps how to prepare the window assembly, insert the windows and finally seal them professionally.

Those who install new windows benefit in more ways than one: additional light comes in, better ventilation is achieved and energy costs are reduced. A window change is often done quickly. Even if you want floor-to-ceiling windows or shutters, you can do a lot of work on your own.

Good to know: Under certain conditions, you can apply for funding for the installation of windows, for example from the KfW. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau gives grants of up to 5, 000 euros for triple glazing and also offers cheap loans of up to 50, 000 euros.

Can you install windows all by yourself?

Basically, you can install your windows yourself. To do this, however, you need some manual skill. In addition, you should always work in pairs to avoid accidents. Also keep in mind that you will probably need permits when replacing windows, especially if the new windows are larger than the old ones. An example of this would be floor-to-ceiling windows. An architect helps with the permits as well as with the planning of larger projects, such as a complete window front, where you have to tear out an entire wall. If you are flirting with electric shutters, you may need to include an electrician.

Fenster einbauen
Fenster einbauen

To prevent accidents, windows should always be installed by two people.

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What do you need for window installation?

If you want to install windows yourself, you usually need the following working materials in addition to the windows:

• Working gloves

• Safety goggles

• Hammer

• chisel

• repair mortar

• Decompression sealing tape

• support blocks

• Spacers

• Spacer blocks

• Spirit level

• assembly foam

• cutter

• saws (jigsaw, fox tail)

• Silicone / acrylic as sealing compound

• Joint smoothener

Instructions: Install windows in 5 steps

1. Preparation of the window assembly

If there are old windows, first unhook the window sash. Saw the old window frame in several places so that you can then knock out the frame parts with a hammer. If the window is a bit older, wall anchors may still be present. You can knock these out with a hammer and chisel. Then remove all dowels. Clean the area and repair any damage with repair mortar. Always remember to wear your safety glasses and work gloves when working.

Fenster aushängen
Fenster aushängen

In order to install new windows, the old ones must first be removed or removed.

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2. Check the window size

So that you do not experience any nasty surprises later, you should now check again whether the window opening is large enough for the new windows. Check length, width and depth. Plan a joint about two centimeters wide around the window, which you will later foam out. Don't forget the height of the windowsill. Mount the window handles on the new window and remove the window sash.

3. Insert the window frame

  • Remove the protective film from the places that are later difficult to reach
  • Attach the sealing tape to the outside of the frame
  • Secure the window frame with spacer wedges and blocks
  • Check the position with a spirit level
  • Don't forget the gap between the joints and the windowsill
  • Screw the window frame firmly to the wall
  • Hang the window sash
  • Check the function of the window and whether everything is tight

4. Seal the window

  • Seal the construction joint with assembly foam
  • Keep in mind that the foam is still swelling
  • Remove excess foam from the frame immediately
  • Let the assembly foam harden
  • Remove any excess mass with a cutter
  • Wedges and blocks are now superfluous and can be removed
  • Fill the resulting holes with assembly foam as well

5. Final work

Now you can cut the window sill with the saw and attach it to the parapet. The window reveal is plastered. Repair work on the outside of the house wall may also be necessary. Finally, you have to seal the connection joints with silicone or acrylic. For this purpose, a smoothing agent and a little washing-up liquid are recommended for clean and simple work. In a last step, remove the protective film from the window glass - and have successfully completed the window installation.

Anschlussfugen abdichten
Anschlussfugen abdichten

At the very end, the connection joints must be sealed with silicone or acrylic.

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How long does it take to install the window?

The working time for installing windows depends not only on the type of window, but also on the condition of the wall and the masonry. One should not underestimate the time that must be invested in breaking out the old windows. If you are two and work quickly, you can install a window in just two hours. On average, however, it is more like three to four hours per window.

What are the costs of installing windows?

The acquisition costs for windows start at around 100 euros. For floor-to-ceiling windows, you pay an average of 800 to 1, 200 euros. Sliding windows are the most expensive. Soundproof glazing and insulating glazing are added to the top, the same applies to tools and sealing material. If you hire an expert, you have to add the cost of the working time: on average around 50 euros per hour. If you install the windows yourself, you will of course get away with it much cheaper.

With this calculator you will find out how expensive the dream windows are for you.

Install floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows not only enable a successful transition to the balcony and garden, they create a whole new living flair and make small rooms appear larger. This also improves ventilation. From the first floor, however, you must install a fall protection device. Basically you have the choice between simple windows, sliding windows and turn-tilt windows. It is worth investing in good quality, since larger windows also give off more heat (winter) or let in (summer). A larger window also means that you need permits because they significantly change the look of the house. So you need a structural check, construction drawings and (probably) permission from your neighbors.

Can you still install roller shutters?

Roller shutters can also be retrofitted. Here top roller shutters are recommended, which are installed directly with the window frame. The box is not visible later. However, the window is made smaller by the box. Alternatively, you can also install a front-mounted roller shutter on the facade. For electric shutters, you need to hire an electrician. It can also be interesting to install a smart home solution - the roller shutters can then be timed or conveniently controlled using a smartphone or tablet. If the roller shutters are solar powered, you save not only the costs for the electrician because you do not have to pull in new power lines, but energy in the long run.

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