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1960s style furniture: clear shapes, bright colors
1960s style furniture: clear shapes, bright colors

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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The 1960s: Beatles and Rolling Stones take off, the first person steps on the moon, and ideas and elements are also established in living that we still - or again - talk about today.

Life in the 1960s - an overview

Wall construction: The unimaginable occurs: In August 1961 the German division is cemented.

Sexual revolution: In 1961, Schering launched the first contraceptive pill in Germany. From '67 onwards, Oswalt Kolle clarified about "the miracle of love".

Dream couple: Hans-Jürgen Bäumler and Marika Kilius regularly win first prizes in figure skating.

Electoral Berliners : John F. Kennedy is cheered by the Berliners in June '63 - and murdered in Dallas two months later.

Darling: The twelve-year-old Heintje sings "Mama" for the first time in 1967 and thus becomes a star.

Radicalization: Benno Ohnesorg's death in an anti-Shah demonstration on June 2, 1967 is the starting signal for the student revolt. Change: In 1969 Willy Brandt becomes the first SPD Federal Chancellor.

Haus-Cover der 60er-Jahre
Haus-Cover der 60er-Jahre

A house cover from the 60s.

Photo: the house

The 1960s emphasized lust

In the 1960s, more precisely in 1961, the twist spilled from the USA to Germany - with provocative hip turns, an earthquake for morality and dance culture. But that's still nothing against Mick Jagger's hip swing: The British beat invasion is just around the corner.

Italy's number one export hit

The economy is booming, and in 1964 a million guest workers help out. Something else comes to us from the south: the kitchen - above all the Italian one. The pizzeria becomes an insider tip.

Living in your own home

For many, the dream of living in your own four walls comes true. The highest is a bungalow: Objective austerity is the trend, also in furniture design. At the same time, spectacular designs are ahead of their time. The legendary "Ball Chair" by the Finn Eero Aarnio was created in '63, the ultra-casual beanbag "Sacco" in 1968.

Sitzsack Sacco
Sitzsack Sacco

68 generation: Sitting star and stiff, does not work with the Sacco beanbag. Filled with polystyrene beads, made of black leather, about 1, 400 euros. By Zanotta

Photo: Zanotta

The TV: an idea from the 1960s

A new piece of furniture found its way into German living rooms in the 1960s: the television. Announcers who are almost as popular as Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, Peter Frankenfeld and Bonanza lead through the program.

Hot news

The first supermodel is here: Twiggy. It comes from England, just like the mini skirt - a fashion shock. In the late 1960s, however, a colorful, fluttering ethnic look also made a career: now the flower children are coming!

1960s ideas: Furnish

Sessel Orange Slice
Sessel Orange Slice

Orange Slice armchair in 1960s ambience.

Photo: Artifort / designer Pierre Paulin

The 1960s follow the tradition of the 1950s when it comes to furnishing: simple, Scandinavian design remains a success. Pop art influences became increasingly prevalent towards the end of the decade. If you want to be inspired by the spirit of the 60s, choose orange, brown and olive tones, lots of wood and right angles. Box-shaped furniture in teak or walnut are en vogue. There are also round shapes, such as the spherical lamp or the shell chair. The Orange Slice armchair, for example, first caused a sensation at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 1960. It is still in the program today and costs around 1, 800 euros. From the Artifort company.

Back then 50 years ago: simple furniture

The right angle is the concept! The young upholsterer Rolf Benz also recognizes this. The first living area "Addiform" of his company, newly founded in 1964, relies on simple, factual and practical design. Furniture such as a sofa and armchair can be positioned individually or combined to create a corner solution.

Die Wohnlandschaft „Addiform“
Die Wohnlandschaft „Addiform“

The first living area "Addiform", by Rolf-Benz, relies on practical, simple design.

Photo: Rolf Benz

… and today

The “Madison” sofa is based on models from Scandinavian design history - with a frame made of solid wood, rounded corners and a tight-fitting cover. Two and a half seaters, 79 x 204 x 94 centimeters, about 2, 100 euros. By Bolia.

Sofa mit 60er-Jahre-Ästhetik
Sofa mit 60er-Jahre-Ästhetik

The design of the “Madison” sofa is based on models from Scandinavia.

Photo: Bolia


Pattern wallpapers save themselves from the 50s into the 60s - and into the 21st century. They bring color and pictures into the house, such as the wallpaper "Jordis" by Orla Kiely.

Retro-Wohnzimmer mit Mustertapete
Retro-Wohnzimmer mit Mustertapete

A living room in the 60s style with pattern wallpaper never looks boring.

Photo: Harlequin


Filigree furniture with metal or wickerwork looks great inside and outside, in a 60s atmosphere just like today. 1960s armchair in four color combinations, aluminum / braided resin, 84 x 51 x 55 centimeters, by Fermob, for around 280 euros.

Sessel im 60er-Jahre-Ambiente
Sessel im 60er-Jahre-Ambiente

An armchair with a 1960s look.

Photo: Delphine Chanet / Fermob

Noble nonchalance

A living room to hang out! Arc lamp "Arco" - a classic from 1962 - gives a casual seating and lying area an elegant twist. Made of marble and stainless steel, 240 x 215 centimeters, about 1, 700 euros, from the Flos company.

Bogenleuchte Arco
Bogenleuchte Arco

The "Arco" arc lamp by Flos has been popular in our living rooms since 1962.

Photo: Gionata Xerra / Flos

Contrast program of the 60s

Der „FlowerPot“
Der „FlowerPot“

The designer Verner Panton was one of the first to introduce Pop Art into the furniture and living world with his “FlowerPot”.

Photo: & tradition

Pop Art reached its heyday in the 1960s with artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The Danish designer Verner Panton is one of the first to take up the ideas of the art direction in furniture and lighting designs. For example the table lamp FlowerPot VP4. Made of painted sheet steel, 23 x 35.9 centimeters, about 285 euros. From the company & tradition. In the pop art era, bright colors set the tone, plastic became the epitome of modernity.

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