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That's how actress Leslie Malton lives
That's how actress Leslie Malton lives
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In every issue of DAS HAUS we interview prominent personalities about their living and do-it-yourself habits. This time: homely questions to actress Leslie Malton.

What style of furnishing do you live?

Cozy and warm colors, a mixture of inherited, antique and new.

Do you describe your dream home?

I actually have it. But it could also be like this: the city in front, wide country with a lake and mountains in the back. Berlin country house style 1900.

Which furnishings do you have a special relationship with?

My grandmother's Thonet chairs, which I saved from being burned and then transported by plane from Vienna.

What was your biggest home purchase?

My stove.

What are you looking forward to when you get home?

The hallway, which is kept in a special yellow, radiates warmth and serenity. No matter how the mood is when entering, it is immediately raised.

What is your best order tip?

Put everything away immediately, just don't leave anything lying around.

Who would you like to live with in a shared apartment?

With my husband. If it were a house with separate apartments, my sister and a few very close friends would come to it.

Which do-it-yourself qualities do you have?

Small repairs are always possible, but stay away from the electricity.

If you were having dinner tonight - what would you be for

Do your guests do magic?

Various fresh salads, antipasti, fish and lots of vegetables.

Your vita

Leslie Malton started her acting career in 1985 at the Vienna Burgtheater. With her role in "The Great Bellheim" she made her breakthrough with TV audiences in 1992. She also appeared in the ZDF series “Herzkino” in “The Silence of Men”. Her book "Letter to my sister" tells of the difficult fate of her sister Marion, who has suffered from Rett syndrome since she was one year old. Leslie lives with her husband in an apartment in Berlin.

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