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Wicker furniture: care and cleaning
Wicker furniture: care and cleaning
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Wicker furniture gives a room lightness. They underline an exotic, but also an environmentally conscious living style. They are easy to combine with other materials. But be careful: wicker furniture is not just wicker furniture. Here you can read why this is the case and how to properly care for wicker chairs & Co.

Do you love the modern country style? But next to the heavy wooden chest of drawers in the dining room, with the best will in the world, there is no wooden table anymore? Have you opted for the romantic shabby-chic style in the bedroom, but no longer fancy the rustic metal bed? Your savior in need could be wicker furniture. They can be optimally combined with all other materials for harmony and lightness. Whether natural or colorful, the wattle is easy to adjust in color.

What are wicker furniture?

Even if all woven furniture is referred to as wicker furniture in everyday usage, this is not the case: wicker furniture is woven from very long wicker rods. In contrast to the Asian rattan palm, from whose woody shoots the rattan furniture is made, the wicker is almost exclusively in Europe. Wicker furniture is therefore even more sustainable for buyers from Northern and Central Europe than braided furniture made of rattan. The other way round, all wicker furniture is sometimes called imprecise rattan furniture.

Advantages of wicker furniture

Speaking of sustainable: The classic car or shopping basket made of wicker is currently experiencing a small comeback in the fight against plastic bags. Available in all possible shapes and sizes, it offers space for weekly shopping or a stroll through the local farmers market.

It combines all the advantages of wicker products: wicker is inherently robust and, with proper care, almost "indestructible". If processed correctly, it can carry quite a lot of weight and even if the wicker grain gets wet or dirty, the mishap can be fixed in just a few steps.

In addition, wicker furniture made of natural material can also be repaired or repaired. If a connection breaks off or a chair weave breaks, you will find companies after a short search on the Internet that will restore your wicker. The plastic rattan variant, the so-called poly rattan, can also be repaired. However, the repair can cost more than, for example, a new chair. Therefore, many people tend to opt against it. A minus point in sustainability.

Korb mit Gemüse
Korb mit Gemüse

The classic car or shopping basket made of wicker is currently experiencing a small comeback in the fight against plastic bags.

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Basket versus rattan: what's the difference?

If you look very closely, the layman believes that with some braided furniture, baskets and bowls you can see that the rods of the basket are thinner and therefore also finer than the palm shoots - basket products therefore appear a little more delicate than rattan furniture.


Wicker furniture fits wonderfully with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Some people think that basket smells more intense and more creaky. But whether it is real wicker furniture, only the seller in the specialist trade can tell you with certainty. Because of the care, you should already know what material your braided products are made of.

The product range of all so-called wicker furniture, i.e. all furniture with a braided look, is roughly the same nowadays: From the classic seating group for the terrace or the winter garden and rocking chairs, to beds, cupboards, chests of drawers, wardrobes, shelves, accessories such as bowls, lamp feet or baskets down to deckchairs, radiator covers and sleeping places for your best friend on four paws.

Furniture is often, but not always, made of real rattan or poly rattan. Whereas shopping baskets, bowls, baby cradles, trays and bottle carriers are more likely to be made from wicker.

Caring for wicker furniture properly

To enjoy the braided products for a long time, you should vacuum them regularly with the textile brush of your vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt from the grooves with a soft toothbrush or a brush. Then simply wipe the wicker furniture or your shopping basket with a damp, soft cloth and let everything dry well before you put the cushions back on or start your next shopping trip. Do not use a hair dryer to dry, as the hot, concentrated air can dry out the wicker and make it brittle. If the basket product is very dirty, you can also use brine and a brush and scrub off the dirt. But this really only works with a real basket. Then wash off with clear water and allow to dry very well or dry with a towel.


The wicker sofa harmonizes with the other materials in the living room.

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After vacuuming and wiping with warm soapy water, rattan furniture must be regularly rubbed in or sprayed with wax. This is how you protect the material from fading and drying out. If the rattan furniture starts to creak, petroleum jelly can help. Poly rattan furniture can be protected against wind and weather with a special product for plastic.

All pieces of furniture grouped under the generic term wicker furniture should be protected from excessive heat, moisture and sunlight. Whether made of natural material or plastic, the furniture must be covered with a tarpaulin under one roof in autumn and winter. The feet must not touch the floor: place them on a pallet to prevent the water that can collect on the floor from slowly but steadily decomposing the wicker furniture and then moldy, half-softened chairs under the carport in spring have to stand.

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