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Nina Hoger: "In my chaos I find everything"
Nina Hoger: "In my chaos I find everything"
Video: Nina Hoger: "In my chaos I find everything"
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In an interview with DAS HAUS, Nina Hoger, known from several German TV series and feature films, reveals how she lives and where she hides her chaos.

Nina Hoger, please describe your dream home

Flooded with light with direct access to the garden and a large kitchen. I don't like small rooms, I feel locked in there.

What style of furnishing do you live?

I live my own style and it is colored. For example, I have different chairs and I only buy furniture that I really like, mostly spontaneously.

Do you have a special relationship with a piece of furniture - and why?

From my first fee I bought a cushioned, purple cantilever chair. I would never give it away.

Are you a collector or a minimalist?

I am a collector. I love life in the booth. There are souvenirs from trips everywhere, for example a large wooden penguin that I bought in Turkey.

Where are you hiding chaos?

Not at all. Chaos is alive and in my chaos I find everything I am looking for.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

In the city I prefer to sit on the covered balcony. In the country, my absolute favorite place is the stairs to the garden with a view of the countryside.

What scents do you associate with your home?

Floral fragrance. I prefer big bouquets. Even the intensely fragrant lilies. And unfortunately you can smell the dog too.

If you were having dinner tonight, which menu would you conjure up for your guests?

Veal liver with puree, apples and onions, blueberry or apple pancakes for dessert.

What are you looking forward to when you get home?

In the city for the kitchen and the first coffee. In the country, the first thing I do is take a tour of the garden and see what has grown and blossomed. I know every plant there.

Nina Hoger: Your CV

Nina Hoger made her television film debut in "Case Studies" at the age of 18, her first film "Madonna Mann" was broadcast in 1986. In addition, she played in series such as "Tatort" and "Die Pfefferkörner". Since 2015 she has been seen in the series "Um Himmels Willen" (ARD) as Superior Theodora. The actress commutes privately with her partner between an apartment in Berlin and a house in Brandenburg.

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