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Martin Gruber: Safe with a hammer and saw
Martin Gruber: Safe with a hammer and saw
Video: Martin Gruber: Safe with a hammer and saw
Video: Safety Video: Hammer 2023, February

Martin Gruber lives with his wife Corinna and daughter Paulina in an apartment in Munich. In an interview with DAS HAUS, he answers nine homely questions.

Martin Gruber, which style of furnishing do you live?

The casual bohemian style: furniture and accessories mixed, but in a harmonious color. In addition, a few do-it-yourself pieces and self-designed pictures and photographs on the walls.

What do you get inspiration for in your home?

The film world employs fantastic interior designers, that's pure inspiration, for example in "The talented Mr. Ripley" or "The great Gatsby".

When the warm morning sun shines in the dining room and illuminates the turquoise walls.

Half a dugout canoe, converted into a fun wine rack. The content significantly increases the good feeling.

Can you describe your dream home to us?

A Mediterranean domicile with lots of wood and stone, with space for the whole family and our dog. Best in sunny regions, somewhere by the sea.

Which do-it-yourself qualities do you have?

Fast with the saw, safe with the hammer and easy with the cordless screwdriver. If the tool belt were socially acceptable, I would exchange it for the suit.

What do you like to run on?

Barefoot on heated stone tiles, with thick socks on herringbone parquet because it creaks so nicely.

What is your best order tip?

I am still looking for it so far - maybe your readers have a few of them. Always happy with it!

If you were having dinner tonight, which menu would you conjure up?

So spontaneously? That would put my fish wok on the table. With lots of fresh vegetables, fine ginger sauce and a pot of sticky rice. Oh, and a bottle of red from the dugout canoe.

Martin Gruber: His CV

Martin Gruber is known for the ZDF television series "Die Bergretter". He played the main role in this from 2009 to 2014 - as Andreas Marthaler, head of the Ramsau mountain rescue service. He then appeared in many popular TV productions, including the SAT.1 film "Naked" and as a veterinarian in the comedy series "Best Sisters" (RTL). Martin Gruber has been involved in social projects for many years. In order to help disadvantaged children from Munich and the surrounding area, he founded the “Martin Gruber Foundation” in 2014. In 2017 he was appointed ambassador for the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

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