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This is the kitchen of the future
This is the kitchen of the future
Video: This is the kitchen of the future
Video: Walter Cronkite in the Kitchen of 2001 (1967) 2023, February

Everyone is talking about smart home at IFA 2017. The fully networked kitchen, for example, should make cooking and housework easier. In the video we show what this could look like.

Controlling the heating with the mobile phone, dimming the light or unplugging the coffee machine while on the move has long been possible in a smart home. The lawn is mown, the carpet is vacuumed by itself while we are in the office - our "clever" little helpers have already done that for us.

Trend Smart Home at IFA

In the kitchen in particular, smart helpers who are networked with each other will provide support and simplify a lot. In Frankfurt, the fully networked kitchen was presented, which records what is still in the fridge, provides recipe suggestions, and automatically purchases missing food. Smart Home is THE topic at the “Internationale Funkausstellung” (short: IFA) in Berlin. Everything is networked together, operated by voice control with Amazon Echo or Google Home. Press the button and turn the control - soon a thing of the past. See yourself in the video above.

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