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Stay away from the foxglove
Stay away from the foxglove

Video: Stay away from the foxglove

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: How to Grow Foxgloves from Seed 2023, January

With the start of the gardening season, the risk of eating the wrong berries increases, especially for children.

Most plants are not really poisonous, but children should keep their hands off the thimble, warns the chief doctor of the Osnabrück Children's Hospital Karl Ernst von Mühlendahl. Dangerous for children: raw beans, ivy, yew, laburnum, oleanders and the tree of life. Thorn apple, deadly cherry, aconite, angel's trumpet and henbane are very poisonous. In principle, adults should not induce vomiting or give children salt water after a possible plant poisoning in children. The children are then only allowed to drink water, juice or tea, not milk. In addition, parents should report quickly to a poisoning consultation or a pediatrician and, if possible, take parts of the plant with them to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Panic is wrong, many plants have a more toxic reputation as an effect anyway: "With five bird or crack berries, nothing happens, " said von Mühlendahl.

You can find more information about the toxicity of plants on the website of the Information Center against Poisoning at the University of Bonn.

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