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Caring for houseplants properly - 7 tips
Caring for houseplants properly - 7 tips

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There are many myths about houseplant care and the right location. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes here.

Houseplant care - Myth No. 1

Milk, beer or even oil make leaves shine

NOT CORRECT! Large, firm sheets can be cleaned with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water. Refrain from applying special leaf gloss agents. At best hard-leaved houseplants, such as the rubber tree, tolerate something like that - and then only on the top of the leaf. You should not wipe or spray hairy leaves at all. Use a soft brush to remove dust.

Houseplant care - Myth No. 2

Choose a narrow planter

NOT CORRECT! The best thing to do without a planter. Because: the planter hides how much irrigation water flows through the drain hole and pouring the water out is tedious, since the pot has to be removed from the planter. If you don't want to do without a planter, make sure that you use a planter that leaves enough leeway on the sides and bottom. With a layer of expanded clay or small pebbles, you prevent the plant from standing in the water and prevent possible root rot. For almost every houseplant, this means death.

Zimmerpflanzen auf Fensterbank
Zimmerpflanzen auf Fensterbank

Planters are decorative, but should be chosen large enough.

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Houseplant care - Myth No. 3

Place new potted plants in the warm room immediately

NOT CORRECT! So that the new houseplant can get used to its new environment, it is important to first place it in a cooler place. If you do not do this, the plant will be shocked when it moves from the fresh air to the heated room air. Such a culture shock can significantly affect the development of the plant. The same applies to cut flowers.

Houseplant care - Myth No. 4

Change the location of the plants more often or turn the plants

NOT CORRECT! Give your houseplants a fixed location that they don't have to worry about. Sudden differences in light and temperature mean stress for the plants and this has an unfavorable effect on them. So never rotate the plants with the sun. Flowering plants in particular, such as azalea, gardenia, Christmas and Easter cactus, camellia, wax flower and Clivie, take the turning personally and react sensitively.

Houseplant care - Myth No. 5

Simply continue to use used clay pots

NOT CORRECT! It is best to only use new, watered clay pots. Should this seem a little wasteful, you can also fall back on old clay or plastic pots - as long as you clean them. Do not continue to use pots that have limescale deposits or efflorescence, but discard them.


You should clean older pots before continuing to use them.

Photo: fotolia / Harald Biebel

Houseplant care - Myth No. 6

Stuff houseplants outdoors

NOT CORRECT! If you want to put your houseplants outdoors, dig them into the earth together with the clay pot. Leave out the pot, allow the plants an uninhibited and uncontrollable root growth. If you dig up the plants in autumn to take them to a winter quarters, it is almost impossible not to injure the roots and the development is disturbed. So put the plant together with the pot in the ground. Here it is important that you leave some air between the soil and the pot, so that no moisture can accumulate and pests do not have it so easy to get to the houseplant from below.

Houseplant care - Myth No. 7

Place summer vacationers directly from the room in the sun

NOT CORRECT! So that the houseplant can get used to the other temperatures, first give it a wind-protected, rather shady location. It is even better if you wait for a mild rainy season before the houseplant comes out, since it is much easier for the plant to get used to it on cloudy days than in bright sunshine. If you are not quite sure when the optimal time to move is, just wait a little longer. Time will tell.

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