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Smart alarm systems: more security in the house
Smart alarm systems: more security in the house
Video: Smart alarm systems: more security in the house
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Smart home alarm systems cannot replace mechanical burglary protection, but they can be conveniently supplemented. But what is there to consider when choosing the right alarm system for the house and what other considerations play a role?

The classic: chips & bars

Abus is a specialist for in-house alarm systems and originally comes from the world of locking technology. Since 1924, this company has been specializing in the security of apartments, houses and other objects. In addition to the usual locking technology, Abus offers a large selection of different alarm systems, which can either be configured using the built-in keyboard and display or via smartphone and tablet. Associated sensors are connected to the control center either by cable or wirelessly. In the case of wired solutions, the installation should be done by a specialist, whereas wireless sensors can be installed by anyone.

Important: The wireless connection between the control center and sensors must be digitally encrypted - a measure that is not absolutely necessary for wired solutions, because such cables are usually not so easy to listen to by criminals or the alarm system can be remotely deactivated. This danger is more likely with insufficiently secured radio systems that a potential perpetrator can listen to with a suitably equipped notebook.

Smart Home Alarmanlage
Smart Home Alarmanlage

You can control smart home alarm systems directly using the attached keyboard or wirelessly with your smartphone and the appropriate app.

Photo: iStock / AndreyPopov

Smart home alarm systems

You can control smart home alarm systems directly using the attached keyboard or wirelessly with your smartphone and the appropriate app. At home mostly via the local WLAN, on the way also via the internet router. It is best configured by an IT specialist. Or you use a commercial service like the "Magenta Smart Home" from Telekom. The Smart Home alarm system only costs a few euros, but you pay a monthly subscription for mobile control and app control.

Smart home alarm systems from Eimsig are operated via a chic touch display and connected to the wireless sensors. The "Smarthome" version offers additional functions in one device: closing blinds, controlling lighting, managing heating, switching electrical devices via radio-controlled sockets. The fairly widespread products of the eQ-3 called "HomeMatic" also offer both alarm and smart home functions in the central control. Their headquarters are also connected by cable or wirelessly to their outside world of sensors or sirens.

The company Atral-Secal developed a smart home alarm system for the house, it is called "Daitem", and can be used just like the alarm system from Abus hybrid: with wired and wireless components. They work for up to five years without any power connection - on battery. It makes sense if the burglars switch off the electricity before the crime. The devices of most manufacturers offer such a battery emergency operation, at least for several hours or days. If an alarm is detected, the control center forwards this message to the residents - either via landline, mobile or internet (via a connected router). And for Daitem products not only by text message, but also by voice output. Practical when you're in the car and don't want to take your hands off the wheel. The alarm system in the house does not just cry, but imitates a large and dangerous dog if desired - with frighteningly real angry barking.

Smart home alarm systems: motorized activities

The associated sensors or actuators of smart home alarm systems have the same product features. First of all, there are sensors that detect the closed state of windows or doors and, if desired, report changes: Is the basement window still tilted? A suitable addition to such sensors are corresponding electric motors, which can also remotely close tilted windows or patio doors. If you do not want to rely solely on such technology, there are additional vibration or broken glass sensors that react to violent knocking on the window or when the window pane is broken, i.e. raise the alarm before the window is actually opened.

Smart home alarm systems: sensory decision aids

Motion detectors not only conveniently switch on the light at dusk outside on the terrace, but also reveal unwanted visitors, for example by switching on various headlights. Infrared sensors are particularly clever because they compare the heat signatures and do not raise the alarm unnecessarily just because the neighbour's cat is hunting mice. High-quality sensors also immediately raise the alarm if the power is to be cut off or the battery housing is opened. Otherwise, they only trigger a warning when two sensors detect motion at the same time. These motion sensors are especially suitable for smart home alarm systems and work both in daylight and at night.

With additional video surveillance, you can get an overview of the actual situation at home while on the move. If the smart home alarm system detects an incident, the mobile phone reports, and you can use mobile phones and the Internet to check whether everything is right and then decide whether to alert the operations center. Only after such an examination should you notify neighbors or the police. Fully automatic systems that immediately report to the police without being asked cause some false alarms. And if the burglar has deliberately triggered it several times, no more helpers come - and the intrusion takes place undisturbed despite the siren.

Bild der Kamera
Bild der Kamera

With video surveillance, you can keep an eye on everything on the go and know who is at the front door.

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Smart home alarm system - everything from a single source

The classic alarm systems for the home can generally not be connected at all or only via technical detours to existing smart systems from other manufacturers. That's why the smart home alarm system should always come from a single source. The associated components, such as sensors or sirens, should also come from the same manufacturer. This ensures that all connections, whether wired or wireless, fit together.

Many providers for smart home alarm systems

While Abus takes special care of burglary security and now also offers additional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, in addition to Eimsig and Atral-Secal, Telekom (with the Magenta Smart Home), Somfy, RWE, Loxone, Telenot and Devolo also have corresponding smart homes Alarm systems in the program. Providers such as Lupus or HomeMatic also offer complete alarm solutions - in addition to home automation. Then you can also network fire, water or gas detectors with the alarm system.

Doubtful radau

Outdoor sirens are often installed in connection with an alarm system in the house. This makes little sense if your own house is set aside and the neighbors are also on the move. For valuable objects it makes more sense to have a direct telephone connection to the police or a security service, which is automatically called for help.

Simulate presence

Single people or people with physical limitations can also call for help with a small handheld transmitter in their pocket or by wall switch and trigger the alarm. The best thing is that the neighbors have a good view of the house. Blinds and shutters in all rooms as well as awnings can be opened and closed time-controlled. Lamps in rooms and stairways or the television can be controlled automatically via a radio-controlled socket. With the help of such functions, you can make your house appear quite lively even if you are away for a long time. If necessary, residents on vacation can also report a potential break-in to the police themselves after prior remote diagnosis by camera.

Erleuchteter Eingang
Erleuchteter Eingang

The motion detector not only scares off potential burglars, but also shows the postman the way in the morning.

Photo: Steinel

Protect the house from burglars

Gang-like burglary is steadily increasing. And not just at night and at dusk, but now also in broad daylight. Only a few cases are cleared up. This increases the security needs of many citizens. Even if the household effects are insured, for many the trauma begins after the break-in: You no longer feel safe within your own four walls. An alarm system in the house, i.e. prevention, therefore helps more than afterwards, despite insurance coverage - to annoy a ransacked apartment. Especially when the residents are at home and don't want to be rudely woken from sleep.

Detect crime

The police point to an increase in the number of crooks. These inconspicuous symbols on the mailbox, house wall or front door signal later burglars good opportunities - because the residents are not at home or on vacation during the day. Or single women and helpless elderly people live there.

Apartments and houses are very easy to secure. And you don't always need a specialist for this. If this burglary protection, for example a smart home alarm system, can be recognized from the outside as much as possible, it will prevent many burglars from doing the planned act. They like it fast and without obstacles. Screwdrivers or chisels are often used to open doors and windows as quickly and as silently as possible. In very few cases, complete window panes are smashed. Because mostly at least two or even three-pane glazing is installed, which have a burglar-resistant effect. Tilted windows or patio doors are particularly inviting.

To secure our home, a multi-stage strategy is recommended. The most important thing here is deterrence. That means first securing all doors and windows. Because burglars do not come through the wall or break entire windows and doors. Solid mechanics still work best: shutters that cannot be pushed up, and windows and doors that cannot be pried open. An armored bolt across the entire door width, professionally installed, is still better than just super-secure and expensive locks.


Burglars like it quickly and without obstacles. Screwdrivers or chisels are often used to open doors and windows as quickly and as silently as possible.

Photo: fotolia / von Lieres

Electronic security as a supplement

Electronic locks for the front door serve less for security than for convenience. Because these locks are only as secure as the mechanical security of the door itself. Nice and convenient: every resident can open the door (without a key) using a fingerprint or smartphone. Intelligent locking systems can also be set so that at certain times nobody comes into the house without an original key. For example, if everyone is on vacation and only the neighbor can use the key. Such an access control also allows the friendly tradesman access.

But smart security systems cannot replace mechanical security devices, they can only support them. A sensible combination of both are the so-called mechatronic window openers. The mechanics and electronics are linked together. Example: The window is automatically locked via a pressure cylinder (in the event of a break-in by breaking in the window pane) and can then no longer be opened using the handle. Such mechatronic locks are available from Abus or Schüco, among others. Despite the intelligent locking system, our window frames should be particularly reinforced and secure against being levered open.

Controversial deterrent

Outside deterrence is served by clearly visible security stickers on windows and doors, which show criminals their risk. However, this measure is somewhat controversial. Because some experts say that such stickers attract professional burglars. Because they could also mean: There is something to get from us! Alarm systems in the house usually only help when the child has already fallen into the fountain - and the first hurdles such as doors or windows have already been damaged. The alarm motion detector may only target the innocent postman or newspaper delivery agent. And it can hardly be used as sole protection during the day. Lots of light and noise do not always help with an alarm. In remote family homes and in view of the large number of systems installed in cars, the neighbors sometimes listen away because of the many annoying false alarms. Therefore, your alarm system should be installed properly so that false alarms are excluded.

Burglary protection video

Our SmartHome expert Jörg Bueroße vividly shows how important it is to have a secure home and apartment - and how it can be supplemented sensibly by access control using electronic monitoring: motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass breakage and vibration sensors. In addition, the use of alarm systems that report intrusion attempts via landline, mobile radio, SMS or email.

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