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Lighting control in the smart home: information and tips
Lighting control in the smart home: information and tips

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The light control in the smart home helps to create a pleasant living atmosphere in all rooms without having to operate various light switches or having to move awnings and shutters up and down. In addition, the smart lighting can be controlled and programmed intelligently and automatically depending on the mood, time of day and position of the sun.

The temperature of the light

The right lighting is not just a question of choosing a lamp for your own home. Our lighting habits have been changing since energy-saving lamps were introduced and the good old light bulb is on the index. The light should be warm, which is why we pay attention when buying LED lamps whether they donate daylight or artificial light. This information is given in Kelvin - and daylight lamps have a color temperature of 5, 300 to 6, 500 Kelvin. The manufacturers also refer to such lamps as "cool white". A halogen lamp, on the other hand, is already in the artificial light range with 3, 400 Kelvin (like the light bulb with 2, 800 Kelvin). Both are "warm white" light generators. No surprise: the light bulb is still considered the “warmest” by us.

On arrival: light

Smart lighting significantly increases comfort and switches the light on or off where it is needed. Automatically thanks to motion detectors in the stairwell, in the basement or in the entrance - or manually in the living room by remote control. Even in combination with direct and indirect lighting as well as with awnings and shutters according to the time of day and weather. It would be practical if you - fully packed with groceries - entered the appropriately lit kitchen.

Light control in the smart home

Dimming incandescent lamps has never been a problem: simply replace the wall switch with a dimmer. When buying energy-saving lamps, you have to make sure that they are suitable when you buy them. The "Lightify" system from Osram enables smart lighting control of different lighting moods. Such lamps kill a lot of flies with one stone: they can be continuously adjusted from warm 2, 000 Kelvin to cold 6, 500 Kelvin and made to light up in various colors - simply screw them into the existing bulb socket and operate wirelessly, also using an app on your smartphone. The smart light control "Hue" from Philips even has internet-compatible lamps whose color temperature can be adjusted to suit your taste - or you can use lamps in other colors.


"Homee" supports several radio technologies for device control - for each radio standard there is a colored cube as an additional module.

The colorful world of smart lighting

The smart lighting "Homee" supports several radio technologies for device control such as WLAN, Z-Wave, Zigbee or Enocean. For each radio standard there is a colored cube as an additional module. You can use the app for Android or iOS (Apple) or via the Internet browser to control and control a wide variety of electricity and energy consumers in the household. This makes the system expandable and future-proof - even with components from different manufacturers.

Smart lighting controls deter burglars

Light also serves as security in the smart home - when you are away, smart lighting control makes it easy to pretend presence. Because: If we sit down in front of the television, the screen, receiver and hi-fi system are switched on at the same time, thanks to the wirelessly controllable socket attachments. Some even measure electricity consumption at the same time and are programmable for certain times: They then pretend to be there on vacation by switching the lighting on and off independently. Of course, everything can be done via smartphone today, but this may be a bit too cumbersome for some. The switch on the wall or the remote control work a little faster.

Hidden all-rounder

HomeMatic offers radio flush-mounted actuators with which, for example, you can operate roller shutters or switch and dim the lighting. Thanks to a patented adapter system, existing wall switches can still be used for control purposes, e.g. BuschJäger, Düwi, Kopp or Gira - inexpensive for renovation. With the help of this system, lamps, lights and roller shutters can now also be controlled wirelessly, directly or time-controlled, using remote control, motion detectors or a HomeMatic center.

Smart Home
Smart Home

HomeMatic offers radio flush-mounted actuators with which, for example, you can operate roller shutters or switch and dim the lighting.

Photo: HomeMatic

Smart switches

Older wall switches for lighting control can easily be replaced by newer ones that are more suitable for smart homes. These models can be operated wirelessly. Some require a battery or a connection to the power wiring, others switches, generate the required electricity themselves, like some models from the company Enocean. This batteryless radio system uses the energy from pressing the buttons (piezo effect) for signal transmission and is maintenance-free. The range in the house should be 50 meters. It is also compatible with KNX and the systems of many other manufacturers.

Smart Home
Smart Home

The Fibaro multisensor detects the room temperature and movements within its range.

Photo: Fibaro

Sensitive monitoring by Fibaro

The Fibaro multisensor detects the room temperature and movements within its range. He also recognizes the number of people in the room. Movements and temperature are displayed in color. This allows parents, for example, to check remotely whether the children are doing homework or sitting in front of the TV for too long - it is then simply switched off. The sensor should also recognize habits and intervene automatically. For example, regulate the heating when there is no one in the room for a long time, or gently wake the residents in the morning through open windows and blinds as well as coffee scent from the kitchen. Thanks to communication via Z-Wave, the multisensor for the smart home is compatible with various gateways as well as "Homee".

Smart lighting from Philips

The smart lighting "Hue" from Philips immerses rooms in different colors or white light. Up to 50 light sources can be operated simultaneously (also via WiFi and app) and times for falling asleep or waking up can be determined. The lights are switched on on vacation to deter burglars. The energy-saving LED lamps are said to last 15, 000 hours. Different shapes and colors, for standard light bulb holders or individually adjustable lamps. The white Hue lamps with selectable color temperature can even be used with certain fitness bracelets.

Smart Home
Smart Home

With the smart lighting "Hue" from Philips, up to 50 light sources can be operated at the same time.

Photo: Philips

Natural lighting control

The light control in the smart home also includes switching the sunlight on and off - with the help of motorized shutters or awnings; Cranking or pulling up is a thing of the past. Smart solutions do this at the push of a button, time, sunlight and wind controlled. Tubular motors are suitable for retrofitting and can be inserted into the blind, roller shutter or awning shaft. A simple wall switch or a radio remote control is sufficient to switch it on. Or you can opt for a motorized belt winder on the wall - with a battery and power supply for the socket.

Depending on the size of the apartment, the question of control arises: control individually or in combination with other smart components? In principle, all the devices described can be operated alone or in groups. When operated alone, compatibility with other components such as heating control and lighting does not have to be considered. However, if you want to use as few different systems as possible, you should decide, for example, whether you want to control only the awning and roller shutters separately - and choose a solution from another manufacturer for the lighting. Or you can choose the supplier of your choice, who offers everything from a single source, so that ventilation and heating can also be controlled via the control center.

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