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New construction: Each type has its advantages
New construction: Each type has its advantages

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According to the TNS Trend Indicator 2018, every fourth tenant in Germany would like to live in their own property over the next ten years. Anyone planning a new building has the choice between a house from the developer, a home planned by the architect or a prefabricated house. Each design has its advantages - which one is an individual decision.

Do it yourself, developer, prefabricated house: these are the differences

"In addition to factors such as time and financial means, personal ideas also decide whether the new home is to be developed together with an architect or rather handed over as a turnkey project, " explains Albrecht Luz from LBS. The designs differ on the one hand in the planning and construction time as well as the influence of the buyer.

In the so-called self-construction, an architect designs the dream house individually according to the client's ideas and is available to provide advice and coordination throughout the entire construction phase. The following applies: the more extensive the support, the longer the construction will take. A property developer, on the other hand, sells the house with land on a turnkey basis and is responsible for the entire construction project. However, this means that the buyer is not the builder and has less influence on the costs and design of his new home. Buyers who choose a prefabricated house have the advantage that they can view their future home in model housing developments in advance and get an impression of the design. Since the prefabricated individual parts for the house are only put together on the construction site, the shell construction phase is also significantly shorter than with the stone on stone construction method. “When entering into the contract, builders should read the building description carefully,” advises Albrecht Luz. "If providers sell the house 'from a floor slab', for example, there are additional costs for setting up the construction site, building the floor slab or a cellar."

"No matter how the house is ultimately built, the financing must be on a solid foundation, " said the LBS expert. In addition to sufficient equity and a classic annuity loan, this also includes a home savings contract. This enables home savers to build up equity and at the same time acquire the right to an interest-rate-secure loan.

Dauer eines Hausbaus
Dauer eines Hausbaus

From planning to handing over the keys: This is how long it takes to build a house.

Photo: LBS / HausXXL

Small and trendy: container living

Less is more. Current social trends such as mindfulness and minimalism are increasingly moving into your own four walls - in the truest sense of the word: Modular and flexible forms of living have long been a trend in the USA and are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In Berlin, for example, an entire student village was created out of containers. Thanks to the small footprint, the containers are space-saving, location-independent and an affordable alternative to traditional forms of living, especially in densely populated cities. A used sea container is already available for around 2, 000 euros, with a lot of personal contribution it can be converted into living space for around 8, 000 euros. A more convenient choice for the former transport boxes are so-called mini-houses or "tiny houses", which often rely on sustainable materials and are built according to ecological criteria. However, the same applies to the mobile four walls: as soon as you want to permanently settle in one place, you are subject to the same building law as for a single-family house.

Plan a time buffer when building a house

Builders should consider the unpredictability of building a home in their schedule. For example, if the weather is bad, those responsible get sick or go on vacation, this can delay construction. Obtaining the building permit and other necessary documents sometimes costs more time than planned. So if you want to stay on the safe side, you should only terminate the lease one or two months before the expected completion.

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