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Advent: the 12 best tips
Advent: the 12 best tips

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Advent is contemplative, cozy, filled with children's laughter and happy memories - or at least it should be. Instead, we're rushing through more these days, getting the gifts online with one click and shopping in the stressful hustle and bustle … it doesn't have to be! Decelerate and celebrate these days rather. With these tips you will experience a nice party!

1 Small festive decorating ideas

A nicely draped piece of velvet with pomegranates on it. A window picture with snow, a big star on the wall or Christmas balls waiting in bowls, vases or on a cake stand for their grand entrance - lovingly stage the advent season! No matter which decoration style you choose - the heart enjoys small details that catch the eye and remind us of how we used to admire Christmas decorations.

Bake 2 cookies

Snacking is simply part of Advent! Who can resist the delicious cookies? They simply taste too good even when baked. At the beginning of December, the ovens glow when we make cinnamon stars, nut macaroons, black and white pastries, angel eyes and many more with love. Children are just as happy today as they used to be when they can help with the cookie cutters. So, get to work!

Mutter und Sohn backen Plätzchen
Mutter und Sohn backen Plätzchen

Baking cookies together slows down a lot and is definitely part of the Advent season.

Photo: iStock / AnVr

3 Winter decorations on the windowsill

We hope in vain for snow on Christmas again. The only thing that helps is to take care of it yourself: Dust a little fir green with snow spray in winter white, as highlights put tea lights in plain water glasses in between. If you like, you can also spray the windows with artificial snow - there are matching stencils in the craft shop.

4 Christmas scents throughout the house

Let your mind wander - that's so easy to say! One to-do is chasing the next, especially during Advent. Come down, ideally in the evening with the cozy blanket on the sofa. Skip the TV and read a good book instead. The scent of Christmas punch or a homemade scent of limes or oranges peppered with cloves pampers the senses. Or you smoke carefully in the evening with fresh fir branches - that crackles nicely in the fireplace and gives a special fragrance.


Heavenly scent: conjure up small patterns in oranges with cloves.

Photo: living4media / Hrbková, Alena

5 Advent wreath with a difference

If you don't want to put up the same advent wreath every year, you spend a lot of time looking for alternatives. Here is our idea: Put four white pillar candles on a silver plate and put fir or mistletoe in between. The fruits, which look like pearls, go perfectly with cream-colored candles. Or thread a few dried apple rings on a cord - the garland is ready as a tree or table decoration. Access allowed!


Edible Advent wreath: A wreath of dried apple rings is a treat for young and old.

Photo: living4media / Allig, Birgid

6 best miracle cure for winter depression?

Warm light! Arrange candles in groups - on the sideboard, the window sill, lined up along the wall on the floor. For several, simple pillar candles also look stylish if they have the same color.

7 hot cinnamon chocolate for 4 servings:

Sweets for in between are good for stressed nerves: Warm 125 g of grated dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of water until the chocolate is dissolved. Add 600-800 ml milk and 1 tsp cinnamon and bring to the boil briefly. Serve with a cinnamon stick.

Heiße Schokolade mit Zimt
Heiße Schokolade mit Zimt

Heavenly delicious: Our hot chocolate combined with cinnamon.

Photo: living4media / Schindler, Martina

8 Small gifts from the kitchen

… are a hit right now at Christmas time. Who doesn't like to try the neighbor's homemade cookies? You can show what you've got in a mason jar. Sealed with a pretty fabric bow, the souvenir will make more of a Christmas visit.

Zimtsterne im Glas
Zimtsterne im Glas

Jam jars are ideal for packing small gifts like cookies.

Photo: living4media / Schindler, Martina

9 Pack big gifts in an environmentally friendly way

Did you know that no other EU country produces as much packaging waste as Germany? A sad record. At Christmas time, the problem intensifies, because there is 20 to 30 percent more waste. 8, 000 tons of wrapping paper migrate into the (wrong) ton - this could cover an area of ​​5, 000 hectares!

You can remedy this with environmentally friendly wrapping paper or recyclable wrapping paper. This can also be stylishly pretted up: a lace border for omi, a music tape for music lovers. Or simply with a few fir branches.

And after Christmas, please put it in the right bin: only non-wrapped wrapping paper goes in the blue paper bin, everything else, as well as wrapped wrapping paper and bows, please go to the residual waste.


Minimalistically beautiful: branches or balls come out much better thanks to the simple wrapping paper.

Photo: living4media / Hessel, Marij

10 new colors for the Christmas tree

Try out new tones with the balls - great combination partners are violet and moss green; it gets really classy with matt silver.


A Christmas tree does not always have to be classic gold and red. No, dare to try new colors.

Photo: living4media / Manduzio, Matteo

11 Christmas decorations in the garden already finished?

Outside, decorate the bare branches of trees or bushes with thick ribbon ribbons or fairy lights; In a large terracotta pot next to the entrance are pine green and red berries. Our ideas for Christmas decorations in the garden make the decision easy.


Bird feed can also look pretty: just attach small twigs and berries to the titballs.

/ Galina Grebenyuk

12th They always go: poinsettias

But one is not enough - buy as many as you can and line them up: at the window, up the stairs, down the hall. Don't have enough planters? Then wrap them in fabric - or crepe paper!

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