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Buying a Christmas tree: the most important tips
Buying a Christmas tree: the most important tips

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Every year: Are you looking for the perfect Christmas tree quickly? Whether you hit it yourself in the forest, buy it online or from a dealer - follow our tips and you will find a superb specimen.

Fragrance of resin and fresh pine green: If you bring your own Christmas tree out of the forest, you will experience a kind of family festival in advance. Choosing, sawing and transporting away together - children especially enjoy it. So in boots, jacket and scarf and out in the forest! But even those who buy their tree in the classic way can use it to arouse the anticipation for Christmas: the trees are magnificent, the selection is large.

Before the purchase

Do you have enough space at home for your Christmas tree? Nevertheless, measure the exact height and width of the place where you want it to stand later. A precautionary measure that has reasons: Outdoors, Christmas trees look much smaller than they actually are. Because you quickly misjudge, the yardstick also comes with you when shopping. When buying a tree, make sure that the cut surface is bright and also take a needle test: if the needles come off easily when you pull them back towards the trunk, the specimen is no longer fresh. Spruces, in particular, are unlikely to last until Christmas because they throw off their needles very early after being hit.

The Christmas tree range

Christmas trees from the region are somewhat more expensive than imported goods, but they are fresher. Ask about the origin and pay attention to the mark of origin. The Nordmann fir is the most popular. It easily copes with a dry indoor climate for four weeks. However, since it is only harvested at the age of nine to fifteen, it has its price. In terms of price, they are even higher, but noble fir and korea fir are also more durable. Blue spruce, pine and Douglas fir also tolerate warm heating air. Spruces are the cheapest, but they only start needling in the room after a few days. In addition, there is the pike factor, which can be quite annoying when setting up and decorating: while fir, pine and Douglas fir hardly sting, spruce trees are quite prickly.


Soft, green needles, dense, conical growth and long lasting - for many reasons the Nordmann fir is by far the most popular Christmas tree among Germans.

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Christmas tree in the pot

If you prefer a tree with roots, ask for advice at a brand tree nursery: there you can be assured of good quality and find out how big the trees in the garden will be if you plant them out. But be careful: do not bring Christmas trees into the container until shortly before Christmas and first place them in a bright and cool place in the house so that they get used to the air. Make sure later in the living room that they are as bright and not too warm. Before you plant the trees in the garden after Christmas, you must store them again in a cool stairwell for a few days so that they can acclimatize. The best location for Christmas trees in a pot is a conservatory - the relationship between light intensity and temperature is optimal here.

Christmas tree supplier

If Christmas trees don't have to travel long distances from their place of origin to your living room, they stay fresh longer. In Germany, most Christmas trees still come from domestic stocks. By the way, many Nordmann firs are imported to Germany from Denmark, the largest Christmas tree producer in the world - this is also acceptable, since the transport routes from the neighboring country are still comparatively short.

Nordmann firs from Germany and Denmark in particular are often also offered on the Internet. You can not personally choose your copy when buying online, but this is usually not necessary as the Christmas trees sold by reputable dealers are consistently fresh and of good quality. If in doubt, look at the comments in the online shop - this will give you a good impression of customer satisfaction. The advantage of buying online: The Christmas tree is delivered directly to your home - all you have to do is set it up and decorate it.

Weihnachtsbaum online bestellen
Weihnachtsbaum online bestellen

Transport Christmas tree

Tie your Christmas tree securely on the roof rack of your car, even for short distances, with lashing straps. He must not restrict the rear lights, license plate and all-round view through the vehicle window. If the tree protrudes more than one meter beyond the vehicle, a red cloth must be attached at the end.

Weihnachtsbaum transportieren
Weihnachtsbaum transportieren

The safest way to transport your Christmas tree is on the roof rack of the car.

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Store Christmas tree

The fresher it comes into the house, the longer the Christmas tree lasts. It evaporates less water in the packaging network. Packed trees are also easier to carry around the house. Store the Christmas tree in a shady, cool place outside until it is set up and ideally only bring it into the apartment on Christmas Eve - it will last until New Year's Eve without dropping too many needles.

The Christmas tree stand

Katze spielt mit Weihnachtsbaum
Katze spielt mit Weihnachtsbaum

Make sure that your Christmas tree stands securely.

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The Christmas tree stand should consist of a stable housing with a water container, ideally including a water level indicator. When buying, specify the maximum size of your Christmas tree and pay attention to the locking mechanism: Models with foot levers are particularly practical, because the tree can be fixed all by itself without help if necessary.

Candles are romantic, but must be replaced after they have burned down. This is not the case with fairy lights, which are also safer - especially in the presence of children. Only buy fairy lights with the triangular VDE certification mark. Incidentally, wireless Christmas tree candles with LED technology and remote control have also been available for a few years.

The right Christmas tree care

Fill the water tank with tap water. Adding flower freshener does no harm. Potted Christmas trees should only be in the room for two to three, maximum ten days. Do not place your Christmas tree too close to the heater and protect it from drafts, as dried needles increase the risk of fire with real candles. You should also spray the tree with water once or twice a day and check the water level in the stand regularly.

Discard the Christmas tree

Cities and municipalities usually have collection points for the old Christmas tree. You will find out the date and place from the daily newspaper. Make sure that all jewelry including tinsel has been removed so that the Christmas tree can be chopped and composted free of harmful substances. The cut branches of the tree - without balls and candles - can also be used as frost and evaporation protection in the garden or on the balcony for roses or sensitive perennials. After acclimatization, plant potted trees on frost-free days. If you have a sufficiently large pot, you can take your time until April.

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