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That's how director Simon Verhoeven lives
That's how director Simon Verhoeven lives

Video: That's how director Simon Verhoeven lives

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Read here where director Simon Verhoeven prefers to relax and what inspires his furnishing style.

What style of furnishing do you live?

A mixture of modern and classic elements. Very playful, imaginative, very cozy - and at the same time very clear.

What do you get inspiration for in your home?

From my youth, my life and also from good films. In addition, I am constantly inspired by everything I see in other cities, in hotels, etc.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

Definitely our sofa. When I sit or lie there, it is difficult to get myself up.

Which do-it-yourself qualities do you have?

Unfortunately not outstanding. I can put things together and hang pictures. But that's it. For that I grill very skillfully.

What was your biggest home purchase?

An apartment in Munich-Au, right on the Isar.

Which color mood do you like best in your home?

We have a very soothing green in the bedroom which is good for us. Otherwise, I love the morning sun in our kitchen, which emphasizes the warm gray and red of the walls.

Where are you hiding chaos?

In closets and often in my head.

How do you relax after a long day at work?

On the sofa, with a good book, a series or a football broadcast. I don't need more paradise.

Which piece of furniture could you never part with?

From my grandpa's piano.

Which housework do you like to do, which not at all?

I like cooking. Cleaning and washing up is unfortunately not my cup of tea.

What is your best order tip?

Don't put too many things in the apartment. Sort out again and again.

If you were having dinner tonight: Which menu would you conjure up for your guests?

If I had enough time to prepare, then an Austrian menu with fried chicken, boiled beef and apricot dumplings. Austrian food is the great passion of my whole family.

His vita

After graduating from high school, Simon Verhoeven first studied jazz composition and film music in Boston. Then, from 1995 to 1999, he trained as a film director at the renowned "Tisch School of Arts" in New York. A year later, he wrote and made his first film "100 Pro". This was followed by other successful strips, including "Unfriend" and "men's hearts". For the film "Welcome to the Hartmanns" (with his mother Senta Berger in one of the main roles) he was awarded the German Film Award, the Comedy Award and the "Bambi" last year.

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