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Crafts with concrete: tealight holder
Crafts with concrete: tealight holder

Video: Crafts with concrete: tealight holder

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Concrete is a real all-rounder. It has long been used not only on construction sites. It is also increasingly used as a decoration in the home walls. In our video we show you how you can conjure up a beautiful tealight holder.

Concrete is and remains a building material that is primarily used by craftsmen? Not correct! Because the gray mass has long been a main component in the decoration department. No matter whether letters, fire bowls, coasters: pretty much anything can be conjured up out of concrete. Due to the clear, gray structure, it combines a robust, but also modern and cool look.

This concrete decoration enchants your balcony

Especially on warm summer evenings, many people spend time on the terrace and balcony. Of course, candles are a must. So why not make a beautiful tealight holder out of concrete? This garden decoration is easy to manufacture, inexpensive and also looks beautiful. It is also suitable as a gift idea.

Tealight holder made of concrete - step by step

You only need three materials for the concrete tealight holder. It belongs to our category "make 3 from 1":

Concrete (commercial ready-mixed concrete from the hardware store is suitable here)
various plastic containers
golden acrylic paint

We assume that you already have the following things at home: old newspapers, whisk for the concrete, an old bucket for mixing the concrete, cooking oil for greasing the mold and the tealight, tealights, transparent film, stone for complaining, make-up Sponge or small brush. In our DIY video, we will show you the exact instructions on how to make the tealight holder from these ingredients.

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