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Tips for the perfect wellness bath
Tips for the perfect wellness bath

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A wellness bath does not always have to be very expensive - with a little skill and technology, the wet room can be transformed into a wellness bath in no time at all.

A bath culture that appeals to all the senses, as has always been celebrated in all orientations in the Orient or in Japan, is only gradually entering our bathrooms. At the beginning of the 20th century, well-equipped wellness baths were reserved for the few rich and noble. The rest of the European population had to make do with sober wash corners, which were mostly assigned to the kitchen. To date, some “wet rooms” in old buildings hardly measure more than three and a half square meters. At most in beautiful hotels you could indulge in lavish bathrooms.

A wellness bath with a little spa quality doesn't have to be as big and luxurious as in a five-star hotel. Where there is space for a bathtub, a tub with bubble and massage jets can also be installed directly - nothing else is a whirlpool. And if you have to do without the tub in a small bathroom, you can instead opt for a shower column with wellness equipment. Such a shower panel can even be installed in the existing shower cubicle. Ideal for the rental apartment.

However, if you are building a new one, you can give the wellness bath more space and due attention when planning. And when modernizing a house or apartment, it is worth thinking about whether an “Otto normal bathroom” should not be expanded to include the adjoining storage room or the former children's room and converted into a wellness bathroom.

Planning and installation of the wellness bath

The style of the facility should already play a role in the planning. Whether puristic, classically elegant or in a country look - only your personal taste counts. In order to achieve a harmonious overall picture, you should choose sanitary products from a series. Soothing colors for the bathroom are a combination of white and black combined with delicate pastel tones, especially the water colors green, light blue and turquoise.

The next step is to clarify the space requirements and the floor plan. In the case of a modernization: does the floor plan remain or are walls moved? Do new windows need to be fitted? But note: Pure size does not make a dream bathroom. In the large wellness pool in particular, the layout and colors are very important for the feel-good atmosphere. That is why large wellness baths need a clever and well thought-out room layout. Many sanitaryware manufacturers offer an interactive bathroom planner. At home on the computer and at your dealer, you can run through the various options.

Fresh air in the wellness bath


A window expands smaller spaces immensely.

Photo: Duravit

No matter whether wellness bath or wet room - the bathroom should have windows. In a wellness bath with steam shower and whirlpool, it is even a must. Because the steam liquefies on the wall and ceiling and forms the basis for health-endangering mold. For safety, the indoor climate can be checked with a moisture meter. A relatively simple solution to bring daylight into the windowless bathroom is a light fireplace. Mirrored tubes transport the light from the roof to the ceiling outlet.

The mirror in the wellness bath should be large enough to show the entire upper body and also leave around 30 to 40 centimeters of space. Split mirror cabinets are not suitable because they cut through the mirror image. Under no circumstances should the lights glare and cast shadows on the face. The face is illuminated more evenly and advantageously if the lighting is arranged on both sides of the mirror.

18 tips for the spa

Relax, retreat, feel good: We always want our bathroom to be a place to relax. The morning shower simply puts you in a better mood than in an uncharmant wet room. And what could be more relaxing than taking a fragrant bubble bath after a hard day and feeling a bit like a wellness holiday? In older houses in particular, however, the spatial conditions for wellness baths are often not ideal - too small, too dark and tiled in old fashion. Even if you cannot easily change the floor plan - it is often possible to create significantly more atmosphere with small changes. These are our tips for the wellness bath:

1. Painting the wall

Small bathrooms look bigger if you paint them uniformly in a light color. Patterns should be avoided because they cause unrest and the room looks even smaller. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, feel free to grab the paint and pattern pot. With strong tones, cosiness moves in here. Not sure which colors work well? With complementary colors - tones that lie opposite each other in the color wheel - you don't go wrong. In this way, red and green go perfectly together, as does yellow and violet. Those who find this too contrasty can combine similar colors, for example red and orange.

2. Color and daylight

Is there little or no daylight in your bathroom? Light tones such as white or cream also make the room appear brighter. With plenty of daylight, you can try darker tones.

3. Reflection

The surfaces also have an impact on the color effect: high-gloss cabinet doors and tiles make tones appear lighter. In combination with matt surfaces, the colors look more saturated.

4. Uniform picture

What is often lacking in an uncomfortable bathroom: The “common thread” - a furnishing concept. Wall and floor tiles don't match, sanitary ware doesn't match the bathroom furniture. Paint the (not tiled) wall parts, furniture, door frames and mirror frames in one color. This not only makes the room look much more harmonious, it also looks larger.

Wellness im Bad
Wellness im Bad

Pay attention to the common thread when decorating and stay in similar colors.

Photo: fotolia / Gennadiy Poznyakov

5. Lighting

Good light is essential for a feel-good atmosphere. The brightest and most important illuminates the wash basin. Ideal placement: a spot from above and soft lighting to the right and left of the mirror. When installing, make sure that the light does not dazzle and does not cast shadows. Light strips are particularly suitable for this. Often neglected: The shower should also be adequately lit - it is best to use recessed lights or light spots. Indirect light is perfect for relaxing hours in the tub: simply hide a light source behind a cover. Last but not least, small lanterns create a relaxing atmosphere.

6. New look

Ugly tiles but not in the mood for time-consuming and expensive renovations? Hide the surfaces under adhesive tiles in a contemporary look. Or paint the tiles with special paint. Important: The surface must be cleaned meticulously before application - even small dust particles would otherwise result in unsightly bumps on the tiles.

7. Fresh joints

Especially near the shower, tub or sink, joints often run dark or form mold. If cleaning no longer helps, you can repair small blemishes with a special joint marker. The ink makes the joints look new, while preventing new mold growth.

8. Flooring

You don't like the floor tiles? Cover them up! For this purpose there are self-adhesive PVC tiles in various designs. Unlike simple adhesive films, these also withstand the high loads on the floor.

9. Bathtub update

Chipped areas or worn enamel are no reason for a new bathtub. Instead, paint the old one with a bathtub paint. You can quickly and easily refresh acrylic, enamel or ceramic. So that the result can be seen, clean the tub thoroughly before painting. By the way, you also save shower trays and wash basins with the paint trick.

10. Tub bed

You hardly use your bathtub anyway? Too bad about the "waste of space": make it a daybed! To do this, build (have) a removable wooden frame housing for the tub - with a padded and hinged cover surface.

11. Custom-made toilet seat

New toilet seat, new happiness? Only if you buy the right one! The distance between the mounting holes varies. So take measurements with the old seat before buying.

12. Pseudo view

Your bathroom has no window? Hang up a large picture with a natural motif - this fakes the view outside. If you illuminate it with a picture light, this suggests "daylight". To protect the image from moisture, choose a canvas print with protective varnish.


A canvas with a landscape - a very simple trick to give the bathroom more space.

Photo: Aqua Cultura / Klotz

13. Splash guard

If the bathtub also serves as a shower, a shower roller blind is recommended instead of a shower curtain. It dries extremely quickly because it does not wrinkle - and when not in use it disappears almost invisibly under the blanket.

14. Window dresses

To protect yourself from unwanted glimpses, roller blinds are recommended: They are fixed and allow for quick ventilation. If the bath and shower are far enough from the window, you can also choose curtains: otherwise the fabrics will suffer from the moisture. Chic, practical and not a bit bulky: self-adhesive privacy films in a frosted glass look. They are glued directly onto the pane and can be removed without residue if necessary.

15. Light strips

Conjure up stylish lighting effects: with self-adhesive LED strips. They can be fixed over corners and curves, rows of bright points of light - and if you attach them along the edges of the bathroom furniture or the skirting boards, they serve as a guide at night and illuminate trip hazards.

16. Aroma therapy

Those who find it difficult to get going in the morning put up a fragrance lamp with a lemon aroma in the bathroom. Those who find it difficult to rest in the evening brush their teeth with lavender aromas. Would you prefer to have your favorite scent around you? Spray a few splashes of your perfume on the shower curtain; the scent lasts for several days.

17. Turntable

No more overview of the many cosmetic bottles in the bathroom cabinet? Arrange them on a turntable. Chic and beautifully clear!

18.Vase trick

Why not put small (clean!) Vases instead of toothbrush cups? It has charm and something casually improvised.

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