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Use the washing machine
Use the washing machine

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The correct operation of the washing machine requires more than just the correct use: what should a new washing machine be able to do? How much electricity and water should it use? How can it be cleaned? Which detergent is used to remove which stains? A small guide to the correct use of the washing machine.

Operating the washing machine: important things to buy

Design: front loader or top loader?

The front loaders with porthole are in great demand: they are wider - therefore they run mostly more quietly - and they can be built under, which means they fit in kitchen units. In the standard size of 60 centimeters, they need some space to the front, but they are also available with a shallower depth of 44 centimeters. Narrow top loaders, on the other hand, fit perfectly into small corners, and these washing machines can also be operated without damaging the back, since they are filled from above.

Energy label

The energy label provides a first overview of the energy efficiency of the device. The higher the energy class, the lower the electricity consumption and thus the running costs. A + stands for the best values. In comparison to a machine with the A + label, you save more than 30 percent of the electricity costs, compared to an old device, even around 40 percent.

Water consumption

In the sense of low operating costs with a 5 kg load, it should be a maximum of 40 liters per wash. A machine with an eight kilogram capacity should need a maximum of 60 liters of water.


The programs Cottons, Coloreds, Delicates and Woolen laundry are standard. An eco program is useful and saves additional energy. A short wash program is also useful if you only want to put lightly soiled laundry into the machine.

Filling quantity

This depends on the number of people in the household: Singles operate a washing machine with a load of three kilograms. Two people use a 5 kg machine. Families with four or more people choose a device with a capacity of six to eight kilograms.

Spin performance

With many washing machines, the spin performance can be set in stages. Your new device should achieve at least 1, 200 rpm. Do you want to machine dry textiles after washing? Then a spin speed of 1, 400 rpm or more is recommended. This saves you cash, because the washing machine uses significantly less energy when spinning than afterwards the dryer when heating up the laundry.

Kammern befüllen
Kammern befüllen

Detergent residues remain in the rinsing chambers. So that mold and bacteria don't stand a chance, you should regularly remove and clean them.

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Use the washing machine: wash properly

Which detergent?

Heavy duty detergents contain optical brighteners, which is why they are particularly suitable for white clothing made of cotton, linen or blended fabrics. Colorful, however, would fade after just a few washes. For colored textiles you should therefore use special color / colored detergents; these are gentle on the color, the clothes look fresh longer. A mild detergent is best for sensitive fabrics, it contains no brighteners, bleaches or enzymes. For wool, silk or down, you should use a wool detergent. Curtains made of blended fabrics or synthetics optimally clean extra curtain detergents.

Liquid or powder?

The liquid version leaves no residue on the textiles and is therefore recommended for black or colored fabrics. For white laundry, however, powder is the better choice. As a heavy-duty detergent, it contains bleach, thereby removing stains better and preventing gray veils. From temperatures of 60 degrees it also removes bacteria and fungi. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly because it does not require any preservatives. Disadvantage: laundry is usually somewhat stiffer with powder.

Waschmaschine ausrichten
Waschmaschine ausrichten

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Waschmaschine entkalken
Waschmaschine entkalken

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Fabric softener

What speaks for him: he makes the laundry pleasantly soft; the fragrances it contains make clothes smell nice and fresh. In addition, softener smoothes the textiles - no more wrinkling. However, the softener also means that the fabrics can no longer absorb as much moisture; Hand and tea towels lose part of their absorbency. Last but not least, its fragrances, dyes and solvents are poorly degradable and pollute the environment. Fabric softener should therefore only be used if it is really sensible and necessary.


In order to wash ecologically sustainable, you should always dose detergent and fabric softener according to the package instructions.


Powder detergents are best for white laundry.

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Operating the washing machine: How to clean the machine


If the laundry does not smell fresh after washing, a so-called biofilm has probably formed in the machine - a layer of mucus in which fungi and bacteria thrive. Then it is high time to clean the washing machine. It often helps to go through a 95 degree wash. In stubborn cases, use washing machine cleaners.

Induction chamber

Detergent and fabric softener residues in the detergent dispenser are also the perfect environment for fungi and bacteria. It is best to prevent this from happening regularly: the chamber can be pulled out completely (see operating instructions). Rinse in the sink with detergent and let it dry thoroughly.

Alkaline filter

To prevent blockages, the drain filter should be cleaned at least twice a year (see operating instructions). It collects small items that have been forgotten in trouser pockets, for example.

Seal, housing & Co

To clean the rubber door seal, the machine housing and the device cover, wipe them regularly with all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth.

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