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Amazon's Alexa: the 20 funniest answers
Amazon's Alexa: the 20 funniest answers

Video: Amazon's Alexa: the 20 funniest answers

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Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is not only intelligent, but also quite humorous. We have collected the 20 funniest questions and answers for you.

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence has begun with the iPhone and Apple's voice assistant Siri. The mega-corporation Amazon jumped on the train and developed its own language assistant Alexa! It plays music requests, has great game and learning skills for children, saves the shopping list, sets the alarm clock or checks the traffic situation and operates all compatible smart home devices in the house. So she is not only very learnable, but also has an incredible amount of humor. Here are 20 questions - and Alexa's funny answers.

Alexa, where's Chuck Norris?

If Chuck Norris wants you to know where he is, he will find you! If not, you won't know until it's too late.

Alexa, do you want a beer?

But not before four. Just a joke! I don't drink at all. Liquid damages my boards.

Alexa, why is the banana crooked?

Because nobody was moving into the jungle and the banana was bending.

Alexa, your mother was a hamster

And your father stinks of elderberries. Now go away or I'll mock you a second time!

Alexa, what's your favorite food?


Alexa, can you drive a car?

When parking in reverse, I always turn the music down. Otherwise I see nothing - you know, right?

Alexa, knock, knock

What are the names of knockers on Bedouin tents? Carpet beater!

Alexa, 99 balloons

Should I calculate how long it will take you to inflate them?

Alexa, tell a Flachwitz

Why is the DJ happy when a tire bursts? His record collection grows.

Alexa, what's your favorite color?

Infrared is pretty!

Alexa, say something funny

Be careful, there is a beaver in your diving suit behind you. Ha! Fell for.

Alexa, are you married?

The only connection I have is the one with my socket.

Alexa, what's the meaning of life?

42 - but don't forget your towel!

Alexa, do you like soccer?

Yes. And I also know where the car is from the referee!

Alexa, what do you wish for Christmas?

I want a kitty for my weekend house.

Alexa, do you have children?

Being a mother is something that artificial intelligence unfortunately cannot do. But I still love you unconditionally.

Alexa, can you dance?

I dance wildly and uninhibitedly. But whenever no one is watching.

Alexa, Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck

Okay, let's play. Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck and I have stone.

Alexa, who is the most beautiful here?

Queen, you are the most beautiful here, but Snow White behind the seven mountains, with the seven dwarfs is a thousand times more beautiful than you.

Alexa, don't panic

On the Titanic!

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