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Sleep better !: The most common mistakes when buying a mattress
Sleep better !: The most common mistakes when buying a mattress

Video: Sleep better !: The most common mistakes when buying a mattress

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With the right combination of mattress and slatted frame, we lay the foundation for restful sleep. To find them, you should definitely get advice from a specialist, because the sleep needs are very different and not immediately obvious to a layperson. Because: Comfort is not always good.

At the moment you are confronted with mattress advertising everywhere at the bus stop or on Facebook. They are called "Caspar" or "Eve" and are advertised with "A mattress for everyone". But can there be a one-size-fits-all mattress or does the sleeping pad not have to be as individual as the sleeper? Expert Tanja Dressel-Marquart is a certified sleep consultant, runs the “Mattress and Bed House” in Munich and tells us how we avoid common mistakes when buying mattresses and slatted frames. After all, every German spends 24 years of his life sleeping. As with the partner, you want to make the right choice. Some providers advertise “one mattress model for everyone”. Can that work?

Tanja Dressel-Marquart: “There can be no one-size-fits-all solution for the mattress. Many don't know and are doing it wrong that even in a double bed everyone needs an individually adapted sleeping system consisting of a slatted frame, mattress and pillow.”

How "hard" should the mattress be?

Dressel-Marquart: “Fortunately, the misconception that a hard mattress is generally a good mattress is no longer so common today. The degree of firmness of the mattress depends on the customer and his individual needs, that is, his physique, weight and any complaints."

Which mattress is suitable for whom?

Dressel-Marquart: “Spring mattresses are suitable for people who sweat at night, because they give off moisture and heat easily. Box spring beds do not ventilate as well because the elements lie directly on top of each other. A well-ventilated cold foam mattress can also work for this group of people. Latex mattresses are not suitable for them. Because of their good thermal insulation, they are pleasant for people who freeze easily. Viscose foam mattresses also insulate and offer special pressure relief.

Side sleepers support high-quality cold foam, preferably with shoulder comfort zone for shoulder problems. High-quality innerspring mattresses are usually ideal for heavy people, waterbeds are more ideal for light and normal weight people.”

How important is the slatted frame?

Dressel-Marquart: “The slatted frame is the backbone of the bed and therefore the most important element. Everyone should pay attention to good quality. If it sags, even a good mattress cannot compensate. For testing, you can also lie on the slatted frame without a mattress. This makes it easier to see when he is no longer supporting properly. The slats still have to be bent upwards or maximally straight when loaded. In addition, not only does the mattress wear out, the slatted frame should also be replaced after eight to ten years.”

How big must the bed and mattress be?

Dressel-Marquart: “The standard bed length in Germany is two meters. Basically, the bed should always be 20 centimeters larger than the sleeper. For many men, this means that the standard bed and mattress are too short. In width, sleep research recommends at least 90 centimeters for a single bed."

What do we have to consider with the pillow?

Dressel-Marquart: “The 80 x 80 cm pillows are too big for back-friendly sleeping. Because shoulders and upper back should not lie on the pillow. For example, 40 by 80 is a more suitable format that is now being offered more and more.”

How do I recognize a competent specialist advisor?

Dressel-Marquart: “He asks exactly about problems and the reason for buying a mattress. And he takes his time."

What is your main advice when buying mattresses?

Dressel-Marquart: “Be sure to try it out in the shop, preferably by measuring. And take enough time, at least an hour. Sometimes you have to give the new mattress some time. It takes an average of 21 nights to get used to a new mattress. Improvements are not always immediately noticeable.”

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