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Kitchens: set up a cooking room and save costs
Kitchens: set up a cooking room and save costs

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Kitchens are usually the heart of the house. Hardly any other room is so often and in so many different ways in the center of the action. All the more important that everything in it also corresponds to your personal ideas, that design, style and appliances fit your needs and make your cooking dream come true. Here's how you can save costs.

Table of contents Table of contents kitchens: set up a cooking room and save costs

  • Kitchens: models and variants
  • A comparison of fitted and modular kitchens
  • What materials are suitable for kitchens?
  • Checklist: kitchen planning
  • The cost of kitchens in comparison
  • Current kitchen trends
  • Tips for buying a kitchen

Table of contents Table of contents kitchens: set up a cooking room and save costs

  • Kitchens: models and variants
  • A comparison of fitted and modular kitchens
  • What materials are suitable for kitchens?
  • Checklist: kitchen planning
  • The cost of kitchens in comparison
  • Current kitchen trends
  • Tips for buying a kitchen

Kitchens: models and variants

The decisive factor when choosing the right kitchen model for you is first the space. It is best to equip a small room with a simple line, or with a pantry kitchen if there is an extreme lack of space. It is a one meter wide fitted kitchen with sink, small work surface, two hotplates, mostly also a refrigerator. Since it makes optimal use of the available space, a built-in solution is generally recommended for furnishing small kitchens.

If kitchens exceed the 15 square meter mark, the selection of kitchen models also increases. If you like to cook together with your partner or family, you can use a U-shaped kitchen, for example. If you opt for a kitchenette or an L-shaped kitchen, you can add a kitchen island if there is enough space. This can then either be used as a worktop or as a dining table - or you can expand your ensemble with a kitchen counter. There is talk of a G-kitchen as soon as you connect several kitchen rows using such a counter. There is also the option of placing two kitchen units opposite each other in wider rooms. It is only important that you leave enough space in the center to be able to move freely. Make sure that you are not always alone in the kitchen and that you want to move past each other while cooking.

A comparison of fitted and modular kitchens





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Work space planned

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Space optimal

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Modular kitchen

Individual building blocks

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Rarely optimal use of space, can lead to wasted space

What materials are suitable for kitchens?

When it comes to the choice of materials in kitchens, you mainly differentiate between two areas: the fronts on one side, the worktops on the other side. Thanks to its versatility in shape and color, wood is particularly popular for fronts. Basically, it is compatible with any style. However, since the processing of wooden kitchens can be very different, you should only use high-quality wood. Fronts made of plastic and lacquer are also extremely popular. The basis is formed by plywood, chipboard or multiplex panels, which are covered with a top layer of matt or glossy lacquer. Robust melamine resin coatings or plastic films are also an option. The latter keep costs down. At the same time, you have to cut back on longevity. Lacquer and melamine promise more durability. If you want to base your kitchen on professional models, choose stainless steel. Since worktops are designed to withstand knives, dishwashing liquid and hot cookware, the material must be particularly resistant. It should defy scratches, acid and heat and at the same time be easy to clean. Other materials are natural stones such as granite, marble or slate.

Good to know: Wood is very maintenance-intensive, while stainless steel is easily scratched and quickly shows traces of grease and water. Natural stone does not defy acid quite as effectively. However, you can impregnate it.

Arbeitsplatte aus Granit
Arbeitsplatte aus Granit

Granite worktops give kitchens an elegant finish.

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Checklist: kitchen planning

  • Size: Measure how much space you have available. Since precision is the top priority, it's best to let the experts do it for you. In the end, your kitchen adapts optimally to the room.
  • Connections: In order to optimally plan the location of electrical appliances, dishwashers, etc., check where the connections are. In the building shell, think in advance where you want to place your kitchen appliances and install water and electrical connections accordingly.
  • Budget: The cost of kitchens varies significantly. Think about how much money you want to spend in advance and only then start looking for materials, furniture and equipment.
  • Storage space: take a look at your dishes and kitchen utensils. The more you have, the more storage space - that is, cupboards and drawers - you need.
  • Ergonomics: In order not to strain your back unnecessarily while snipping and cooking, plan your appliances, shelves and work surfaces at the right height for you. As a rule of thumb, worktops should reach 10 to 15 centimeters below the elbows. The hob may be a little lower, the sink should be higher.
  • Design: Your new kitchen should suit your taste. So think about which grip type you prefer - or whether you don't want one at all. Think about colors and materials and decide whether you prefer glossy or matt. In the end, a coherent overall picture should emerge.
  • Style: optically the most crucial question. The style characterizes your kitchen fundamentally and therefore needs to be chosen carefully. You can choose from a classic kitchen with subtle colors, some wood and stone, which is timeless, simple and functional. Country house kitchens are more rustic, but at the same time very cozy. You use bright, natural colors, lots of wood, ceramics and natural stone. Modern kitchens are built on glass, concrete, stainless steel, ceramic and plastic, are based on trend colors and often have an experimental effect. You can luxuriously furnish your kitchen in the style of a designer kitchen. Glass, natural stone, wood, concrete and stainless steel form the basis. You move in color in the elegant area. Means: black meets white and gray.
  • Electrical appliances: A central question in any type of kitchen planning: Do you prefer ceramic, induction or a gas stove? You also decide whether you want a dishwasher, whether a steam oven and microwave should also find space. With the stove, think about where to place it. Classic under the stove or practically at eye level? Don't forget the extractor hood and the fridge / freezer.
  • Lighting: In order to work properly at all times, you need efficient kitchen lighting. Above all, the work surface should be bright and not be interrupted by annoying shadows. Lights under the wall units help. Eat and relax in the kitchen, should you also provide cozy light.
  • Faucets: The cheapest are "normal" faucets that only give you warm or cold water. But especially for washing vegetables, you could benefit from shower fittings with a wide nozzle. There are also devices from which you can “tap” directly boiling water or filter the tap water.

Country-style kitchens are particularly cozy.

Photo: living4media / Harrison, Brian

The cost of kitchens in comparison

The cost of kitchens covers a wide price range. Variables such as materials, models, styles and electrical devices sometimes only cost 2, 000 euros, sometimes 20, 000 euros. On average, Germans spend around 7, 000 euros on their kitchens. The share of the individual components in the final price remains constant. The most expensive are the appliances, followed by kitchen furniture that offers storage space, while light and drawers are at the lower end of the "kitchen cost scale". If you want to save, the best thing to do is concentrate on electrical appliances and cupboards. Chipboard is cheaper than solid wood, work surfaces Plastic costs less than worktops made of granite.Laminated pressed material can be obtained, for example, from eight euros per meter, solid wood from 18 euros.The cost of natural stone such as granite, marble or slate amounts to at least 120 euros, acrylic stone to 200 euros, ceramics EUR 900. You can save up to EUR 700 on electrical appliances.

Current kitchen trends

  • Today, kitchens are being integrated into living space more and more frequently. Accordingly, many manufacturers have made the design of their kitchen furniture homely.
  • The stove is increasingly relying on induction surfaces. Manufacturers are also launching devices that prepare food more gently, such as ovens with a steam function.
  • Smart Home has found its way into the kitchen. So you can link your electrical devices, control them via a voice assistant, for example that of your smartphone. The smart kitchen also saves energy. Some devices can use self-generated solar power, hobs adapt their output to the extractor hood - and vice versa.
  • In terms of color, dusty colors currently dominate, i.e. matt, barely bright colors. Rose and dark tones such as black and gray are also popular with kitchens.
  • The own herb garden is more and more trendy. That is why some kitchens have small, integrated gardens where you can grow fresh basil, thyme or rosemary yourself. Special shelving systems and box elements make it possible.

Tips for buying a kitchen

Kitchens cost a lot of money and should therefore last as long as possible - and please. Therefore, get advice from a specialist and take the time to make your decision. Obtaining a second or third opinion can also be worthwhile. You only make your final choice when you are 100% certain and not when the supposedly limited special offer expires. Before you enter a store, you know best what your kitchen should basically look like in terms of work surface, ease of use, storage space and so on. And don't just look at the price of each device. Because often a slightly more expensive stove saves energy and you money in the long run. Devices with the energy efficiency class A + can, for example, reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent. Also check whether the assembly is included in the cost or whether you have to pay a surcharge. The offer should always represent the final price and should not have any hidden costs that later go beyond your financial scope. For everything, the longer the guarantee, the better.

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