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Find children's desk: tips for buying
Find children's desk: tips for buying

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Children's desk and chair must be well matched to the child's height. After all, students spend a lot of time there, should concentrate optimally and, of course, sit healthy. How to set up the ideal place for learning, crafting, drawing and doing homework in the nursery.

Many first graders not only get bags and satchels when they start school, but also desks and chairs. But which study furniture is right for your child? We want furniture to be functional, ergonomically correct, free of harmful substances, durable and also beautifully designed. Another characteristic is decisive for writing stations for schoolchildren: body length and proportions change, the chair and table should “grow with the child” - from handicraft to learning to computer. The GS mark for tested safety, the DIN ISO label and the "Blue Angel" environmental label show the way to quality products. The Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) e. V. helps to find back-friendly furniture. Most manufacturers offer different surfaces, colors, cover fabrics, decors. This calls for taste - that of the child. Important: Many tips are often indications, everything should be adapted to the needs of your child. Take your time at first and watch your child studying: when does it get fidgety and unfocused? What bothers? Is absolute silence or are background noises better for drumming? Is the desk on the wall correct or even better in the middle of the room?

Select children's desk

Perfect: The desk top can be adjusted in height and tilts (in whole or in part) for an optimal viewing angle and a relaxed position - ideally stepless: only gently inclined to write, somewhat oblique to read, rather steep to paint. The table should be at least 60 centimeters deep. Anyone working on a PC needs a depth of 80 centimeters and more. Is the child left and right handed? There are tables on the market that can be set up for both - sometimes with the adjustable writing surface on the right and the shelf on the left, sometimes the other way round.

Your child works at a desk, the top of which cannot be tilted? Build an attachment or have it made, attach it securely to your desk: orthopedic surgeons and ophthalmologists consider a 16-degree table slope to be healthy. The desk and chair are best adjusted so that the knees are 90 degrees or slightly more bent when the feet are straight on the floor. The angle between the torso and thigh should be greater than 90 degrees.

Kinderschreibtisch Jaro von Paidi
Kinderschreibtisch Jaro von Paidi

Orthopedists and ophthalmologists recommend a table inclination of 16 degrees. With the "Jaro" model, the inclination can be individually adjusted - up to 21 degrees. Depending on the equipment from about 500 euros from Paidi.

Photo: Paidi

A good desk can take a beating

The body has to be stable, children implement their ideas quickly: the desk is already a plane and friends fly with it. Take a close look at the inside: if the guide rails are not solid, the drawers get stuck easily. Depending on the temperament of the child, you choose the material of the table: soft woods such as pine are sensitive, hard woods such as beech can withstand more. Lacquered wood veneers and synthetic resin coatings are easy to care for. Do you live in an old building? Adjustable foot plates compensate for uneven floors.

Kinderschreibtisch Champion von Moll
Kinderschreibtisch Champion von Moll

When in doubt, the desk of the next generation has to endure something.

Photo: Moll

Flexible desks are ideal

Is the table expandable? Good: Additional elements such as PC holders, pull-outs or extensions make the desk (later) suitable for computers. Ask for a replacement guarantee. Drawers or (roll) containers store writing and drawing utensils, trough or stop bar collect pens, a hook holds the schoolbag. Accessories such as armrests and bookends also help with homework. Tables must be stable and must not tilt or even tilt when adjusting the height. Have the adjustment mechanism shown before you buy, as well as the snap-in of the adjustable table top. Is everything safe for children? Sure, even little ones try out how to do it beforehand. Rounded corners and protective edges are child-friendly.

Kinderschreibtisch mit Stuhl von Moizi
Kinderschreibtisch mit Stuhl von Moizi

The "Moizi 17" desk is height adjustable, can be tilted and can be expanded with a shelf, drawer and table top extension. The associated chair "Moizi 6" is also flexible and supports ergonomically correct sitting. Table from approx. 700 euros, chair from approx. 400 euros by Moizi.

Photo: AGR / moizi

The optimal desk color

A light and matt worktop makes work easier for the eyes, explains the German Furniture Association (DGM). Because shine and reflections strain the eyes. Strong contrasts are also problematic, for example with white paper on a colorful desk.

Kinderschreibtisch Champion von Moll in weiß
Kinderschreibtisch Champion von Moll in weiß

A light, matt desk surface is easy on the eyes.

Photo: Moll

The best location for the desk

Put the furniture in the best position right away: The desk is set up so that the child is neither sitting with his back to the door nor looking directly out of the window. Because both cause unrest. Move the table so that daylight falls on the worktop from the left, for left-handed people from the right. If there is little daylight or in the dark months, a desk lamp provides light. If the workplace is not in the children's room: Make sure that your child can study in a quiet place, especially where it is not distracted by the television. Are you setting up a computer workstation? The screen is positioned in such a way that the child does not have to twist his neck: the view goes straight ahead and downwards slightly, the upper edge of the monitor is approximately at neck level. The distance between the eyes and the screen should be at least 50 centimeters. Do not place the PC directly in front of the window and do not illuminate it from the front.

This is how we take measurements

The height and depth of the seat, the height and inclination of the table, the shape of the seat and the backrest all influence the child's posture. If it sits at a table that is too high or on a chair that is too high, it will soon lose its desire to do homework. Because those who have to stretch quickly cramp. To set the writing furniture precisely, you first take a yardstick - measure the child and sit on the chair: Now you can adjust the chair to the child, then the table to the seated child. Guidelines for table height, seat height and depth in relation to body size are specified in DIN / ISO standard 5970:

height Seat height Seat depth Table height
120 30th 29 52
135 34 33 58
150 38 36 64
165 42 38 70
180 46 49 76
Kinderschreibtisch von Team7
Kinderschreibtisch von Team7

The flexible wooden desk can be easily adjusted in height and inclination. “Lanoo” from Team7 in various sizes from approx. 600 euros.

Photo: Team7

The optimal sitting position

To ensure that your child sits optimally, you should note the following: The seat height corresponds to the child's knee height. When sitting, both feet are flat on the floor, the horizontal upper and vertical lower legs form an angle of 90 degrees or more. The table top is just below the elbow height, with the upper arms hanging loosely down. The angle between the upper and lower arms should be at least 90 degrees. The angle between the torso and thigh should be greater than 90 degrees. Don't forget: check furniture settings every 6 months, because children grow an average of 7 centimeters per year.

General tips for good learning

Sit correctly! Those who sit upright concentrate better. But there are also situations and children where timpani and learning work better relaxed in the armchair or on the sofa.
Bright lighting! It is better to learn in a bright room, preferably in daylight. With artificial lighting, the light should not be glaring, but soft.
Sounds! Total silence? Some children can concentrate better when soft music is playing in the background or chatting in the background. Why not put the children's desk in the kitchen while the parents are preparing dinner? Find out what works for your child.
Everything in motion! If the head smokes, often has to be moved differently, behavioral researchers have found: bobbing with the feet, turning in the chair, hands playing with a pen, paper clip or the Fidget Spinner. After about 20 minutes of concentrated work, you should take a break anyway.
Drinks and nibbles! An empty stomach doesn't like to study, it doesn't just say a proverb. Water, spritzer or tea as well as healthy nibbles promote learning pleasure.
Kind lernt am Schreibtisch
Kind lernt am Schreibtisch

It doesn't always have to be the classic office chair. With a standing support (model "Nilserik"; Ikea; 45 euros) the child sits upright and can move dynamically. Yes, tipping must also be allowed. Height-adjustable desk “Skarsta” from Ikea, 199 euros.

Photo: Inter IKEA Systems BV 2017

Choose the right chair for the children's desk

Sitting is static, good sitting is dynamic: Before buying a chair, the child should definitely sit as long as possible. It senses whether the backrest and seat are constructed in such a way that they follow the movements of the body. Body proportions do not correspond to any norm. That is why desk chairs with a wide range of adjustments are advisable: they adjust their seat height and depth to the owner, their backrest is adjustable in height. We also recommend a chair that encourages you to change your sitting posture frequently. If the seat is upholstered, the front edge should be rounded off comfortably. Ask whether the upholstery and cover are "breathable", ie whether they wick sweat away from the body. Of course, children do not only use their chairs to sit down, so cover fabrics made of easy-care and hard-wearing microfibers are suitable. Other plus points: when the chair turns and rolls. Some manufacturers offer chairs with hard castors for soft coverings or with soft castors for hard floors. A desk chair for schoolchildren must not be a lightweight that quickly loses its balance: test safety against tipping! The adjustment mechanisms should also be safe for children to use; let all functions be demonstrated.

Kinderschreibtisch: Stuhl von Team7
Kinderschreibtisch: Stuhl von Team7

The chair also grows with you: the "Lanoo" desk swivel chair from Team7 for 470 euros.

Photo: Team7

Tip: Always keep a rating

Does your child already have a chair that does not move? Ask them to change their seating positions often, every ten minutes in the event of complaints: this allows the back to recover and the concentration remains awake. What was previously forbidden is good for us: reading on the chair cross-legged or writing in the heel. Even lounging is allowed. For a change, paint on the floor or learn vocabulary while lying on your stomach. An ergonomic writing place and lots of movement guarantee that your child is not one of the "sit-downs". Put a jump rope in the children's room, clamp a horizontal bar in the door frame; screw a wall bar to the wall or a swing to the ceiling. The best ideas and thoughts often get moving. Otherwise the following applies: Send children outside in any weather, to play ball, run, climb …

Kinderschreibtisch: Stuhl von Aeris
Kinderschreibtisch: Stuhl von Aeris

The "Swoppster" is an active chair especially for children and with its special suspension offers freedom of movement on all sides. It is covered with breathable 3D fabric. For 260 euros from Aeris.

Photo: AGR / aeris

School headache? Wrong sitting

It's no wonder that every fifth elementary school pupil's back hurts and only every third child keeps his body healthy: school children sit nine to ten hours a day - in the bus or in the car, in the classroom, while eating, doing homework, in front of a PC and TV. The muscles contract, especially those in the neck and shoulders. This leads to further tension; Orthopedic surgeons blame long-term sitting for the often complained “school headache”. But with all complaints, there is good news: postural damage can be easily avoided. Those who move, relax and concentrate better. Dynamic sitting gets your thoughts going.

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