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Order in the children's room - clean up properly
Order in the children's room - clean up properly

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Most people want order in the nursery. But the reality is usually different - much to the displeasure of the parents. Instead of sinking into the chaos of toys every day, you should stay calm and buy clever furniture. We'll tell you what tricks you can use to get your child tidying up.

In order to properly tidy up in the children's room, you need a well-thought-out system of cupboards, shelves, chests of drawers and boxes. Flexible law enforcement officers are the key word here to involve children in cleaning up. Whether you prefer to screw shelves to the walls or place a large closet in the children's room depends on personal preferences. However, it is important in all cases that children can use the existing furniture without acrobatics. Toys and books should therefore always be placed within the children's reach. This way, the children can not only get hold of the toys easily, but can also put them back without help. Because hooks or shelves that are hung too high are mostly unreachable for the little ones and encourage toys to end up lying on the floor.

It is best to buy so-called system furniture that grows with the child and can be used multifunctionally. A bed can serve for several years, and the convertible desk also offers opportunities for change over time.


This adventure bed makes children's hearts beat faster. Play on the elevated level during the day and sleep underneath at night.

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Timeless products

The interests of children change over time. Whether books, barbies or rather excavators and cars. Hobby and passion for collecting demand additional shelf meters and additional cubic meters of storage space. It is particularly advantageous if suitable parts can be bought from a furniture range. Before buying, also check whether the selected children's furniture is suitable for moving - can it be easily dismantled and reassembled without losing stability? Design is just as important. Because if you decide on a durable, high-quality and therefore also expensive product, you should consider how long the pink or bright blue lacquer surface will please the child. Timeless colors such as white, gray, brown or beige are therefore much better for cupboards and shelves. Color accents can be set at any time by decorations, pictures and toys - they can be easily changed again and again.

Clear desk

The desk is one of the central places in the nursery and is usually used every day. In order for a child to enjoy working there, sufficient storage space for books, notebooks, pens and other utensils is required. However, make sure that the surface remains clear. Only the bare minimum should be available, otherwise the child will be distracted too quickly. So store textbooks in a closet next to the desk and put loose sheets in a letter tray so you don't lose anything. Organizers such as bookends and a hook that holds the satchel are also practical. Shafts integrated in the desk offer space for cables and protect PC workers from tangled cables and trip hazards.

Übersichtlicher Schreibtisch
Übersichtlicher Schreibtisch

A neat desk should have everything you need within reach, but at the same time it must not be overfilled with objects. So it is much better to keep documents within reach and only get them out when they are needed.

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Tested children's furniture

With children you can not play it safe enough. The children's room is a place for fun and games and a creative zone where the little ones can let off steam. The furniture in the children's room has to endure a lot. It is therefore important to only buy tested products that meet the strict legal requirements. Products with the RAL quality mark (golden "M") are built according to all safety, health and quality criteria. It is the only RAL quality mark officially recognized in Germany for furniture and is also valid throughout Europe as a strict proof of furniture quality.

How do you successfully clean up the nursery?

Get started together

If cleaning up becomes daily agony, you have to think about something else. Because constant admonitions and requests do not bring the child closer to cleaning up, but stir up the aversion. Even if you are a fanatic of order as a parent, give the child some time and try to take care of the whole thing together. Avoid laboriously clearing away what has been built and agree with the child which toy is not currently being used and can therefore be returned to its place. The smaller the toy, the easier it should be stowed away. Hordes of wooden animals and rubber knights are placed in stackable boxes or baskets where the child can quickly get back. Also try to label the boxes or drawers or stick them with pictures to give the child clues as to what belongs where. This creates structure and prevents different toys from being stuck together.

Gemeinsam aufräumen
Gemeinsam aufräumen

Tidying up together can even be fun by making it playful.

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Muck out regularly

On Christmas, Easter and, of course, on birthdays, the children always receive toys, cuddly toys and much more. Over time, a whole smorgasbord of things that often remain unused in the corner of the room accumulate. All these things not only take up an unbelievable amount of space, they also hinder the creative development of the child. If there is an oversupply of toys, the little ones tend to be distracted faster and never really get into the game. It is therefore all the more important to clear out regularly. Best with the children - even if this can take longer. The game “Asking parents, answering children”, for example, helps here: “Which things do you use most often and which rarely?” Clothing should also be sorted out regularly. What is too none unnecessarily takes up space. No matter whether you give away or sell the sorted items, other children are happy about it and you have gained more storage space.

Kinderzimmer ausmisten
Kinderzimmer ausmisten

Regular mucking out of the children's room is important. Only in this way can the children concentrate on the limited toys and deal intensively with them.

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Regular places for important toys

There are some things that the child always needs. So that you never have to search for it for a long time, school or other important objects should be given a regular place that is quickly accessible. If a thing is never where it belongs and it is in the whole apartment, it may not be due to the negligence of a particular family member. Rather, this object needs a new place - namely, where it is used.

Clean up playfully

Mobile storage space

Before going to bed, the children's room should be cleared of toys lying around. For example, buy rolling wooden boxes with a padded seat cover and collect the game material together with the child. The box then “parks” together with the load on the shelf. A less sophisticated, but cheaper alternative is clearing vehicles made of plastic, which are often found in the bathroom: Instead of shampoo, the trolleys load doll clothes and Lego blocks in their two to three floors.

Rescue game

A bed box can be storage space for cuddly toys, but it also offers an optimal basis for all games that have what it takes to be classified as a historic monument for a while: Your child can build a zoo landscape or a birthday table for the favorite doll on the box floor his works can be saved from the vacuum cleaner and easily unrolled from other troublemakers. Choose the bed box as large as possible, with a smooth bottom (especially with products made of rattan or wicker) and ideally on wheels. This makes moving easier.

Ground clearance

A children's hammock not only offers a lot of fun for the child, but can also be a good place to collect dolls and teddies at the time of cleaning up. The same applies to hanging shelves that display cars or books. If you want to make your children particularly happy, you can buy a few squares and boards at the hardware store and build a high seat with a railing. Finally, a ladder is screwed on (as for a bunk bed) or a climbing rope is hung up. Place more boxes up there and watch your child happily carry their toys upstairs - especially if a small pulley helps.

Do more yourself

Children appreciate things that their parents have made themselves or that they can even do together with their parents. For example, look for beautiful shells or stones as well as pieces of wood on vacation, pierce them and wrap them with a cord. Then you can screw them on the wall or door as clothes and bag hooks. Colors also help with tidying up and sorting: paint the drawer handles of the chest of drawers in different colors, for example, or, as already mentioned, stick the same toy containers with pictures that show the child what should be in it. Who knows how to sew can make a wall or door hanging with colorful pockets for all sorts of things. Sophisticated fabric storage is also available for purchase.

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