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Children's beds: where princess and knight say good night to each other
Children's beds: where princess and knight say good night to each other

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How to choose the right mattress and slatted frame is a must. Free-of-charge parents are beds that children dream of - here we show them and reveal how even normal bed frames become imaginative players.

Children like to play almost everywhere - in bed too, of course: if you are waiting for a prince, you will sleep in the royal room. Noble knights are crenellated behind their bed. The little African explorer is camping in the safari tent. And exhausted athletes roll into the soccer goal or simply stay in the racing car.

Sleeping Beauty tower room

“But now the hundred years had passed and the day had come when Sleeping Beauty should wake up again. When the king's son approached the thorn hedge, there were nothing but big, beautiful flowers… and finally he came to the tower and opened the door to the little room in which Sleeping Beauty slept.”What the Grimm brothers did not tell us: The crowned bed in which the princess was made of birch plywood (226 cm wide, 180 cm high, 105 cm deep) and was once delivered without a slatted frame and mattress, but with six flower tendrils made of fabric and a flower bag. Suitable for mattresses with the dimensions 90 x 200 cm (from Haba).

Heavenly peace

Many a royal child wished in vain for a ceremonial bed. But how amazed it will be at the grace of his usual bed when the parents have conjured up a little with fabric and color - wooden balls are enthroned on the bedposts, on the head of the bed is a golden carriage, which is painted on with the help of a stencil, and the whole bed is made covered with a rosy veil. It is easy to drape: Two bed-wide metal brackets are screwed to the wall above the head and foot sections or two wooden sticks are hung from the ceiling. The fabric can now float lengthways over the bed and falls to the floor on both sides. Crown, golden ball and what you need during the day are somewhere in the room - the frog can go to bed.

Burgtheater and Burgfrieden

Burgtheater and Burgfrieden

A little song (by Marianne Garff) tells of the big dream of many boys: "When I grow up, when I grow up, as big as the world, I become a knight, a knight and a hero!" Noble-hearted parents prepare the children's room Already befitting: Our great hero (on the right in the picture) is looking for protection in the tent made of midnight blue cotton (fabric circumference approx. 850 cm, height 220 cm). The little winner will celebrate his triumph behind the castle walls: they are made of cotton fabric with crenellations printed on them. The curtain is 160 cm wide, 120 cm high and can be attached to bunk, high and mid-high beds (all products, including flags, pennant garland, wooden sword, shield and helmet from If you like tinkering with your child, you will find nice tips for damsels and their protectors at simply enter "Knight" in the search mask.


Children like small caves in which they can fall asleep gently in the evening and find comfort or think of something during the day. Play tents made of semi-transparent fabric over the bed, beanbag and floor cushions are ideal for this. Do a fabric test first: the color of the fabric should give the translucent light an atmosphere in which your child feels comfortable. Before the tent is hung, you can decorate it: candidates for the throne crown it with pearls, scepters or lilies. Elf children love rose tendrils and butterflies. Dolphins accompany marine researchers to sleep. The motifs can be cut out of paper and cardboard, sewed from fabric, felted from wool or embroidered directly onto the tent. For a shiny appearance, small fairy lights with matching lampshades in the form of fairies, flowers, stars or animals are installed.

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