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Buying a cot guide: the most important tips
Buying a cot guide: the most important tips

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From the princess sky bed to the pirate bunk - you can buy children's beds in all types and for every need. Individuals can be stacked on top of each other and above corners, some have guest camps, others turn into a couch. It is important for the child that it has enough space. Therefore, regularly check whether the cot is still a good 20 centimeters longer than your child. Here is our guide to buying a cot:

Tips for safe children's bunk beds

Bunk beds and loft beds provide children with fun and two additional square meters of space to play. With DIN EN 747, the legislature does not want to harass the bed manufacturers, but to prevent children from injuring themselves when going to bed or getting up.

Specifically, this means that children sleeping at the top are protected by a fall protection that is at least 16 centimeters high, measured from their top edge to the top of the mattress. Another condition is a 30 to 40 centimeter wide ladder firmly attached to the cot, the step distance between which is between 20 and 30 centimeters and the step depth is at least nine centimeters. In addition, the clear distance between two bed bases must be at least 75 centimeters. If your children are not yet six years old = ", it is advisable not to let them sleep on the upper floor yet.

Etagenbett im Kinderzimmer
Etagenbett im Kinderzimmer

With the bunk bed for the children's room you should especially test the stability.

Photo: living4media / Christophe Madamour

Stability is an important criterion, especially if you should choose a loft or bunk bed. Before you buy it, shake the bed frame and let your child climb up. Stable furniture can also be recognized by the fact that it can stand freely in the room without being attached to the wall, i.e. it is designed to be absolutely tilt-proof. The golden "M" of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel eV also helps with the choice: where the label is, there is quality in it.

Buy a cot: the right mattress

Children and adolescents do not yet have a pronounced body focus and only need evenly supporting mattresses without special zones for the head, shoulders and pelvis - most of them sleep through a firm mattress without any problems. For children with back or weight problems, however, detailed individual advice is recommended. A good mattress provides optimal support, keeps you warm, is permeable to air, absorbs and passes on evaporation, is free of harmful substances and keeps its shape, makes no noise and is easy to care for. Whether you choose innerspring, foam, latex or any other mattress structure for your child's bed decides well-being, health and wallet. Some companies deliver mattresses to the house, where the child can try them out for free.


Princess on the pea: The body sinks so little on mattresses with high surface elasticity that it can easily stretch and stretch during sleep. On the other hand, the body sinks less on mattresses with high point elasticity and therefore has less reason to move during sleep.

Photo: fotolia / Alexandr Ermolaev

Mattress covers for allergy sufferers

If your child keeps waking up with a stuffy nose, they may be allergic to dust mites. If you can show a medical certificate, you may be reimbursed by the health insurance for the cost of a mite-tight mattress cover. You can also use other means to combat house dust mites, for example neem oil. In India, the Niembaum has been used as a “village pharmacy” for more than four millennia. Simply treat the cover with the oil and the mites lose their appetite for human dander. By the way, dust mites appear on all mattresses, it doesn't matter what material they are made of.

The right slatted frame for the cot

Babies and toddlers have a stable and less susceptible rounded back, and the typical double curvature of the spine only slowly develops from five years of age. Experts therefore recommend a firm sleeping pad and a solid slatted frame with rigid slats. When buying a cot, make sure that the slat distance is about five centimeters. If it is too big, the mattress will press; if it is too small, the moisture transport of the mattress is impeded. An ideal slatted frame takes up half of the base area with slats and leaves the other free for ventilation. Under no circumstances should the slatted frame lie on the floor or in a closed bed box.

Children's beds with guardian angels

People sleep more peacefully on a mattress made of strictly pollutant-controlled materials: the Environmental Label jury awards its Blue Angel for low-emission slatted frames as well as for mattresses that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and do not contain any pollutants. Among other things, carcinogenic, mutagenic and fruit-damaging substances are prohibited, as well as the use of insecticides, fungicides and flame retardants in the mattress material.

Cot mattresses made of latex

Thanks to their core of millions of microfine air cells, latex mattresses offer very good point-elastic support. If you choose a latex mattress, you have the choice between natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree and can cause allergies in some children. However, natural rubber transports moisture better and ventilates better. In addition, the skin does not come into contact with the mattress core.

Cold foam mattress for the cot

Cold foam has an irregular, coarse and open-celled pore structure and is therefore permeable to moisture. Cold foam is the most valuable material among synthetic foams. Compared to hot foams, it is not foamed with gases and at high temperatures, but with air and cold and is considered to be harmless to health. Cold foam also supports the body in a surface-elastic manner. When buying a child's bed mattress made of cold foam, it is important that the mattress has a density of more than 40 kilograms per cubic meter (RG 40). Products with up to RG 60 are available - the higher the number, the better the quality.

Cot with innerspring mattress

Spring mattresses are available in two versions - inexpensive and expensive. The cheaper models consist of a framework of metallic springs, which are encased in padding. These mattresses do not support punctually but over a large area and are rather something for children, since they promise more freedom of movement during sleep. The disadvantage of the inexpensive variant is the tendency to reverberate. More expensive representatives with pocket springs support more points than large areas - you sink in more and the body has less reason to move in your sleep. Here, every single feather is sewn into a fleece bag. However, both types are good moisture transporters.

Schlafendes Kind
Schlafendes Kind

Pillows and blankets warm and cool, absorb the moisture that is evaporated during sleep and release it to the outside.

Photo: iStock / SolStock

Duvet and pillows in children's beds

Every person releases up to half a liter of water as moisture every night and the bed absorbs it - mattress, pillow, duvet. If the bed refuses to accept, we start to sweat, cool, freeze and wake up. That's why you shouldn't always buy the cheapest when buying cot utensils. High quality mattresses and bedding are made in such a way that they keep the temperature in bed as constant as possible. Under a camel-hair blanket, your child won't feel that the temperature drops a bit over the course of the night.

Animal role models in bedding

Animals optimally adapt to cold and heat. Ducks and geese have thermal protection in the form of small air channels. Their feathers and down are hygroscopic, which means that they absorb moisture and wick it away. In the same way, they air condition our beds as a classic filling material. Support feathers and down make the bedding supple. Virgin wool, camel and goat hair warm in winter, cool in summer and can absorb water vapor very well. Sheep wool absorbs up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp and releases it to the outside air. Thanks to its self-cleaning power, wool can neutralize sweat. Camel hair feels fine, soft, smooth and is only surpassed by cashmere: the noble goat hair weighs almost nothing and costs a lot. No wonder: a merino sheep delivers up to ten kilograms of wool per year, a full-grown camel after all about five kilograms, whereas the annual yield of a cashmere goat is only about 50 grams.

Herbal filling materials for children's bed covers

High-quality duvets and pillows are of course also filled with cotton, soy and other vegetable fibers. Chemical fibers also insulate heat and make bedding light and supple. Your advantage: They are washable at 60 degrees Celsius, some even at 95 degrees Celsius. Some beds with natural filling can also be cleaned in the washing machine, but not at maximum temperatures.

Cot: change after a few years

It doesn't matter whether you cover your children with a boil-proof blanket, a light summer blanket or a warmer one for winter: the main thing is that they are often ventilated. After about eight years, you should say goodbye to feather and down comforters, and replace them with branded fibers after six to eight years. The effectiveness of wool also decreases over the years: how durable natural hair blankets are depends very much on quality and care. But even the best duvet should be replaced after 15 years at the latest. You lose your pillow after two to five years.

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