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9 tips for more child safety in the house
9 tips for more child safety in the house

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More child safety is required: Every year around 400, 000 children crash in their home environment. According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BauA), the most common accident site is the children's room. In this article, you will learn how to set up the house childproof.

Children crawl, run and climb! They rarely sense a danger. It is therefore important to furnish the house so that children cannot injure themselves. Stable, functional and tilt-proof furniture and lockable windows are important. Buy only tested and age-appropriate toys for the baby room and make sure that there are no small parts under the toys for small children. You should check electrical appliances and electronic toys regularly.

Tip 1: The right furniture in the children's room

All furniture must be stable and secure against tipping. For this, shelves and cupboards must be fixed to the wall. All children's furniture must comply with DIN standards. Pay attention here to markings, quality marks and manufacturer's instructions. Children like to climb shelves or the closet. Therefore, make sure that all heavy objects such as toy houses are at the bottom of the floor or do not even equip the children's room with furniture that can be climbed. In the rest of the house, you should pad all edges of furniture, here there are special edge protection accessories.

Tip 2: child safety and electricity

Equip all sockets in the house with child locks. All power lines must be installed out of the reach of the child. Therefore, lines should be under the plaster, and all supply lines to lamps and other devices should be fixed. Otherwise they quickly become pitfalls.

Tip 3: secure the window

Curious children's eyes like to look outside. Therefore, you should attach fuses to all windows. There are special latches or even lockable handles.

Tip 4: make the balcony childproof

To make a balcony child-proof, you should first attach safety grids. Furthermore, no climbing aids such as shelves or large flower pots should be available.

Tip 5: childproof bathroom

All fittings in the bathroom can be equipped with shock protection devices. If the children are still small, you should also equip the toilet lid with a child lock. Use only non-slip mats on the floor and in the bathtub. And never leave electrical devices lying around. Last but not least, never leave your child alone in the bathroom.

Tip 6: child safety in the kitchen

Extreme caution is required in the kitchen! Lock your children's safety away from all cleaning supplies. Even if most closures are childproof, especially small children like to put everything in their mouths. This can lead to severe poisoning and burns. All devices such as kettles or toasters should be placed so that no cables hang down. Sharp objects should be made inaccessible to children. There are child locks for drawers and cupboards. When cooking, you should make sure that the pan handles are turned towards the wall so that they cannot be torn off. Special stove guards provide additional protection against burns and are easy to attach. And if you want the contents of the refrigerator to be safe from the children: there are special refrigerator locks that do not cost much.

Beim Kochen sollten Pfannenstiele zur Wand gedreht werden
Beim Kochen sollten Pfannenstiele zur Wand gedreht werden

When cooking, pan handles should be turned towards the wall.

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Tip 7: make stairs childproof

To avoid heavy falls, you should attach a stair gate on the upper and lower floors. If you attach balusters, you must make sure that they are close together. Otherwise toddlers can get caught in their heads. As soon as the child can walk, anti-slip pads should be installed on the stairs.

Tip 8: Safe cot

When buying a cot, make sure that the child cannot fall out of bed at night. For this, wooden bars are attached to the side. In addition, the mattress should not be too soft. Remove all toys from the bed and make sure that the child cannot pull himself up out of bed. Once this is the case, the mattress needs to be lowered. Loft beds are only intended for children from around the age of six and should also be secured here. Do not hang a shelf over the cot. This also applies to the changing table.

Tip 9: make doors safe

Use door stops on all doors in the house, otherwise the child can get his fingers caught. Again, you should cushion sharp edges.

More tips to make the house childproof

1. Protective inserts in sockets

2. Door and window lock devices

3. Lockable drawers

4. Edge protection on furniture

5. Wooden grid in front of steep stairs

6. Fasten the tablecloths at the ends

7. Non-slip flooring

8. Do not leave any sharp, pointed or heavy objects, no long cords and cords lying around

9. Store snacks (peanuts), cherries etc. out of the reach of small children

10. Store cleaning agents, medicines, matches, lighters in lockable cupboards

11. Never leave plastic bags, matches, lighters or scissors lying around. Store such items in a wall cupboard where the child has no access.

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