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Design and furnish guest toilet
Design and furnish guest toilet

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A guest toilet is simply part of many households. If only because the guest toilet offers friends and acquaintances, but also the family, the opportunity to not always have to use the family bathroom. A guest toilet does not have to look like a desolate wet room. In a few simple steps, it becomes a small wellness temple - and guests really feel welcome!

The basis for the guest toilet

Gone are the days when white-tiled guest toilets simply served their purpose. Today the rule is: it should be cozy and modern. So how do you design the guest toilet? Regardless of whether the space you have available is small, small or slightly larger, the basic equipment of a guest toilet always consists of:

  • the toilet itself
  • a holder for the toilet brush and toilet paper
  • a trash can
  • a sink
  • a towel rail with a towel
  • a soap dispenser
  • a lamp
  • a mirror

The size of the individual parts and what else you put in the guest toilet depends on the size and nature of the room.

How big is the guest toilet?

Pull out the measuring tape and measure the space: how long, how wide and how high is the guest toilet? Are there any architectural features such as a round wall? Do you have a small "wall" that houses the toilet cistern, for example? Also pay attention to the position of the door and measure how far it opens.

Stick to your budget

Since a guest toilet is slightly smaller than the bathroom, a smaller budget is sufficient for renovation. Especially if you paint yourself and make one or the other decorative element yourself. If you are considering the idea of ​​having cables and pipes routed, you should get a quote from the experts - this work requires a slightly larger budget, but is usually cheaper than you think. With the quote in hand, you can still decide whether you really want to change the position of the toilet.

Should the money nevertheless become scarce - for example due to unforeseen work on the pipe system or a previously undetected water damage behind the tile mirror - first eliminate the extras from your list: Do you really need the super fluffy, matching towels in a pack of ten or is it enough? when you buy them next month?

What color can it be for the guest toilet?


It is not always true that small guest toilets look even smaller with a dark coat of paint.

Photo: living4media / Stuart Cox

Have you always wanted to paint a wall black and recently saw these totally extravagant gray tiles with a gold border? You can do whatever you want in the guest toilet. The belief that small rooms have to be white in order to appear larger is wrong: contrasts do him good, dark colors give the room something homely and light colors enliven your guest toilet.

There are only two rules that limit your imagination at this moment: the ceiling must be painted white. Otherwise it will literally hit them on the head. And the walls in the guest toilet should be in a uniform, maximum of two complementary colors. Keep in mind that the floor color must also match. And: paint the radiator in the color of the wall on which it hangs.

An example: Lay wood-colored laminate in the guest toilet, vertically away from the door towards the wall - this gives the room more depth. Tile the wall to which the sink will be attached and the wall behind the toilet with the same type of tile. Paint the other walls up to the ceiling in a color that matches the tile or can be found on the tiles.

Another example: Lay a dark floor and keep all walls in a uniform, light color. Or: make the walls dark, the floor just a shade or two lighter. The wow effect is guaranteed.

For the wash basin and the toilet bowl, something neutral is to be preferred in the guest toilet that blends harmoniously into the overall picture: beige, a lighter or darker shade of white, with a gloss or matt effect. Otherwise optical confusion can quickly prevail.

Choose the right hand wash basin


Guest toilets are usually smaller than the family toilet - and so is the sink.

Photo: living4media / Jalag / Angelika Lorenzen

If you have a hose-like old building guest toilet, the wash basin will automatically be one size smaller than in a square room - otherwise your guests may no longer be able to walk between the wash basin and the opposite wall. On the market for small washbasins for the guest toilet, there is almost nothing that does not exist: washbasins that are installed crossways and those for longitudinal use or a corner washbasin. The tap hole is on the left and right, overflow yes or no. Angular, square, round - with a visible pipe system or with a ceramic cover just above the floor.

The smallest wash basins start at a width of 35 centimeters, many are 40 centimeters. Practical for small guest toilets are washstands, i.e. washbasins that have a base cabinet from the manufacturer or washbasins that can be embedded in a piece of furniture. Another option is to attach a wooden board to the wall and put a small round or drop-shaped sink on it.

If you like it more unusual, or want to express a certain lifestyle, you can also have a sink made of pottery or made from wood. Then everything else in the guest toilet revolves around the unique washbasin and must be kept discreet.

A comfortable guest toilet


New tropical flair in the mini toilet.

Photo: living4media / House & Leisure

Whichever toilet shape you choose for your guest toilet, make sure that the dimensions are correct and they really fit where you want them. Very angular toilet models can be unsuitable for narrow spaces. The toilet can then appear visually trapped between the walls. Or it even takes up the space for a toilet paper holder.

In the case of a very small bathroom, it is advisable to mount a slightly narrower toilet on the wall and not to select a model that goes down to the floor. Your own height should also be an important criterion when it comes to the mounting height. Here it may be that the height of the toilet inlet and outlet pipes in older houses has to be adjusted so that the toilet can be installed higher for tall people.

In addition, the toilet and the sink should be from the same manufacturer, if possible, even from the same production line to avoid different colors of the material. Small differences are immediately noticeable, especially with white ceramics.

If you have decided on a slightly more unusual shape of the toilet lid, you should buy two. Who knows if the shape will still be around in a few years? In terms of color, it is advisable to attach a single-colored toilet lid that matches the toilet.

Would you like a shower?

From the guest toilet to the guest bathroom - with a shower you can upgrade, which will also benefit your family, because a second shower can effectively reduce morning stress. Guest toilets in old buildings usually do not have the prerequisites for installing a shower. With small guest toilets, the solution is often: no shower curtain, no shower cubicle. It is then showered in a mostly color-separated zone of the bathroom and the bathroom is also watered. Depending on the spatial conditions, help can create a simple glass wall that is attached to the floor. It then acts as a splash guard. Larger guest toilets that can take the installation of a small shower cubicle, approximately 60 cm x 70 cm with a corner entry, are perfectly suitable. Often, however, pipes still have to be moved and drains made new, it becomes more expensive and complex.

The right fittings for the guest toilet

Now to the fittings: the faucet and toilet flush should correspond to the style in your guest toilet and so you still have a few decisions to make - the most important are determined by the size and shape of the washbasin. For example, if you have a drop-shaped sink without a tap hole, you can mount a high faucet with an extended base and pillar valve directly on the wooden board - or tap and lever separately on the wall. If you have a small, classic sink, you will choose a small tap.

Whether you install a lever handle with mixer tap with one hand, or so-called two-handle mixers, ie the small round "flowers" to the left and right of the tap, depends a little on your taste and a little on the space. A lever handle, which you pull up towards the ceiling and which still leaves space for the soap dispenser next to the tap, fits better with a 35 cm wide washbasin than the tap, which separates hot and cold water on the left and right. The intermediate route has also been around for a few years: a lever with a mixer tap, which can be operated with one hand, is attached to one side of the tap. So it fits, especially in small guest toilets important to save space, maybe the soap on the other part of the sink.


The guest toilet is not so monotonous or overwhelming when color accents are set.

Photo: living4media / Great Stock!

On the other hand, if you want a faucet in a certain color, it is better to first look for the color and then see which types of this faucet are available with which levers. This also applies to flushing the toilet.

With little effort and relatively inexpensive, color accents can be set in the guest toilet by, for example, installing the tap, toilet flush, toilet lid, holder for the toilet brush and toilet paper in the same color in a completely white room.

The finishing touch in the guest toilet

The guest toilet is furnished, only the finishing touches are missing: transparent curtains or a privacy-creating adhesive film for the window, soap dispenser or soap dish and towels in a suitable, bright color, set nice accents for the eye. If there is no more space for a towel hook next to the sink, screw it down, for example, on the wooden board on which the sink stands. Or place an extra towel holder next to the sink - ladders or single, high chairs are popular. There are also several ways to store the toilet brush and toilet paper in a modern yet discreet way.

If you have space on the floor, put a small closet in the guest toilet and deposit hygiene articles and towels there. Otherwise, you are looking for ways to attach shelves to the wall and store everything, for example, in nice boxes or, if you like it rustic, in old wooden wine boxes or baskets.

You should hang an elongated and not a square mirror above the sink, especially in small rooms. It is advisable to place a lamp with a warm light next to or above it. Decorate the walls of the guest toilet: hang pictures in matching color frames or, especially in long hose rooms, stretch a line along the length of the wall and clip photos to it. And last but not least: how should your guest toilet smell? For forest or vanilla? For citrus? Use refillable glass flacons or candles as part of the decoration.

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