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11 furnishing tips for your bathroom
11 furnishing tips for your bathroom

Bathrooms in rental apartments are usually furnished in a standardized manner and therefore often do not have a cozy atmosphere. With our eleven furnishing tips, you can turn your bathroom with accessories and bathroom furniture into a mini wellness oasis!

1. Harmonious color concept

So that your senses can calm down, the color scheme in the bathroom should be harmoniously coordinated and there should be no colorful confusion. You can optimize your bathroom with colors such as beige, mud and mocha, because these create a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Green and blue tones are reminiscent of meadows, forests and the sea, yellow is like sunbathing for the soul. For the change, the entire bathroom does not have to be redesigned or repainted. Simply exchange individual elements such as carpets, floor mats, towels and decorative elements and thus easily set color accents in the bathroom. On the other hand, daring experiments such as the combination of complementary colors should be avoided. This does not have a relaxing effect on the mind.

2. Use natural materials

Natürliche Materialien im Badezimmer
Natürliche Materialien im Badezimmer

Natural materials such as wood provide a perfect contrast to cold tiles and sober ceramics.

Photo: car DIY furniture

With natural materials such as wood, stone, basket and linen, you can easily furnish your bathroom in an appealing way, because they provide a perfect contrast to cold tiles and sober ceramics. A bathroom cabinet made of oak, a woven laundry basket made of bast, natural sponges, a wooden ladder as a hanging element for towels or a stone soap dispenser make the bathroom immediately more comfortable. Our tip: A wooden bath bridge looks great and ensures that soap, your favorite book, red wine glass and care mask are immediately at hand when you relax in the bath.

3. Plants for a tropical feeling

Design your bathroom with plants! Green and colorful plants immediately provide a natural look and good air conditions everywhere - even in the bathroom. To keep them alive for a long time despite the high humidity, it is best to rely on tropical plants. They are used to the warm, humid bathroom climate. Ideal for the bathroom: lucky feather (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), single leaf (Spatiphyllum), orchid (Orchidaceae) - especially the Cattleya - and female hair fern (Adiantum). Holiday mood and relaxation quickly arise. If plant care is too tedious for you, you can of course use artificial flowers. Then make sure that they don't look too artificial and plastic.

4. Feel-good light in the bathroom

Ensure good lighting conditions in the bathroom. The wellness lighting in the bathroom should be warm and subdued. The easiest way to do this is with dimmable light sources that can be adapted to the respective use of the room. Pay attention to warm, yellowish light on the commercially available energy-saving lamps so that the bathroom does not become a "morgue". Even better: LED lamps or RGB-LED light strips. The latter is available in an infinite range of colors for individual lighting concepts: single or multi-colored, with or without a color gradient. This can be used to influence the mood in a targeted manner: while red is active and invigorating, blue ensures relaxation, calm and harmony. Only on the mirror should you continue to use lamps that illuminate well. However, these should be able to be switched on and off separately from the rest of the bathroom lighting.

5. A good shower head

Die Duschbrause im Badezimmer
Die Duschbrause im Badezimmer

With the right shower head, the morning shower becomes pure relaxation.

Photo: Catchpol & Rye / Simon Bevan

Nothing relaxes and brings new energy faster than hot or cold water that flows over you. The right shower head is the be-all and end-all. Simply replace the ollen standard shower head with a lavish rain shower (anyone can do that). You can get them in the hardware store for little money. Showers with different water jet settings and massage effects are more expensive and luxurious. The installation of rain shower fittings and body showers is more complex and, of course, more expensive. However, in the morning shower you feel like you are under a tropical rain on a luxury bath island. With this optimization measure for your bathroom, the in-house wellness oasis will soon be more than just a dream.

6. The bathroom library

A good book about the warm bath - great! Books can be arranged just as nicely in the bathroom as in the living room. Especially with coffee table books (or beautiful glossy magazines), placed on a ledge above the toilet or on the shelf next to cream pots and bottles, you can easily create a great feel-good atmosphere in your bathroom. Have you ever attached pictures or photos to the bathroom wall? No? Let's go!

7. Toiletries in the bathroom

Cosmetics such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in unsightly plastic plastic containers are not always a great sight. When you pour these liquids into pretty bottles and vials, it not only looks classy, ​​it also gives the wellness bathroom a very personal touch. Flea markets are often a great treasure trove for this. There you will also find old perfume bottles that, nicely arranged, enhance the ambience of the bathroom.

8. Protection against unwanted looks

If you don't have a clear view of great landscapes from your bathtub, you should protect yourself from unwanted (ins) glances. Blinds, roller blinds, roller blinds or pleated blinds provide a feeling of security and security in your own bathroom and let you forget the world around you for a moment. Pleated blinds are very suitable for bathrooms because they are easy to install and give a light, airy look. Thanks to the large selection, these can be coordinated in color and / or material with the rest of the furnishings and round off the design concept of your bathroom.

9. Towel feel-good factor

Handtuch über Holzstuhl
Handtuch über Holzstuhl

Invest in good towels! There is nothing more comfortable than being able to cuddle up in a thick, fluffy terry towel after the bath.

Photo: Himla

It is your own fault to save on towels. Is there anything better than being able to cuddle up in a thick, fluffy terry towel after a bath or shower? So get out with holey, frayed and not so fluffy specimens and invested in new ones! In addition, by purchasing a bathroom radiator that also functions as a towel dryer, you can immediately increase the feel-good effect in your bathroom. A metal frame in front of and / or above the normal bathroom radiator leads to a similar result.

10. Provide room fragrance

No, we don't mean the fragrance brand after going to the toilet. But essential oils, scented candles and diffusers, which are beneficial for the nose and mind. Which shape and which fragrance you ultimately choose is of course a matter of taste. Here are a few tips: Rosemary has a stimulating effect, verbena (verbena) absorbs bad smells and ensures freshness, lavender relieves restlessness and tension and has a balancing effect. Cinnamon also has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

11. The bathroom as a technology-free zone

However, optics are not everything. All measures for design and optimization will only transform your bathroom into an island of calm if you banish your smartphone and the other technological gimmicks, which are reminiscent of commitments, time pressure and leisure stress. The small radio or CD player can of course find its place in the bathroom.

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