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Sauna properly: The best tips
Sauna properly: The best tips

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Saunas and sweating can work wonders. The body relaxes and the immune system is strengthened. The over-motivated sauna visitor sometimes does not know how to behave properly and exaggerates with sauna sessions and infusions. So that something like this cannot happen to you, we have put together useful tips for you to take a sauna.

12 tips for the right sauna

1. Take about an hour and a half in the sauna.

2. Before you take a sauna, take a shower and dry yourself thoroughly - dry skin sweats better.

3. A warm foot bath in front of the cabin prepares the body for the warmth.

4. Place a large bath towel on the bench.

5. Warm air rises, it is hotter on the upper benches than on the lower ones. Newcomers to saunas should prefer the benches in the lower or middle row.

6. Lie on a sauna towel and relax for at least eight and at most twelve minutes. Leave the sauna earlier if you are not feeling well. To avoid dizziness, sit up vertically for the past two minutes.

7. For many saunas, an infusion is part of the program. After five to ten minutes of pre-sweating, the infusion (six to eight minutes) and a two-minute post-perspiration follow. Do not leave or enter the sauna during the infusion.

8. After leaving the sauna, go outside in the fresh air or outside the open window for about two minutes. Then take a cold shower (start at your feet) or dive into the plunge pool.

9. A warm foot bath is recommended after cooling.

10. Cover yourself on a lounger and rest for a quarter of an hour. Then go through the sauna ritual once or twice.

11. Only drink mineral and calcium-rich mineral water or diluted fruit juice after the last sauna session - at least one liter.

12. Pathogens and fungal spores multiply rapidly in a warm, humid climate and quickly penetrate softened skin and toenails. Sauna visitors should not breed infectious diseases; Disinfectants for external treatment protect the feet.

Gentle care protects the wood

Saunas purify the body: with sweat, it excretes fats, biocides, skin particles and metabolic products. Non-water-soluble parts settle on the wooden surface if you do not cover them with a towel. The pores of the wood clog and reduce the sorption and diffusion ability of the wood: the sauna climate deteriorates. Only with free pores does the wood remain climatically active in the long run - even oily infusion additives clog the wood pores. The sauna stays beautiful for a long time if you treat the cabin carefully, ventilate it thoroughly after use and cleaning, and check it regularly for damage.


The sauna shines longer if it is cleaned after each use.

Photo: Siemens & Co GmbH & Co. KG / Emser Therme

12 tips to make the sauna last a long time

1. Wash the sauna towels after each use, have extra sauna towels ready for guests.

2. Depending on how often you use the sauna, you should check door handles, catches and hinges at least once a week and check the cabin for loose screws. Lubricate door hinges regularly, oil door catches from time to time and readjust if necessary.

3. After each use, the floor is wiped - most of the dirt collects around the feet of the sauna benches, here you should clean especially carefully.

4th Do not spray wood inside or outside with a hose or pressure washer. It is sufficient to wipe normally soiled benches with a damp cloth. If you want to be particularly safe, disinfect the benches with a special cleaner from your sauna needs or three percent hydrogen peroxide.

5. Coarse dirt is sanded off with fine-grain sandpaper - wear a dust mask and open the window!

6. Remove limescale or water stains from the sauna heater with a brush.

7. Once or twice a year, the dust is sucked out of the grooves and niches in the wall structure.

8. Only clean the cold sauna - especially if you work with chlorine-containing agents. Wear gloves when cleaning and observe the safety regulations on the packaging.

9. Scrub the plastic grate on the floor of the sauna cabin with disinfectant after each use outside the sauna.

10. The stones on the stove become brittle over time. Reposition them at least once a year, remove dust and stone chips from the lower part of the sauna heater and replace damaged stones.

11. Do not hang sauna towels over the stove to dry - risk of fire!

12. Do not use conventional essential oils for the infusion - if the water has evaporated, there is a risk of flying sparks. Only special sauna infusions (sauna manufacturers, drugstore) guarantee harmless pleasure.

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