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Whirlpool: bathing pleasure for inside and outside
Whirlpool: bathing pleasure for inside and outside

Video: Whirlpool: bathing pleasure for inside and outside

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Basically, whirlpools have been around since ancient times. The Romans and Greeks bathed in natural hot water sources, took medicinal baths and used hot steam for therapeutic purposes. Interest in the bubbly pleasure reawakened in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century when the first swimming pools appeared in the front gardens in Hollywood. The whirlpool has only really enjoyed popularity since the 1950s, when the Italian Jacuzzi brothers began selling their whirlpool to private individuals.

No matter if whirlpool, jacuzzi or hot tub: relaxing in the water is more relaxing than a normal bath in the tub. Millions of air and water vortices flow around the body, relax the muscles in pleasant warmth, improve the blood flow to the tissues and even relieve pain.

Some whirlpools can do even more: the jets can be aligned and controlled so that individual parts of the body can be treated in a targeted manner. The effect is that of a reflexology massage that not only relaxes muscles, but also vegetatively.

The swirls in the bathtub are created in different ways. In the air system, a blower presses warm air into the water via flat floor jets and creates fine bubbles that gently caress the body. In the jet system, an electric pump sucks in water and presses it through the side jets as a powerful massage jet. The massage nozzles on the feet and back are particularly important - they in turn work on the two halves of the body, but must not aim at the spine. The air jet system combines both methods. All functions are controlled via a terminal on the tub edge.

Not only the number and arrangement of the nozzles are decisive for relaxation and well-being, but also the tub itself. It should consist of cast sanitary acrylic that feels warm and is so fine-pored that even the finest dirt particles are easily wiped away when cleaning. A good whirlpool is shaped according to ergonomic and physiological aspects, so that you can lie comfortably in it or sit with your shoulders always under water. Because cold shoulders negate the beneficial massage effect. The manufacturers of high-quality whirlpools offer additional refinements such as underwater spotlights with changing colors, which should have a positive influence on the mood; rotating nozzles that stimulate the circulation or a water heater that enables a constant bathing temperature.

Security through test stamps

Despite the diversity of the systems on offer, there is one common “must”: the nozzles must be technically mature, ergonomically arranged and as corrosion-free as possible. Since there is also a lot of electronics involved in a whirlpool, there can be no safety compromises. Therefore, only buy products with a corresponding test stamp or certificate, such as the RAL quality mark or the TÜV mark. The hygienic features of the whirlpool are just as important.

Outdoor whirlpool in the garden

If there is not enough space in the house, you can install a weatherproof pool in your garden or on the terrace. A heater ensures that the water temperature remains constant at the programmed level. Polyurethane insulation in the floor and wall and an insulating cover keep the heat in the water. An extra water connection is unnecessary: ​​hose in and water on. Drain the used water through the drain pipe and either drain it into the waste water with a garden hose or water your garden with the soap-free water. If necessary, a pump heats up the spa.


If you don't have space for a pool in the house, you don't have to do without a pool entirely - just place the whirlpool on the terrace or in the garden.

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Although whirlpool is an English word, hot tubs in English-speaking countries are more commonly called hot tubs, jacuzzis, or spas.

A jacuzzi is nothing more than a whirlpool, or the pioneer of today's whirlpool. The difference is in the name: The Jacuzzi pump manufacturer family developed a whirlpool in the United States - at that time still a portable underwater massage pump - for hospitals and fitness studios and patented it under the name Jacuzzi. Other whirlpool manufacturers failed to make a name for themselves, and so the jacuzzi established itself in English.

Hot tub

The first versions of a hot tub were a wooden barrel or a wooden tub, in which water is heated by a wood heater. In terms of bubbling experience, however, they are in no way inferior to the somewhat larger whirlpools - unfortunately in terms of hygiene, because wood offers more space for bacteria than acrylic. We made the first hot tubs from old wine barrels, or you simply sawed through an old barrel in the middle and filled it with water.

Purchase and operation: What does a whirlpool cost?

Clearly: a whirlpool is more than a bathtub, and for this reason you have to expect correspondingly higher costs. Depending on the model and equipment, the prices for whirlpools vary widely.

Entry-level models start at around 800 euros. This is usually a so-called whirlpool with basic functions. A corner bathtub with whirlpool function can also be an inexpensive option. If it should be a little more comfortable and luxurious, you have to calculate with costs from 3000 euros. The upper limits are open, a great spa whirlpool can also cost up to tens of thousands of euros.

The costs of operation are also not to be underestimated, because in the whirlpool, depending on the version, electricity and water treatment play a role in addition to the water. Resource consumption is also a factor to be considered for ecologically minded people.

A spa whirlpool can have a volume of up to 1500 liters, so the water costs are initially high. However, many whirlpools are not refilled for every bathroom, but work with continuous water treatment. There is also heating, because the manufacturers recommend the permanent operation of the electronics. As a result, the consequential costs of electricity consumption are an important factor in whirlpool costs. Set up a calculation together with a specialist dealer to better estimate the costs!

Tips for buying a hot tub

Whether indoor or outdoor: when buying a whirlpool, jacuzzi or hot tub, pay attention to:

  • Complete pre-assembly in the factory
  • Ergonomically shaped tub made of cast sanitary acrylic (try it out!)
  • Easy maintenance or repair thanks to removable bath aprons
  • Tested safety in materials, function and electrics
  • Drain and overflow set with complete drainage of residual water
  • Standard disinfection system
  • At least ten years replacement guarantee for spare parts
  • Five-year guarantee when installed by a craftsman

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