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Electric shutters: How to install a roller shutter motor
Electric shutters: How to install a roller shutter motor

Video: Electric shutters: How to install a roller shutter motor

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Video: Shutter motor Installation - using FAAC T-Mode Motors - Retrofit manual shutter with tubular motor 2023, February

How to install electric shutters? Actually very easy, and in just a few steps - depending on the system. This not only saves money, but also muscle strength in the long run.

A roller shutter without an electric drive can often only be pulled up and closed with difficulty. It is easier with an electric drive that is operated at the push of a button. This not only brings more comfort, but can also save energy and money at best using time control. There are two different options for the electric drive: the electric belt winder drive or the plug-in drive. You can get the first overview with the following table:

Belt winder drive

Insert drive

Simple surface or flush mounting

Installed in the roller shutter box

Control via buttons on the device, timer, radio

Control by switch, timer, radio

Louder than plug-in drive

Very quiet

Long life span

Higher burglary protection

Electrically operated belt winder

An electrically operated belt winder has a built-in motor that rolls up the existing belt. Only one button has to be pressed to open and close the roller shutter. Depending on the model, a timer can also be integrated so that the roller shutter opens and closes at certain times. Particularly good devices even have a radio receiver and enable control by radio remote control.

Select an electrically operated belt winder

Before you start retrofitting, you should first calculate the pulling force. Because the larger and heavier the roller shutter, the higher the force that the electric belt drive has to cope with.

To calculate the pulling force, simply multiply the size of the roller shutter (width x height) by the material of the roller shutter. Basically you can expect around 5 kg / m² for a roller shutter made of plastic. A guideline value of 7 kg / m² applies to aluminum shutters and approximately 11 kg / m² for wooden shutters.

Example calculation: The roller shutter has a width of 2.80 meters, a length of 1.90 meters and is made of plastic.

So you calculate the pulling force as follows: 2.80 mx 1.90 mx 5kg = 26.6 kg

So you need an electric belt winder with a pulling force of at least 26.6 kg. You can usually find this information in the description of the provider

Connect the electrical belt winder

To connect the belt winder, you should make sure that there is a socket nearby. Check in advance whether there is 230 volts and make sure that there are no cables in the wall that can be accidentally drilled. In general, it is advisable to have this work carried out by a specialist.

Now grab an installation cable NYM-J 3 x 1.5 and lay it away from the socket to the belt winder. Tip: This project is best suited as part of a renovation, because then you can lay the supply line under plaster and then repaint the walls. Otherwise, you can also pull a surface-mounted duct measuring 15 x 15 millimeters.

It is very important to make the connection only when the power is off.

Note the following:

  • Green and yellow wire: protective conductor
  • Blue wire: neutral conductor
  • Black / brown wire: Live conductor

First the protective conductor (green-yellow) is connected to the protective conductor terminal. Then the blue wire is clamped on terminal "N". Finally, the black / brown wire is clamped on terminal "L".

Electric belt winder: install step by step

Gurtwickler ausbauen
Gurtwickler ausbauen

Remove the belt winder.

Photo: somfy

Step 1

Lower the roller shutter completely. Then remove the cover and remove the belt winder. Carefully relax the spring by hand and unscrew the belt from the belt winder.

Neuen Gurtwickler einbauen
Neuen Gurtwickler einbauen

Install the new belt winder.

Photo: somfy

2nd step

Now you can install the new electric belt winder (here Easylift from Somfy). To do this, release the housing shell by simultaneously pressing the side buttons down.

Den Gurtwickler festschrauben
Den Gurtwickler festschrauben

Screw the belt winder tight.

Photo: somfy

3rd step

Now push the belt winder into the wall pocket and screw it tight.

Den Akku ins Gehäuse schnallen
Den Akku ins Gehäuse schnallen

Strap the battery into the case and charge it.

Photo: somfy

4th step

The battery is strapped into the housing with a rubber strap. To charge it, push the device plug into the socket (230 volt) and wait until the battery is full.

Gehäuseschale aufsetzen
Gehäuseschale aufsetzen

Put the shell back on and shorten the end of the belt.

Photo: somfy

5th step

Now put on the housing shell.

Kürzen Sie das Gurtende
Kürzen Sie das Gurtende

Shorten the end of the belt.

Photo: somfy

6th step

Shorten the hanging belt end exactly half a meter above the upper edge of the belt winder.

Ecken abschrägen
Ecken abschrägen

Clip the sheet onto the belt and bevel the corners.

Photo: somfy

7th step

Clip the sheet onto the belt and bevel the corners.

Gurtende markieren
Gurtende markieren

Now mark 18.5 centimeters from the end of the belt.

Photo: somfy

8th step

Now mark 18.5 centimeters from the end of the belt.

Gurt einschieben
Gurt einschieben

Push the belt into the housing up to the mark.

Photo: somfy

Step 9

And finally push the belt into the housing up to the mark - it tightens itself.

Cost of electric belt winder

Electric belt winder with sensors

Around 70-135 euros

extension cable

Around 20-30 euros

Channel 15 x 15 millimeters

Around 10 euros

Other Material

Around 30 euros

Working time skilled worker (depending on the effort)

Around 100 euros

Roller shutter motor in the roller shutter box (plug-in drive)

The second option for electrically upgrading a roller shutter is a tubular motor. This is installed in the shaft in the roller shutter box. Roller shutter motors have the advantage of being particularly durable. They can also be equipped with timers and even integrated into a smart home system. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can even mount a motor with stall detection. This protects the roller shutter from damage or obstacles.

With plug-in drives, a distinction must be made between motors with electromechanical and electronic limit switches.

Good to know: The limit switch determines when the motor stops the roller shutter when opening and closing.

Electromechanical limit switch

Motors with an electromechanical limit switch have a particularly long service life. You can set the end points manually on the motor head. Depending on how much the temperatures change from season to season, you have to readjust occasionally.

Electronic limit switch

With this type, the end points are set automatically. Either using a setting cable or a setting button on the motor head. The advantage: If you want to change something at the end points later, you do not have to open the roller shutter box. It is also possible to operate two or more drives using a switch or a timer when the windows are next to each other.

Select the roller shutter motor

First measure the diameter of the roller shutter shaft to select the correct tubular motor.

Afterwards, it is also important in this case to determine the pulling force of the roller shutter. Simply use the formula described above and choose a tubular motor that has at least the calculated tensile force.

Installation of the electric tubular motor

In order to be able to install a tubular motor, a minimum width of the roller shutter box is required. This width depends on the space that must be available to the tubular motor in the roller shutter shaft.

The drive head of the motor can be installed on the left as well as on the right side. In this guide we chose the right side.

Assemble the bearing

The bearings must first be assembled. To do this, determine the position of the drive and counter bearing in the roller shutter box. Wind the roller shutter cover on the winding shaft and measure the diameter.

Watch out! If the roller shutter is installed, it must run vertically into the guide rail during winding.

When mounting the drive bearing, you should make sure that the set button is easily accessible and that the motor cable can be laid without kinks.

Determine the length of the winding shaft

First measure the wall distance from the drive bearing (B) and counter bearing (C), then measure the roller shutter box (A) and determine the required wavelength by adding B and C and then subtracting from A: L = A - (B + C).

Push the tubular motor into the winding shaft

If you push the tubular motor into the winding shaft, you have to be very careful. First push the driver into the winding shaft. You can then press the winding shaft fully onto the adapter.

Insert the roller capsule

Push the roller capsule into the winding shaft and then put the ball bearing on the axle pin.

Installation of the engine in the bearings

On the side of the drive bearing, hang the drive head in the drive bearing and secure it with a split pin. Make sure that the set button is easily accessible.

On the side of the counter bearing, insert the other end of the winding shaft with the ball bearing into the counter bearing. Then secure the drive bearing with a second split pin.

Tip: If the dimensions are inaccurate, you can push the roller capsule in or out a little. However, it must always be at least two thirds of its length in the winding shaft.

Finally, secure the roller capsule with a screw.

Assembly of the roller shutter curtain

Now you should mount the roller shutter curtain on the winding shaft with fastening springs. To do this, slide the fastening springs onto the top lamella of the roller shutter curtain and insert a fastening spring into the rectangular holes in the winding shaft every 40 centimeters.

Good to know: These springs are absolutely necessary for motors that have a safety shutdown. Otherwise the safety shutdown may not work correctly.

Electrical connection of the tubular motor

The electrical connection should definitely be done by a specialist. In addition, work on the electrical system may only be carried out in a de-energized state.

Color scale of the motor cable

Blue: neutral conductor

Black: direction of rotation 1

Gray: direction of rotation 2

Brown: set line

Green / yellow: ground

Cost of a tubular motor

Tubular motor including accessories

Around 270 euros

Costs for the electrician

Around 150 euros

Installation of the new roller shutter

Around 250 euros

total cost

Around 670 euros

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