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Laminate: errors and prejudices
Laminate: errors and prejudices
Video: Laminate: errors and prejudices
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Laminate still has to deal with many prejudices: no wood? Cold? According to? Sensitive to moisture? Irreparable? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Laminate as a floor covering does not have worse, but simply different properties than parquet. It can make more sense in many areas than the pure wooden plank.

Fallacy 1: Laminate is not made of wood

Mistake! Laminate floors can consist of more than 90 percent wood - because most contain a middle layer of pressed wood material: softer MDF or harder HDF boards with tongue and groove. A decorative layer is pressed onto these panels, which determines the appearance of the floor, and an abrasion-resistant wear layer made of melamine or acrylic resin.

Error 2: Laminate is always cold

That's not true. There is now warm laminate flooring - a revolution that eliminates one of the weaknesses of laminate flooring. Conventional laminate conducts heat much better than wood. That is why it fits well with underfloor heating. If this does not happen, the laminate is also cold. For some time now, manufacturers have been using the latest nano-technology for certain products: Electron beam-pressed laminates (EPL) look particularly similar to wooden floors, do not charge themselves electrostatically - and feel warm to the feet.

Fallacy 3: Laminate is loud

Some laminate floors are really quiet: Many manufacturers have reduced the footfall sound by up to 50 percent, at least for their upper price range. Among other things, they achieve this with special thermoplastic layers that convert part of the sound energy into thermal energy and thus filter out more than 10 dB (i.e. more than half). Additional impact sound pads are then usually no longer necessary.

Error 4: Laminate has to be glued

Clever snap-in systems allow you to easily lay laminate using click connections. It is only appropriate to glue panels for exceptional loads. Another advantage of the modern process is that the clicked panels can be removed and relocated. Tenants or builders benefit from this when they move. The disadvantage: from time to time floating laminate floors are sensitive to moisture. Because glue also protects against moisture and prevents a panel from swelling and the floor from curling - "bowls" in technical terms.

Error 5: Laminate is sensitive to moisture

Manufacturers are now remedying this weakness by impregnating tongue and groove. When cleaning laminate, floors treated in this way can be wiped wet and not just damp. Some laminates are even good for the bathroom! The trick: Instead of a wooden HDM board, a plastic carrier is installed. Plastic is guaranteed not to swell.

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