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Table decoration: lightness in orange and pink
Table decoration: lightness in orange and pink

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You can sew the charming table textiles yourself - from the valance blanket to the pompom pillow to the serviettes. The colors orange and pink also bring your home to life.

You need this for the tablecloth with valance

Working material from Gütermann creativ

  • Color-coordinated, moreover
  • 1 m cotton fabric flowers (Tilda)
  • 1 m cotton ornament (Tilda)
  • 4 m pom pom ribbon in mustard yellow

How to do it

1. Fabric cut including 1 cm seam allowance: 97 x 97 cm cotton fabric flowers (round off all 4 corners of the middle part), 0.25 x 5.60 m cotton fabric ornament (put the valance strips together to the desired length). Iron the valance stripes halfway down left to left.

2. Place short edges right to right one above the other, sew together with 1 cm to form a ring, iron seam allowances apart. Place the ruffles on half again and curl them onto the ceiling. To do this, stitch along the cut edge of the double-layered valance with a stitch length of 5 mm, two feet wide at a distance of 2-3 mm without locking.

3. Curl the ruffles to the desired size, distribute the folds evenly, pin them all around on the right and right of the middle of the ceiling and stitch with 1 cm. Neat seam allowances together, iron out the seam edge.

4. Tip: When crimping, push the folds closer together at the corners. Place the pompom tape on the middle of the ceiling from the right along the shoulder seam.

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