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DIY instructions: lanterns with forest animals
DIY instructions: lanterns with forest animals

Video: DIY instructions: lanterns with forest animals

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Forest model| Jungle scene| Animal world project| School Craft| 2023, February

Not all cats are gray at night. The inhabitants of the forest also lose color and show up in black. But candles in the folded paper lanterns make the animals glow.

We need:

  • Forest animals stamp, black ink pad
  • white paper, firm transparent paper DIN A 4, schematic drawing
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler
  • Tealight including matching glass (never use the tealight solo because of the risk of fire!)
  • tesa® double-sided adhesive tape, tesafilm®
Windlichter bastel: Das brauchen Sie
Windlichter bastel: Das brauchen Sie

Craft tealights: You need that

Photo: tesa SE

How to do it:

Step 1:

Stamp the animals on paper and enlarge them on the copier, placing them so that the motif is centered and 5 cm from the lower edge. Then copy the finished motif onto the tracing paper. Now place the tracing paper on the schematic drawing and transfer the lines in pencil. The lanterns can be varied slightly in height, but only extend the side edges and adjust the diagonals accordingly in the schematic drawing.

Schablone für Windlichter
Schablone für Windlichter

Template - please click here to enlarge.

Photo: tesa

2. Cut out the wind light on the outer edges.

3. All lines are folded from one side. To do this, lay the paper face down and fold all the longitudinal lines inwards.

4. Now fold the bottom edges of the bottom inwards.


Photo: tesa SE

5. Now fold the diagonals inwards: First the four diagonals in one direction, … then fold the four diagonals in the other direction

6. Stick tesa® double-sided adhesive tape onto the flap from the outside and cut it off.

7. Remove the protective film, glue the side parts together, fold the base and fix it with adhesive tape.

8. Finally, carefully press the four vertical edges inwards.

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