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Improve your pension with care benefits
Improve your pension with care benefits

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Anyone caring for a relative can be rewarded with higher pension payments - this also applies to retirees. Find out more here.

More than two million people in need of care in Germany are cared for at home. Relatives who provide care services free of charge should not experience any disadvantages in their own retirement provision - even if they have to cut back on their jobs. Therefore, in certain circumstances the long-term care fund pays pension insurance contributions for the helpers.

By the way: If the case of care occurs unexpectedly, working relatives who stand in for care are entitled to a short-term leave of absence for up to ten working days in accordance with the Care Time Act. Depending on the size of the company, they can also take time off from work for up to six months. During this time, they are covered by social security, but receive no salary.

Even retirees who regularly care for a person in need of care can use it to increase their pension payments. This is made possible by the new Flexi pension, which allows retirees to continue working to a certain extent and to pay into the pension insurance scheme.

Requirements for the extra pension

One year of care provides between 5.57 and 30.90 euros extra pension per month. To do this, certain conditions must be met. An overview:

  • It is sufficient if the care is provided for at least two months in the calendar year. During this time, the helper must look after the patient at least ten hours a week.
  • The amount of the additional benefits depends, among other things, on the level of care of the person receiving care. The supervised person must have at least care level 2.
  • It is also decisive to what extent the patient already receives benefits from the state.

Information and contact person

The extra pension is available on request from the care fund of the person in need of care. Information can also be obtained from the German Pension Insurance.

  • Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, free service phone 0800 1000 480 70
  • Association of German Aid for the Elderly and Disabled,
  • Independent patient consultation in Germany, free consultation 0800/0 11 77 22

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