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Repairing roller shutters: tips for DIY enthusiasts
Repairing roller shutters: tips for DIY enthusiasts

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The roller shutter can no longer be closed? Is it totally crooked? Or is a slat missing? No panic. Repairing a roller shutter is not that difficult. With our tips you can fix these problems in no time.

Table of contents Table of contents Repair roller shutters: How to do it yourself

  • Why does the roller shutter no longer work?
  • Open the roller shutter box before repairing
  • Repair roller shutters: replace slats
  • Repair roller shutter: The belt is not running smoothly

Table of contents Table of contents Repair roller shutters: How to do it yourself

  • Why does the roller shutter no longer work?
  • Open the roller shutter box before repairing
  • Repair roller shutters: replace slats
  • Repair roller shutter: The belt is not running smoothly

If you notice that something is wrong with the roller shutter, you should repair it as soon as possible and not put the work on the back burner. Because the problem may get worse if you wait, for example if it is very windy during this time. Instead of being able to repair the damage yourself in just a few simple steps, you then have to hire professionals, which is more expensive. However, if you have a broken front roller shutter, it would be beneficial to your wellbeing from the start if you called a craftsman. Standing on the windowsill as a layperson and repairing a roller shutter from the outside, possibly even on the third floor - this can have serious consequences.

Why does the roller shutter no longer work?

Before you can repair the roller shutter, you need to determine exactly what the problem is and what damage you have to fix. Some defects are obvious, others are only visible at second glance. The options are:

  • Animals in the roller shutter box
  • the roller shutter shaft is broken (the part on which the roller shutter rolls up in the box)
  • the roller shutter is no longer attached to the shaft
  • the roller shutter is unhooked
  • the warehouse is dirty or blocked
  • a slat has shifted
  • a slat is broken or even torn off
  • the roller shutter belt has jumped off the roll
  • the belt is broken
  • the belt winder is defective and no longer pulls the belt in
Rollladen reparieren selbermachen
Rollladen reparieren selbermachen

A specialist is not necessarily required to repair roller shutters. You can also lend a hand.

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Open the roller shutter box before repairing

If it is not a broken slat or a broken belt, you must open the roller shutter box to investigate the cause and solve the problem. You should be careful here, because animals could also live in it.

To open the shutter box you need

  • Head / stool
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver in the right size and type
  • Bowl or small tub
  • flashlight
  • fly swatter
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Rag
  • Grease or spray
  • possibly insulation material (if not yet insulated)
  • Paint and / or filler to repair any damage

Carefully unscrew the screws from the roller shutter flap and hold the cover firmly. It can be heavier than you might think at first glance. Place the cover flat on the floor. Behind it, i.e. in the roller shutter box itself, there should be insulation material. If this is not the case, you should start this work as soon as possible, because the roller shutter boxes not only lose warm air in winter, but they also get into your apartment in summer. Take out the insulation material and place it in the bowl or tub. Look out for spiders, beetles or other small animals that might be hidden in the insulation material and if in doubt, prefer to put the tub on the balcony. Now you should have a good look into the roller shutter box and could vacuum it out with a vacuum cleaner or wipe it off with a rag. You also clean the bearings at the same time.

In the event that you see a still inhabited wasp nest or hornet nest, screw the flap back in front of the roller shutter box as soon as possible and call the nature conservation authority or the local beekeepers' association. The fire department may also remove wasp nests. Hornet nests must not be destroyed. That could cost you up to 50, 000 euros. No matter which guests populate your roller shutter box - if in doubt, you have to live with them for a summer and then remove the empty nests from the roller shutter box in winter.

Then you should also think about mending the roller shutter box, closing gaps and cracks - so that you do not get another animal visit. And if you already have the roller shutter box open, you could also service the warehouse right away. In this case means: treat with grease or WD-40 spray. Then fill in the insulation material again and close the roller shutter box. Repair and rub over any damage that you have caused when screwing on or screwing on.

Repair roller shutters: replace slats

Individual slats can be easily replaced. These are the elongated parts from which the roller shutter is made. If several are broken, it could be easier to replace the entire tank, i.e. everything that is lowered in front of the window and darkens it. Therefore, check on the left and right on the sides whether all the slats are still in order. Hail damage in the middle of the slat does not have to be repaired immediately - often the material has just flaked off. If the hail has shot a hole in the slat, it should of course be replaced immediately.

Measure how long and wide the slat of your roller shutter is and get the right model for your roller shutter made of PVC, wood, aluminum or steel on the Internet, directly from the manufacturer or in the hardware store.

When the roller shutter box is screwed on and the insulation material is removed, pull the part of the roller shutter curtain with the broken lamella towards you, in the direction of the room, over the roller shutter shaft and slide the lamella out of the armor to the side. If the slat has already broken into two or more parts, you have to push the parts out individually. And: It can be helpful to push up the roller shutter curtain from the outside while it is being pulled inwards. So you may need an assistant.

Then, if necessary, saw the new slat to the correct size and grind off rough edges. The slat is inserted from the side, clicked in at the top and bottom between the other slats.

If the damaged slat is in the lower part of the tank, you may not even have to open the roller shutter box to replace it. If you live on the ground floor, it can be an alternative to repair the roller shutter from the outside. You would need a ladder from the first floor or higher - and then it could be more convenient, but definitely safer, to do the work from the inside.

Repair roller shutter: The belt is not running smoothly

The second part that can break in the roller shutter is the belt or its winder - if it no longer winds or unwinds the belt. The first question you have to answer: Do you have a flush-mounted or a surface-mounted winder? So is it visible or is it hiding in the wall? You can find spare parts for both variants in the hardware store and online. To replace the belt winder, you have to lower the roller shutter completely, unscrew the belt winder box and remove or pull it out - it depends on your system. Now remove the belt: To do this, push a hook aside or press a button and roll the belt off.

To roll the belt onto the new winder, pull it through the belt guide, hold the belt winder with one hand, attach the belt to the hook or button of the winder with the other hand and let it partially roll onto the winder. Now you only have to lock the belt and, depending on the variant, insert or put on the winder and screw it back on.

You may not have tensioned the belt winder correctly the first time you tried it - instead, turn the can inside the winder in the opposite direction to the winding direction. If the winder is too tight, the belt could tear. If it is not tight enough, the belt will not roll up and you cannot pull up the roller shutter. You may have to try something around and remove and reinstall the winder yourself several times in order to rewind the belt and re-tension the belt winder.

If you are already tampering with the belt winder box and the feedthrough, you should, if this is not already the case, install a belt feedthrough with a brush. This is how you block animals that may live in the roller shutter box from accessing your living space. On the other hand, you prevent air flows.

Rollladen reparieren Gurtwickler
Rollladen reparieren Gurtwickler

A common reason why you need to repair the roller shutter: the belt or its winder is broken.

Photo: iStock / SKatzenberger

Of course, the belt itself can also be the problem. It can be worn or even torn and can no longer be rolled up on the winder. Then lower the roller shutter and cut the belt - if it wasn't already torn. To find out how long the new belt has to be, you can either measure the old belt or measure the window. Because the belt should be 2.5 times as long as the window or door is high.

Now screw on the roller shutter box and take out the roller shutter. If the roller shutter is attached to a steel axis, simply unhook it. If it is screwed to a wooden axis, you must first loosen the screws. Pull the rest of the belt out of the roller shutter system and wind the new belt on the so-called belt pulley for six turns. If the belt belongs to a door, wrap it around the window nine times. Finally, reinsert the roller shutter, attach it to its axis and close the roller shutter box. Then wrap the new belt on the belt winder, insert it in its place and your DIY project is ready to repair the roller shutter.

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