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Interview: That's how actress Saskia Vester lives
Interview: That's how actress Saskia Vester lives

Video: Interview: That's how actress Saskia Vester lives

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Video: Saskia Vester - Schauspielerin 2023, February

Saskia Vester has appeared in dozens of television and cinema productions, including "Who dies earlier is dead longer" and "Women are wonderful". Vester was awarded the Bavarian TV Prize for her role in the ZDF series “KDD - Kriminal Duration Service”. She is currently on ZDF on November 24th at 8:15 pm in “Marie catches fire: the brave belongs the world”. She lives privately in Munich with her husband, the TV producer Robbie Flörke, and the two children Bruno and Josefine. In the interview, she told us how she lives there.

THE HOUSE: Do you have a favorite place at home?

Saskia Vester: In winter on the couch in front of my fireplace, in summer in my wicker chair in the garden.

What was your biggest home purchase?

During a break from filming, I bought a small secretary and a cupboard at a market in Tuscany. It was love at first sight and our outfitter then had to take the things with me to Munich.

What do you like about your apartment?

Our dining area with white wall panels and a lime green painted wall.

What should definitely be embellished?

The living room floor - I dream of old floorboards.

What furniture could you never part with?

From a small wooden dining table that I inherited and that now serves as our desk.

Ms. Vester, do you have a special relationship with a piece of furniture - and why?

To a still life. It was in the living room of our family house in the south of France. Unfortunately, the house is no longer there, but the picture reminds us of it.

Which home accessory is embarrassing for you?

A self-painted picture that everyone thinks is funny, but not me.

Describe your dream home

A wooden house with a sea view.

Who would you like to live with in a shared apartment?

With my children and their friends, with my brother and his family, with a few friends and with grandma - so to speak, an entire village flat share.

If you were having dinner today, which menu would you conjure up?

Beetroot carpaccio and then braised chicken.

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