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How to find your dream kitchen
How to find your dream kitchen
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The search for the dream kitchen can be as exhausting as the search for the dream partner. The inner values ​​have to be right. But it should also be pretty to look at. And of course it also has to pass the everyday test. When it comes to data, we are not proven experts - but we can bring you a big step closer to your dream kitchen.

Table of contents Table of contents The way to the dream kitchen: Tips for furnishing and equipment

  • Checklist for planning your dream kitchen
  • Country house kitchen: cozy and traditional
  • Eat-in kitchen: For the whole family
  • American cuisine: think big!
  • Modern kitchen: stylish and functional
  • Overview of kitchen floor plans
  • Between functionality and design: the right equipment for your dream kitchen

Table of contents Table of contents The way to the dream kitchen: Tips for furnishing and equipment

  • Checklist for planning your dream kitchen
  • Country house kitchen: cozy and traditional
  • Eat-in kitchen: For the whole family
  • American cuisine: think big!
  • Modern kitchen: stylish and functional
  • Overview of kitchen floor plans
  • Between functionality and design: the right equipment for your dream kitchen

Your dream kitchen and you will be together for about 20 years, statistically speaking. On good and chaotic days, when the boiled soup slowly runs down the cupboards while you, holding the goat's cream cheese, close the fridge door with your foot and frantically try to fish the toasted bread out of the pan before it burns becomes. High quality kitchens will be loyal to you even longer. You notice: buying a kitchen is a life decision. Also because a good, long-lasting kitchen can be as expensive as two mid-range cars.

Checklist for planning your dream kitchen

Before you start looking around on relevant online portals or at your front door, you should think carefully about what you hope for from your dream kitchen, which characteristics are important to you - and what you can bring into this relationship. Answer the following eight questions and you will have clearer ideas:

  1. How much space do you have? Measure exactly or consult the floor plan.
  2. How is the room cut? Tubular, open, square?
  3. Are there windows? If so, you might consider placing the sink under the window. Because what is nicer than enjoying a nice view while washing dishes?
  4. Should a dining area be in the kitchen? If so, this may reduce the length of the kitchen unit.
  5. What does your cooking routine look like? For example, do you need a lot of space to roll out the dough, are you more of a vegetable cutter or do you cook in a food processor? Your cooking behavior and your cooking equipment also affect how much storage space in the kitchen you need or how much space you may still have to create in the living room or in the basement for one or the other kitchen appliance.
  6. How tall are you? There are ergonomic kitchens especially for people who are taller than 1.80 meters. But the selection of accessible kitchens has also grown in recent years.
  7. What is your style of furnishing, what is your taste? Did you fall in love with this country house kitchen years ago? Or have you been flirting with a modern high-gloss kitchen for some time? As long as you do not have an open living concept and the kitchen does not have to match the furnishing style of the living room, you can style your dream kitchen in your preferred style.
  8. How much money can you spend? This is the question that can break the most romantic relationship. Because if the dream kitchen significantly exceeds the budget, then the heartache will not fail. Plan realistically. But also keep in mind that some companies now allow installment payments.

Country house kitchen: cozy and traditional

The country house style in this country is not synonymous with the French country style, because in each country it means a little bit different. The following basics are common to all of them: Rustic wooden furniture in timeless, warm colors make up the country house kitchen - hence the nickname rustic wood kitchen: gray, beige, green, dark white, brown, wood colors (untreated, only protected with oil or wax) or Pastel shades provide the basis. The fronts of the cabinets are never flat, but always have an ornament, often in the form of a cassette and with visible wood grain. The wood is also not sanded smooth, but is left as rough after shaping as it comes from the saw.

The hanging cupboards in a country house kitchen can also have glass doors with struts. A must in the dream kitchen in country style is of course the buffet, i.e. the buffet cabinet. One-piece or, quite modern, also two-piece consisting of a standing and a hanging cabinet part.

The color combination, material and color of the worktops and the accessories make up the differences between the different country house styles: a country house kitchen in the Scandinavian style is lighter and airier just because of the bright colors and striped accessories than, for example, traditionally with many bright flowers and dark ones Furnished English country kitchen.


If your dream kitchen is a country kitchen, you can easily combine very modern elements.

Photo: living4media / Great Stock!

Due to the monochrome surface of the kitchen, you can really let off steam when it comes to colorful flooring. Depending on the color of the kitchen, a concrete worktop also goes very well with the country kitchen. Or how about a kitchen island with furniture in a different color than the rest of the kitchen furniture? A floating, rustic-modern extractor hood made of dark metal, for example, also looks good over the stove. Provided that you pick up the color of the hood again in another place - for example in the handles for the cupboards and drawers.

Eat-in kitchen: For the whole family

Country house kitchens and living room kitchens are one and the same for many people. Because country house kitchens traditionally have a dining area with a corner bench - a place to live. As you know it from old farmhouses. But that alone does not make up an eat-in kitchen. The situation in the house is much more important for the kitchen-living room: According to the definition, it must be lockable and separate from all adjacent rooms. A traditional kitchen is not connected to the living and dining room by an open space, but is clearly separated from it.

Nowadays, eat-in kitchens are often called family kitchens - but they mean the exact opposite of an eat-in kitchen: namely an open, large room that is divided into the zones kitchen, living room and dining area. It is important that the floor is the same in all areas and the wall color as well. The fronts of the kitchen cupboards should of course match the living room cupboards and the dining room furniture. The corner bench, which should not be missing in a modern family kitchen, can act as a room divider to the living area. If you want to set accents, you can also paint the three areas in different, but harmonizing colors, or you can differentiate the kitchen unit from the rest of the furniture with different colored fronts.

Grüne Wohnküche
Grüne Wohnküche

The term eat-in kitchen does not describe the style of the kitchen furniture, but the style of the room itself.

Photo: living4media / Gratwicke, Catherine

In the family-friendly and child-safe equipped kitchen area there is next to the kitchenette, a kitchen island, a counter or a bar as a breakfast zone, a large dining table with space for the whole gang of rattles and a quiet zone to browse through the cookbooks. The family kitchen is then supplemented by a play corner for the little ones. The central elements, namely the kitchen island, which acts as the heart of a family kitchen, and the breakfast area on the counter, have been copied from the American kitchen. But they are now available in every furniture style.

American cuisine: think big

Everything one size bigger, everything a little more striking and everything a little cheesy: besides the kitchen island and the bar where breakfast is served, these are the main characteristics of an American kitchen. Because: The bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, which in an American kitchen must be in the same room.

In the land of (almost) unlimited possibilities, almost everything is possible with the kitchen design. The main thing that stands out: A stove with four hot plates is rarely seen in American kitchens - six are the rule. With an appropriately wider oven underneath. And of course a two-door refrigerator or a side-by-side combination of fridge and freezer with water dispenser or ice maker. Colorful colors combined with steel fronts provide the 1950s American diner feeling in your kitchen. In contrast, light wooden fronts in country house style are often combined with antique-style chairs in the USA.

Amerikanische Küche
Amerikanische Küche

American kitchens shine with their generosity and openness - there is room for everyone.

Photo: living4media / Built Images

An important part of an American dream kitchen is the extractor hood. Since the kitchen normally does not have a lockable door, the extractor hood not only has to absorb all the kitchen smells, but should also look good, reflect the style of furnishing and be practical. Because: An American kitchen must be easy to clean. When guests come into the house, the architecture of American houses means that the kitchen is often visible from the front door. If chaos and dirt spread there, the whole floor looks messy and dirty.

Modern kitchen: stylish and functional

High-gloss kitchens or kitchens in industrial style, the interior of which is planned to the centimeter for optimal use of storage space and which save space are very important, fall into this category. Therefore, they are ideally suited for narrow and small kitchens - also because they make the rooms appear larger. Modern kitchens are best combined with light wooden floors or tiles with a wood look. This is how you give the room some warmth. You can also achieve this if, for example, you design the tile mirror behind the stove and the sink in a warm color.

Moderne Küche
Moderne Küche

Modern kitchens often come in black and white and with a lot of stainless steel and glass elements.

Photo: living4media / House of Pictures / Septimius Krogh, Kristian

High-gloss kitchens are also available in many colors. Red lacquer is a popular variant. The cool gray of the stainless steel or a stone worktop also goes well with this. The big disadvantage of modern high-gloss dream kitchens and also some industrial style furniture in everyday life: stains, streaks and fingerprints can be seen immediately. Depending on the material, i.e. film coating, acrylic, stainless steel, lacquer laminate or lacquer, special cleaning agents are also required for cleaning.

Overview of kitchen floor plans

Every kitchen style can of course be adapted for every room. The following shapes are available for kitchen planning with different floor plans:

  • One line: Ideal for long but narrow spaces. Often used in small dream kitchens. Offers little storage space.
  • Kitchen module: Kitchen modules are ideally suited for one-room apartments or very small kitchen niches. They look like a huge closet and can be easily closed. A prerequisite is, of course, an electricity, water and waste water connection at the same point.
  • Two lines: two separate kitchen lines. Suitable for long, slightly wider rooms or pass-through kitchens.
  • U-shape: The U-shaped kitchen is suitable for almost all room layouts. It covers the two longitudinal walls and a transverse wall, making optimal use of every centimeter of space.
  • L-shape: The L-shape can be installed instead of the U-shape if there is still enough space for a table and chairs in the dream kitchen.
  • Open space kitchen: If the floor plan permits, an open space kitchen is a very good basis for the dream kitchen, especially for families and amateur cooks who like to stand at the stove with friends. Since it does not prescribe any fixed elements, but allows everything, you can make optimal use of the space and, for example, install a practical kitchen island.

When planning, no matter what form, it is important that you have an optimal schedule. It is a time-consuming job creation measure to walk across the kitchen with the pot of hot potatoes to dump the water. The hot plates, the stove, the sink and the refrigerator should be two to three steps apart. It would be best if they were in a triangle to each other. It doesn't have to be isosceles or at a 90 degree angle. But you shouldn't have to run a marathon in the kitchen either.

Between functionality and design: the right equipment for your dream kitchen

  • Modern kitchen appliances

    Kitchen appliances of the latest generation not only help to save energy and thus save money - coffee machine, stove, extractor hood and Co. have become independent furnishings. They underline the look of your dream kitchen or deliberately break it open. You can act as a mediator between two styles or colors - or simply add a splash of color. If you want to be in love with your dream kitchen into old age or have grown up, you can now have the oven installed at body height without any problems. Important: If you are planning an open dream kitchen, make sure that the extractor hood does an excellent job and that the kitchen appliances are all as quiet as possible. There are few things that annoy you like the penetrating loud rustling of the dishwasher when you actually want to listen to music or watch a movie.

  • Fittings

    The basic requirement for a tap in the kitchen is that it is made of stainless steel. For your health, the spout and battery should consist of it. The alternative is called brass. Inferior models, on the other hand, could release nickel and lead into your drinking and cooking water. Whether you need a high or low pressure fitting depends on your water supply. Boiling water at the push of a button, retractable taps, shower heads, taps with touch function or single-lever mixer - what exactly you choose for your dream kitchen also depends on what suits your style and what suits you personally better. If the sink has been installed in the island, a tap with a 360-degree rotation function is a useful cooking aid.

  • Countertop

    The worktop in your dream kitchen should be robust, heat-resistant and easy to clean. It should be at least 90 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters deep so that you can work properly on it. In addition, the worktop must of course look good, have a calming effect or an invigorating accent. In addition to the classics made of wood, marble and granite, there are now worktops made of slate and concrete. The Corian artificial stone has also attracted many amateur chefs. Some people choose a worktop made of quartz composite. will.


A worktop should be particularly robust and offer plenty of space for cooking and baking.

Photo: iStock / Prostock-Studio

  • Kitchen mirror

    The back of the kitchen also has to endure a lot. Better known as splash guard, the kitchen mirror is attached behind the sink and stove to catch the water and fat splashes. But the back wall of the kitchen has long outgrown its practical role and has become a design element of the dream kitchen. For a long time now, not only white natural stone tiles have been used, but also natural stones, wood, PVC, waterproof wallpaper, glass or even mirrors and blackboard paint.

  • Lighting concept

    If you don't always want to use the flashlight function of your mobile phone to check whether there is a carrot or a piece of celery ready for cutting, you should know our 10 tips for perfect kitchen lighting. Experts recommend many small spots in the ceiling, which can then be aligned in all corners. Or several, well-placed pendant lights. They really come into their own when you have designed your dream kitchen without wall units. Anyone who has opted for a central lamp and afterwards notices that there is still a somewhat dim area in the dream kitchen can retrofit with under-cabinet lights, LED spots or LED lamps to stick on under the wall cabinets. Depending on the style and size of the kitchen, a floor lamp at the end of the kitchen unit can also be a good addition. Indirect lighting is a trend. But be careful: if it has not been installed correctly or has been equipped too weakly, you have light, but still do not see exactly what you are cutting.

  • Smart home

    When it comes to smart homes in the kitchen, there has long been more than just a coffee machine that prepares your morning wake-up at the desired time. Using a smart home element, practically every device in the kitchen can be connected to an app and then put into operation using a voice assistant.

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