The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights

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The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights
The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights

We have already told you about some of Anonymous's initiatives, such as the one it carried out against members of the Ku Klux Klan or the war it declared on ISIS for the attacks in Paris. Well, now we are going to know 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights

Anonymous is a semi-clandestine organization that works on the Internet, and whose actions almost always take place within the network. Some of their actions can be considered against the law but, in general, it cannot be said that their objectives are illegitimate or that they have bad intentions .

But the best thing is to know these 8 operations that best define Anonymous. The truth is that some campaigns are very strange, and the idea of ​​ taking justice for oneself should not be necessary in democratic countries, but we already know that sometimes Sometimes things are more complex than they seem. So the best thing is that everyone judges this group by what they do .

The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights
The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights

8 Anonymous operations you should know

  1. Operation Safe Winter: this is an initiative to make the population aware that people who live on the street suffer serious risks when the winter cold arrives. A first edition was held last year, and in 2015 it is being repeated .
  2. Operation Cheetah Trade: we find ourselves with a campaign against the online sale of cheetah cubs that, despite being protected, in Middle Eastern countries can be purchased. The goal is to take down pages that illegally traffic cheetahs .
  3. Operation Death Eaters: This surprising campaign aims to sabotage the sites where people who practice cannibalism are related on the Deep Web, the darkest part of the internet. Anonymous assures that these pages exist, that they have members infiltrated in them and that they intend to reveal the identity of the cannibals .
  4. Operation Innocence Peshawar: This is a campaign to commemorate the victims of the Peshawar massacre, in which radical Islamists killed 132 children in a school. Apparently, the operation will be reduced to messages of support on social networks .
  5. Operation Footage: This campaign aims to collect all possible graphic material that proves the criminal acts of the ISIS terrorist group. When the time came, it would be handed over to the authorities so that those responsible could be brought to justice .
  6. Operation Charitin: This is a campaign that is the successor to Operation Youth Care, which some members are trying to approve. It aims to avoid the problem of families whose custody of their children is withdrawn by social services without justifiable cause, often just because they are immigrants .
  7. Operation Refugee Outreach: It is a similar idea to Operation Safe Winter, but aimed at all types of refugees, something logical given the Syrian crisis. Again, the main objective is public awareness .
  8. Operation Free Waters: Anonymous will try to stop the construction of a dam on the Nile River in Egypt, in the Nubia region, a ambitious operation considering existing economic interests .
The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights
The 8 campaigns in which Anonymous fights

So you know the 8 campaigns Anonymous fights, and most of them are pretty reasonable. Sometimes they are uncomfortable for certain governments, but all of them have good intentions .

Of course, Anonymous's operations are varied, and many do not consist of Internet attacks, but rather focus on raising awareness of Internet users. Without a doubt, this is a controversial organization!

What do you think of these 8 Anonymous campaigns? Would you join one of them, or do you think that no one should take the law into their own hands?