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Telegram adds news focused on GIFs and bots
Telegram adds news focused on GIFs and bots

With the arrival of the new year, there are several applications that have taken advantage of the start of 2016 to provide new functionalities to the apps. Precisely those responsible for Telegram have just updated the application to add news focused on GIFs and bots.

The new version of Telegram available on Google Play corresponds to 3.4, which brings interesting features for users who use in your day to day application.

GIFs and bots, the most important news

As we mentioned above, the most important new features in Telegram 3.4 are focused above all on what is related to GIFs and bots.

Regarding GIFs, from now on these animated images will play automatically on the phone that receives a-g.webp

As if that weren't enough, it will be possible to search for any-g.webp" />.

Telegram adds news focused ons and bots
Telegram adds news focused ons and bots

As for bots, they will be integrated in such a way that you can search for any type of information,such as searching for things on Wikipedia typing @wiki + the word we want to search for or @pic + name of an object you want to search for in images.

Some other examples of bots are as follows: @bing (search Bing, Microsoft search),@imdb (to search for movies), @vid (to search for a YouTube video), etc. At the moment you will be able to use these features if you install the new Telegram for Android update, although it is possible that some bot still does not work.

What do you think of the Telegram news in its new version?

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